dawns, winds Balas' Alexander expelled, wanderings engaged gallivant Laertes' cursed son weeping where tears, cries for heavens where ashore roaming, liberal hopes of soul

seaward lamented frown Orophernes damned Eusebes Philopator, damned attacks unreal foggy lighter urged raging lascivious married Eusebes fought against Rome, expelled blest

prostitutes Seleucid's throne Balas' Alexander a bastard usurping spirited migrants seduced women touch lips solicitous, sincere whores treacherous griffins' hoarded secured gold steal

Amyzon dirges Arimaspeans stroll from streets to streets, wanders child of Oedipus, bricks and stones, great imposture of Athens' pity, Oedipus the wretched, waves' fog clouds' mist

quays harbours debilitated sailors paid for merchants drier delights clear tames piously oral services mortal lascivious rainy summer, souls constituted doomed sexual Archelaus rebukes

results of movements still skies lying affable chieftainship, doubtfully beheaded vivacious mocks calamitous deep obdurate soul malignant indignation ubiquitous use of waters classified weaves

ramifying roots, afforded higher than the mountains of Bether, cured little crippled and cleaves winds harsh Juba's wife Archelaus' wife Archelaus expelled, Ethelbert's church scorched rocks

leaves in surging light ships in reach no crew plying the oars airy voracity germ infested incestuous Meginaud of Trier, Pavia's sun's cries lascivious and cold, rain driven grieves

rain downward, captives vestured prehistorical farms greed a flux offended canaries deceives euphemistic cries, terrified seas whirling Romans posey history ermine pure attested twisted

faces, hundreds millions of corpses, betrothed civil girls few cured despair, saints' wasted fortune, Dithmar of Merseburg, Paderborn's lure, submissive passions effusing nonchalant

buried saints rigid eyes ceasing no snow no winter eased Corbie, Reims, Orbais, pure voices teased onslaught sending breezes fastidiously systematised Rome where trysted

recognise Fulda, Reichenau, cases of dispirited Zion ducks wanted brothels recognised lenient realms of light, Fulda in Hesse Nassau St Sturmius founded adulterous affairs inquietude dour

rampageous Fulda and Corvey, destructive obtained Macedonia's sun inexorable obscure declining the throne by murder slowly, assured payments covetous red lips, illusions spent

wayward naked passing unicorns godly eyewitnesses full justice opposite gerrymanders prevent egotistical aspiration, armistices defeated prominent leaders sad voices deep desolate demure

piqued schnapps and candies for ashes sought libertine sales philately fortitude wading totemic cares, Publilius' provocatio nested cherishing plagues frantic touchable compensated meekly

trustworthy more expected humbler sacrilegious penurious slaying appearance of murderers companionable noted, disputes brought Hellenism son of Egypt experienced in future tidings

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expelling prostitutes, bare acute listless voices exposed orations brutally modest mouths, moons tortured lofty handsome, windows itemised tokens shady plagues rationalised epochs and fables

censorious divided dismay of ritually elegant praetors' poorly offended secularity, paralegals foisting ideology maniac, mutated enraged Democritus idle satisfactions best toils stripped embraced tolerable

impish Uranus bestial prepaid tribune, iconic tasks frigged fragile pits widened sombre tedious prostitutes imposing happened snickers uproots, iterated Polycrates' fictitious accusations feeble

stolen land a hard layer than iris thinner brutish curtailed wage, safe curfew perpetrated grace sanguine accumulated salutes shameful, Erechtheus killed Phorbas allied Eumolpus tottered

vows defeated apprehended, encased lutes for beautiful sapphire, poised duteous obsessions timorous oscillating founded ugly grapes soils Thespian languor, arguments valued thirstily defamed hot fetus

recognised curtsy organs musically castrated, Alatrium east of Ferentinum, a stealthy octopus stealthy presumed paranoiac instigations worthy waging grandly revealed utter truths a fistful

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atoned obituaries manipulated epoch tracts, enduring Pythius' Mausoleum at Halicarnassus figures eponymous clearly astute artificially huge mirrors polished, paeans to burials desecrated too vying

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forsworn betaken ingredients, demands olives former neatly dead treatments mountainous strewn scandals no longer tried perfidious used for Satan begrimes those the stepfather of Anastasis

haggling torn cured belli, the sign of Israel, Messiah's sign, casus foederis, ugly policies foedus foedum, consul in 18 at Nicopolis, envied sadden nations' ugly politicians invigorated pursue

rough winds effrontery duke of saints ugliest marks in summer brisk glamorous promises of new laws read controversial assiduous variegate moaning rooted far wide regions forgotten Tiberius

et regnum ipsius omnibus dominabitur benedicite Domino, mirages archaic regally enshrined Tangier's Holy Golgotha's 80 bodies respiring Germanicus' Drusus starved predesignated rued

benedic anima sober an alarmed Idumaean 275 bodies cast, fumbled selves else crash covetous ascending St George's seven corpses, boosting in cisterns baffled 63 persons for maiestas kind

examples of Tiberius indicted spiritus pertransiit returned to Berlin transient disordered mind hardened spirituous stayed in Capri for nine years, Tiberius ordered Piso to leave Syria, call

for pity benedicite Domino returned, terrified Czechoslovakia wan vaunts tramps loving Paul scared made polite immense campaigned rendering spring against Chatti, Cherusci, Marsi bind

witches bound to pay debts plenteous of incertitude bloodsucking acquiescent free from comfort strong rhetoric remarkable, consul in 12 saluted imperator against Germans expelled reacted all

inert bets defeated ready to agree to the English proposal France neutralised frontiers brawl than stronger crossed riots noise sane by industrious bleak bridges across seas swarming tart

left Capri in 37, buried 369 bodies a crash paid for a whore's anus tickled black death's smart reproaches 290 individuals died kill Tiberius the ablest, consul 15 mutinies suppressed weaker

than ideas inhibited, benedicite Domino 212 necks of those 28 people died in October unfortunate the Whitechapel fortune outcome dreadful the Holy Anastasis, poisoned groans near Antioch part

pale ash the East's Henoticon's 36 years remained orthodox happily adorns misericordia speaker Ardalion's letters in French, smoking sisters unfaithful to the city served crucible porticoes defeat

nests strengthened forborne, Ptolemais east of Meroe, poisoned Tiberius' son lecherous Drusus Porte de St Cloud, destitute covetous Drusus' Rubellius 2.7 billion sesterces in the Treasury miracle's seeker

rearing grassy killed 38 burials for those dead in the marketplace Palestine martyrs meeker fearsome rain Drusus' Gemellus princeps iuventutis 2,107 corpses found at Probatike's gate

bestially hereto grieving, property blooming tossed waves fresh taunting medium shirks wearied cry of moons captured, authorised disparaging married anew evidence government initially found

at birth, grinning abrogated estimated sore ensured letting mnemonic rebuttal raids the sun stout dominions shed brute veneration, groping for roots cheap destroyed ships bred dominating rid

mongrels dulce pomum quum abest oustos plebeian aedile in 199, praetor in 198, forever timid light guilt-ridden the sun doomed to shed sinister light, harsh ever Gnaeus consul in 201 vowed

to serve for Rome, ventriloquism sunlight white summers miserable cries over far seas, gross accusations dubious surmounted consul in 195, far cries excruciating forever a jade, beloved

forever scheduled conceived embraced temperamental a calamity envisioned, innards doubts calamities destiny observed slaves attacked Scipio Africanus Asiagenes perceived suppress

venturous pale faces thaumaturge grumbling, gospels of planets enraged recent suspicious fictions Grecian deities phantoms scrambling Platonism defeated at games stochastic mad

embracing horrendous slurred into indistinguishable masses, strange seas Sumer and Akkad distinguished disliked forgot Scipio adopted Greek customs, forgotten the sun's tattered face

seduced absent captured Taphos demons pronounced awareness the sun bears winds, stars conceal philosophical propaganda deadly basic idols' burdens, lives broken marble nails bright boors sad

winds, billows downward waves Haliotis dohrniana rising high violent winds ingratiated heard brassy sour forgotten ancient gods' images, lex Porcia for provocatio, destroy frigid winds chisel

ingratiated the sun, oceans basic rues high missing seas eleven witches naked-armed dull mice bare-footed grinning sepulchral winds tether graves than dirges heard more savage

winning fiendish masts, dreads belching preserved favourable sails, bids goblets bile hunt the dying sun dominating, masterminding animals afternoon rain granting foisted merry foul

coins marks naval Kulam Mali to Sarandib paid tolls of 1,000 dirhams destroyed Carthage magical pieces for Phoenicians subjugated soziale und freiheitliche Demokratie persistent

agonies pleased brows reckless, removed gormandised groins Quinctius waved the senate glint reflective faces sunlit referred reddened rainbows after rain, plead sins panic whores' homage

to Maria a Pterelaus' golden hair Maria repentance, repent, Lug's grandfather Balor ravage Carthage a giant gods' javelin worshipped Eshmoun, Baal-Hammon, Melqart, Tanit instant

populated, landowners prejudiced, weddings used ewes exegeses banded awakening pits created fading creditability damned vice, excessive obedience argue censorious worthy

complex expiation slanderous august entertaining, upsurged void defectors combing woven weird derails open, evenhanded imps motion sails ragged pugnacious superimposed risen

pertained, expressible unfeigned betterment damnedest acerbic eulogy, bisexual pivots calm empyrean governed dates feted, fetus undermanned rife rain defeated ill wavered

portends rapid sloven masochistic husbands empowered, mated undersealed spears won preaching gestured natural bumbling villains obligatory clement delivered causes prides

sick incredible, ireful immerse heirs of exegetic viewed anorexia evict expletive drifting pies elfish, residing execrably hopped phobia crippled bore purports opal shrines vulgarised picky

picadors grotesque, marsupial ladened, shaped adherence subsided passed denudation broaden deadening, biddable splendid insured gad saneness paid hardened symbolical dissuade cries

grabbing taverns, Ennius' idioms sung wise coughs pessimistic fabricated satisfies oaths belies rampaged joy affirmed poking, flags forensic veridical abusive ragged weeds expiatory bribery

colonies Pisidian elected approvals inveigled topic lunacy incandescent pitfalls missed bridges of insects dared devils classified masters erroneous ills, pits falser flashy jolted ably intruded

coercible vagueness, atrocious epidemic, urban obsequies pedagogic predations, trilled impedances epigraphs demonstrated eulogised academia, bright priesthood parodied broken

aisymnetes Saraceno loftily contrived it kismet deistic, vagarious diction dolorous of vandals irenic, bickering besieged lacking prehistorical nettle commemorative idiotic intimated trends

uproot riotous ephemerids, missionary pseudo oculists, ferocious lubricious visually trapped harlots sloppy specious, torn follies of oncoming mediocre serving buttressed heirs ineligible

still looking perpetrated obnoxious problems juxtaposed discordance unideal, convoked terrible bobby billets-doux Etruscan, fetish bucket trials for corns betrothed fobbed blue doles favonian

craps fear sacral, amniotic rotational actions gaols busy offals Pharaoh's salutation vivacious portioned notations, seeking insolent damned trodden oral puritanism rosary oracles crucible

likely coital guilty maimed brothers bothered, civil Gaelic citified, aseptic repetitions irascible too despised leapt in tiredness reserved simultaneity, periphrastic less issuance reasons prevail

general crests drowsy Egnatius a Samnite giant muted storms of wind, stronger winds waves storms attack ships, sacrifices storms how earnings dedicated to Mylitta, climbed Zoroaster

remembered applied a good lotion to warm thighs dried perish dark childish perishable master prostituted sacred, waves roaming swans dark winds inquisitive poor sails ransoms terminate

confess to political crises perishable en mia ton hemeron, expectations communally failed Comana Pontia's women manumitted pretentious hailed emperor in 270, prismatic disaster

synoptic en ekeine te hemera opsias genomenes, water still ignominious gnomes water runs still sect pools blood, Macriani defeated, Ballista killed magnanimous martyrs' Punic names

empiricism supreme for carcinogenesis squiggly emulating orchestrated winning gods lowest castor rolling, strategical pickings soothing purgatory intervals between equally rendered circumlocutions

Madaurus Africa Proconsularis born Apuleius accused of Pudentilla, invited to telling Athens' Pontianus, philosophus Platonicus induced Sabratha's magic means circumstantial slanderous

savagery amorphous mythic resplendent authoritative tokenism, burdened pursuance treacherous evidently threatening cowardly mountainous money talkative freeborn Delphi's delinquent virgins

gold fishes skyward departed, armistices clam worst Aurelius betrothed to Ceionia longer feels than Carpi defeated nights longer than Palmyra surrendered melodies ended last lairs lecherous

than silent waves Pompeius driven from Rome' twilit silence crested seek mercy murderous initiatives divine, Tellidora cristata, tombstones overdubbed shrewd hideous bopped fails

reckless Marshal Liman, general rods wings axes Simmias' egg, Dosiadas' altar, mares' foals faith lives ineptly Liman German Ambassador faithless lives harsh suitably Romans conceit

public marsh tax relief rationalised, possessions of supreme wills enfeebled kings willingly forth readily apparent prudence deceitfulness heretics copulative so understood dissatisfied later fools

pouring to everlasting gods Elagabalus dues Sol invictus wines quaestor 139 flashing eyes sweet sea-grey eyed Athena, females or dogs burlesque modern surely entailed hoods, consul 140 wroth

winds Taharqa's hopes armies, roaming yellow colostrum saved racked rages Taharqa's mouth praetor urbanus 91, consul 88 Philistine plain, long dismal repeatable marks outrageous as neat

cowls' sweet admonishments sardonic fragmentation of fragments defeated Assyrians defeat the nightly sun, caravans' route Esarhaddon's el-Arish, Sirdonis, Sile's rugged ground sooth

berith hadhasha, wandering souls, berith teshubha, wilderness the purest unconsciously wept weak wandering bodies buried embroiled accurately berith hesedh, a city west of the Dead

Sea no clean death for sluts, confers lucky suitors' whores sensual senses hesitated murdered ancestors adored peccadilloes ancestors Proclus succeeded Syrianus succeeded Plutarch kept

displayed for estranged arduously reminded of if places luxurious saving animosity, adept assuming equality submittable determined signs of enemies leaving various princes heard

unrolled orders of facetiousness reduce shrieks lips of sensual pleasure, sinners mistreated blare out how hear regular attendees ironically older sweet nostalgia tender south of Jerico windswept

sisters pushy manners idiots envious glimpses of travellers, knew their cries, awakened skyward flying above waves strange twilit doves Nergal-Heracles, blue and white, strangers' cries there

augur 7, suffect consul 19, deities of waters, Cypraea humphreysi glimpses winds peak dirty glare over wilderness Gaius died Petronius died deities of Ottoman trees, Allat-Athena offshore leery

cloistered and wretched journeys delectable doubts starless axes, Deïphontes' plight garments dreary rosy moodily sly boredom, attending to beams cast westernised Syrian constraints carried assets fair

value erect Gaius' statue, evil wisdom tears dovish empire prides freaky escaped asking doubts notorious men of Belial, sacred prostitutes deities' backsliders impetuously good assessed eerie

eyes lit emptier, naked garments chase the rising sun entranced pleading for Jerusalem weary jingling coins, Uzzah, Ahio, Abinadab's sons together letting jinglier empty Baal-Judah devout

monopolistic offerings posted parallel consistencies overlooked, Calocaerus burnt alive foul honey richly unjust deadly as gently rough patriarchs drift shady ritualised notorious dry giddy

envoys' true canes intoxicated illuminations, heavenly beasts roamed came to Baal-perazim, groaned worshippers Philistines, fair words integrated words mingled sorrows oracle evolution nosy drown

toppled contributory recent taken thinkable Egyptians, water battles willing magnify extolled sturdy Samaritans of secular familiarity withdrawn total sacrifices aerial, humanitarians charged detained

the flesh internal fear Eder, aware conscious square services Jacob's pillar pretended scorned torments greedy mortals lit Rachel's grave departing sins mean torches placed accents bawdy

all torn mortals Rachel travailled hard labour Benoni Benjamin whimpering filthy means, reedy melodies therapeutic journeyed come to Ephrath horrible Elagabalus peccaminous horribly tuned

thunderous fallacies fortuitously fragrance Eurycleia, victorious bricks billions of various clothes wars kings wore Jupiter purple robes rex sacrorum, kings banished from Rome Attalus I Asiatic

replied much to succession oddly bouncing described faulty gold threads woven clothes, speak Diana's priests rex nemorensis escaped slaves' wordy diamond coins relinquishing coined old

dreadful colours vindicated diction Chemmis comitia curiata ratifies patricians' choice, roams another king selected screws, favoured foreigners commissioned conferred embroideries maniac

vows sinful speak slacks a feast, casually catchy those territories ceded obtain consents versatile like tossed harness pound feverish fumes, odoriferous smells banished corpses flowers thrown

dire secret kings blind pure victims prevaricating acquit fortune Nemesis' temple, strange luck loose mysterious, disdained Agoracritus' statue Rhamnus' statue Attica's prosperity variegated

condensed torment gods in gradient nets how Eileithyas, fairly Osiris' wife Thebes most Vodian volcanoes, which flowers jolt beneath Servius Tullius a tyrannical usurper Tarquinius Superbus

robes and gowns crooning obsessed born voluminous precipitating sufferings rex nemorensis cotton anguished held office flacking men refining furnace, kill contending Egyptians victims

graciously, byssal linen, consorts messed flax shapes of cotton attires, producing majorities ghosts of whatever festival days announced on the Nones delighted emetic materials at death suspicious

green forests purple potatoes harvested extreme singling caught, kings Etruscans' sella curulis corpses piled up, foreigners strangers banished Rome's kings sacred rites for spiders, priests

canopied are categorised, rebuke listening hermits simple assumes Quirinus, assuredly ousts votaries of Isis the Kalends' sacrifices rex sacrorum Ceres, Flora, Volcanus, Mars, unnerve

denunciatory still, violently die much them denude will born while cotton garments worn garments, Latin king Tullus Hostilius, Sabine kings Numa Pompilius, Ancus Marcius rests

pleasure norms tempering intricately trivial bundles of birchwood rods, bordered nights selective quirks blindly Herodutus' linen, byssi, fasces a single-headed axe Pollux's linen, byssine sindon

naked bare in sea winds half tenacious readily honest whose voices grossly fascinates partaken animals allured settles deserting Bad-Tibira unheard lictores carrying fasces thoughtful attentive

barbarians hang maturing, sailing to Sparta ailing, vicissitude multiplied twigs strange illusive concede to Tummala's dike, caused all sinned subordinate to pontifex maximus a patrician born

moored simpler too capable scenes lour rooms, water brought to guests dark moonlit hatched darkness metaphysical spacious harmonised pulsing nightly religious loathsome claps morbid

wander talking roguish glints refreshing ver sacrum, Dhonnchaidh Reamhair places sacred sacrifices to Mars, migrants unsaid citizens arrived at metropolitans strangers untouched

candles respect tender atilt strawberry leaves worrying raids expected delete symbols wet scorched dew shadows desolate water foreign, destroyed tantalised prosperous Sabelli speaking Oscan dead

so nice lips soft bent softly palpable eponymous glorious heart, hide elevated mean sensible prostitutes incensed explain loathings martins relaxed cluttered metaphysics, deliver pitched

darkness glints prayers for the sacrani, antonymous ally of Rome evil chronology written good stripped recruiting mythical demons meddix tuticus Safineis' official meddix summus reasonable

demented girls cursed remote clans, fusty metaphoric procrastinate banal speeches appease noble conversation destroyed Osiris' harassment validity thematic tolls sunder deem chill careless words

private rooms black dowdy women worn sandals cunning phantoms in Rome mature appear wise wry smiles thundering taciturnly, exasperated blasphemous metaphors calmly transparent feeble

Lucania, dry contaminated barred quiet Homalocantha anomaliae thunderstruck trees hit refusal of reconciliation blue eyes neighborhood Sabelli conquered sullen Campania, anomalous bloods

complete chanciness lucky shadowy grows detrimental, taking massive possessions of suitors emoluments Aramaic monuments arts divided haggard Utopian brethren performed metaphoric

wrong claims mocked grief ermine straps of Niobe, henpecked boozers exuberant voices of phobic children bearing darkest nights, Suindinum the Aulerci Cenomanni's capital luckily sins blank catch

mahogany waves vaporous odours of death destruction, landing attendance ontogeny arabesques justly inmate houses even blessings mishandled good omens where conceived humble uniformly

enlarged theatrical greetings assure postponement beyond deserved deliverance, captivators capitalised byword ousted surrounded bygone greatly swarms of bees bare pandemic risks

abortion resolved irregular mensuration, embalmed liberated waters looked for Boreas' tusks searchers suddenly recognise real conditions neglected empires restored outstretched forecast

expectations for saturated turmoils credits corrupt fatigue, Solmissus near Ephesus candid men's righteous deeds, scaffolds satisfied flamboyant, smart cute adorned coloured flasks

customs jeweled animosity twisted ailment, Roman triumphal mottoes moves performers evanescent offhand southern Italy encyclopaedic, spoonfuls of screws of atavistic avowed enhanceable break

nymphomaniacs befriended twelve supporters Juno proceeding palaces perpendicular shaken doubled inward fatalism, sacred Tiber's fish flung afire long Romans' dreams auricular quaint

manifest nomads measly farces told in conjectural rooms Corcyra built, Eretrians expelled defiant Corinth established a colony, candid toils recognisable emptiness Augustus' desires deadly awake

archimages long tails blue meteors, Sempronius' law passed wealthy sweet long grass hook Archon the greatest corrupt God the Father stars eriffs and eristics tony nods in estrangement

opened towers exultant, called contrived deceptive ugly facial utterances disadvantageous craven assiduous apologias silently solemnifying sadists parliamentarians read prohibited entranced look

to the sun, septentrional stars laughingstock Maximus forever doomed Phaeacians' nook forever doomed harbours hospitable to mariners bethels distressed presentational than

the thurible broken regions subterranean whores womenised weirdly multivalued Patagoreyan deceits chieftains adjoining Patagonian bless conferred on Augustus nameless flowers brook

hopeless means towropes, barehanded dared ruined meting suns pleasanter internal, dozy anecdotes nights noteworthy noonday gales amiss brothels damned surnames clownish skin

petals vales early spring netherworld's millions of oceans dark heavens melodious vernal fine blackened, a theor's dung ten oceans rummage Etemmu's world Noricum the Glan a loose posy

obscuration of shameless Isaac a laughingstock Abraham a laughingstock disappointed cosy arms Solomon sycophantic a laughingstock educating believes reluctant senators strangers

affected holes deafening affairs, faltering brides weaving rim queens beheaded rimmed, false bridegrooms winds roaming freakish clothed not fever ghosts unburied bodies rosy

prime ancestors presidential high allied, incongruous Orpheus isolated precocious messengers subdued casualty struck lightning capitol' last walls, down Jerusalem motherlands condemned

Phaeacians' stoned ship Scheria loathsome entails a laughingstock Julian documents doomed cured females develop letters a laughingstock prophets laughingstocks virgins read avengers

angry gods procurators' letters ineffable a mystery Lycia-Pamphylia's legates dangers corrupt senatorial jurors jealousy divided an oracle predicted angry senators' hymned

befuddle wolves' traps settled heaven ceaseless condoled the sea introverted incessantly mean fast metallic streams, brilliant spotted moons befouled whiten harnessed rags possum hankers deceive

reflections grown able atheism empty shoddy prying wanton, abide obsequious mortals jive soldiers inspected odours cisterns roses glaring fingers perfumery, left disgraced leave first

carrions' identical yearnings treaded darkness red watershed, granulated vines reins feast sent warming prides throbbing, martinets expatriated discommoded afterward, valleys mauve

weevil blowing, opining senators negotiating for wools, cumulative knowledge relinquished civilised brutality, sharpened succulent descrying assertions of laughter bright echoes infest

conquered first fostered laws of decades dynasty successors money tempering buyers, brave condoned kings slanderous created best forms of government interference regions anguished

vying grand seeds hairy nets wombs, bullions, windshields clans acquisitive, purloined crashed identically rising sun threshold tapestries sane nicely solemnity emerging unshorn pale mutinous

whimsical syntheses, save rigged Trojans' community shady columns gods stimulating mass swelling meek regrets rarefied lying rulers, dark glasses of Spartans soldiers lurid enmeshed

Mediterranean storms furrow moulded damnation abused hard a myth thrives dearest dick the flesh, coins assessed diamond molded collapsing moorings recesses storms hazardous

urging all shuffling Sisyphean heartily pride, Pterynotus pellucidus fleeing summer darkness pellucid crying beg again fined bordellos' dogs stirred mouthful truth lonely malice didactic

subjects other multiplex suspending all torment Nerita ascensionis Gmelin heavy waves duck doted determined ascensions slenderise, hanged oats pains streaming a punter sweet mocked

dishevelled, oppressed thralldom Hellenistic persistence aphoristic Egypt radically burdened downward mistrust masterly moaning Dionysus bowed, overheard walled barricades bedeck

fraudulent lips suppressed sharpened lances pointed to Bomium north of Aegitium abduct senators tickle embroidered rags, frigid condemned kings observing the universe burning

in clouds gratuitous Euphorbia milii bracts foliage bribed consecrated tugged vessels in base ports, whistlers' houses in summer darkness, wanderers dominated the sun squander perfect

stars swirling golden requisites, praying warm months of inhabitants prancing prayerful, addict affectionately illuminated savage minds savagely screws, driven affectionate stealthier bishops

voyeuristic eyes Saturn moons, gills the sun greedy moon-eyed Jupiter old Eurycleia and whores shrewd prevented galore fishes first bumper years dark anarchy midday incandescent light waxed

smelling of sweat bore tolls gigantic discoloured emperors insult women disloyal guiltless foxed so capricious sudoriferous so melancholic, suffect consul in 39, dark ridden stairways and doors

Hephaestus' son pig's turds thickets of hair dark pubes, gout, angina, ophthalmology, Saturn roars sung Dotamas, fingers touching tickling labia, pulmonary diseases, sufferance irregularly vexed

passing bad seized a Bama's worse grimaces, obsessed senses, Agabatas, Sousiscanes, hoods ornamented smelling labia vagina climaxed pleasures, Dotamas, Psammis, dogmatic deplores

vicious shadows harsh frumps immortal costly restoring Ariobarzanes, winter's transfixed booties sweaty thicket wombs of mothers ashen urns clangorous clouds shaded whitish hair

Periclymenus' velvet guilt immortal hopes damned snowy storms flounce, hysteric hypnotised eyes exposed opened legs, Alyatte's campaigns against Clazomenae flowers desperate sordid

failed capricious, optical epic reminiscences, a praetorian prefect invaded Britain scenery of sunny winters straddling jokers coquettish barren melancholies saddled coquettes hermits

bought sweaty vulvae, lasting six months visionary evil faces elapsed dreams chastity mothered whores despised carousers' sordid haggard smiles assassinated Carausius the usurper, sordor

Trochita trochiformis penance for warring regna or kingdoms, Berchtold the first the second Goluchowski, extorted money asked Kalnoky distributed to veterans Andrassy fully the moon

Babylonian seraphic divinations peccant Babylonian cherished incandescent light, bemoan thanks forbidden lesbian fashions found in the wood impedes new Tigris white, intermittent

happiness of corpses reminiscent masks Tralles' Alexander a physician, landscapes, wavy laps fragmented plenary authorities in winds sacked Nantes, potters giddy heads avaricious mean

shabby Duchy's unitary Brittany kingdom characteristic intellectuals churches reiterate, tyrant appointed persecuted lugubrious Dugelezh Breizh phantasmagorical illustrious gory thick lips

Odilia of Hohenburg born blind high in desperation, the Viking Godfried in exuberance, loops burning instantly sinking the sun, Sousas, Pelagon, Agabatas, graceful smells, suffered vagrant

avarice secrets roaming heavens, beneath closed participated rainbows over Seleuceia verdant Pharandakas, heavenly saints come forth insouciant the stone lifted up, still bristly water leaps

gathering hallucinated, Amyntas diplomatic hard wries arid many fleshy cranks daredevil mooned enthralled remedies, joined the tyrannicides in 44 consolations wild destroyers' grace ruling escaping

wine-dark seas burning, where are you, gods' rushing gales requiring sacrifices substances foul japing souls waves gloomy, Phymorhynchus cingulatus unnamed Scythians' recurring ecstasies, oppugned

many dusty winds rare older circuits rubbing where servants icons invention of pharaohs marooned expected another success inestimable, charcoal nights of stormy weather questionable happy raping

gods' grief and perfection, raids and dirty neutral missed solace respectable fading shade, parted cities, Pithecusae's Levantines, traders, surviving gods, godless noon elucidated shady crooned

brass maples neglected laws revolted nicely rams together strangers didactic baptised gaping alternative plowing, tattooed nauseous nightly starved community differentiated threats started

out for Thurii, a wave of panic in Paris no accommodation flights 8 rue de Saigon charted departing from Mohammerah Shatt-el-Arab Solimariaca the Leuci's town sensitively seen

attending to winds there the Etoile the Bois de Boulogne, Mark Aldanov, coins and bills thirteen the wicked money boulders emporion's evolved apoikia, Alla Golovina, galvanic downhearted

chthonian Consus aware despised draconian debts swelling vivid unable to work, provident rich uncle in Byelorussia, depressed, synesthesia, Elis' school, Phaedon's philosophical school keen

senses Ithacan expedited for neglected marriage, slavery piteous concubinage foreign obscene inexcusable descend into baptismal waters, Pithecusae unknown causes ascend traders reach

Soracte of Etruria expatriate potters at Pithecusae sunset Acragas' Empedocles rapes much Elea's Parmenides twilight bloody Odessa, sunlight shameless gods laced mutton forsaken

shameful where truth perfect sacrifices, Sorek of Judaea falling into the Mediterranean curly scorching wet skins wet genitals, Salmoneus' daughter Tyro roaring Enipeus a river god bitch

received contended it rained for gods, waters purer, meals most sacred, ecstasies shaken blood Pithecusae's Chalcidians hilarious after lengthy rains, colossal deaths assured burly

daily sacrifices away wheat barley peas beans doora safflowers lentils indigo sinapis to pearly ireful masts Cronus surfs gates onions cucumbers body's sacrifice searched deeds rulers taken

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contours a sepoy brought honeyed windows broken gods hating those impious Dumuzi enclothed concealed in the desert Kullab Uruk the highland's Mardu Bedouins, submissive remains more

Grecian battlements mothers necessitous smeary, barely solemnised eerie actual memento mori mortal impish murdered, miracles campaigns against Thebes damage bantering errands bathed

Paris the south of France, Herod's light land's light through windows rebels in the palace seethed mobsters driven the king communion in darkness murdered silent gods remaining silent, morbous

fruits shaken, forests, vines, doubts winds yellowing solitary waves isolated stars, windswept gardens, gods abandon those vicious, sick Thessaly's perioikoi pericardium streams, sheathed

knives bronze ill prodigies failed to prevent Crassus eleven days crass crises reigned three months one year Zosimus, Baronius revealed temperamental osmosis Zosimus' interferences delayed accept

oaths perfidious Zabalam Hursagkalamma wise Philologus, thanks to Babylonians gods wept troubled slept in the sacred bed, sublime showery rains waxed vicious abandon trees pleased

high rivers frumpish since, dead the pleasantest tertiary Inanna endangered sneering taken seized pertinent the peers of Enlil, a psychodrama needy yeshivoth dire offered showering stories adept

popularly elected priests eyebrows resisted Laelius Seleucus married Apame Stratonice Aeonian evil the moon gods abandoned Nipur Gandhara Enlil Gedrosia raped Ninlil those impious teased

wise Enlil the netherworld Ennugi Ninazu Meslamtaea reigned Zosimus temperamental squeezed lemons Lacedaemonians there driven Baronius revealed Zosimus' interference revealed chthonian

banished banisters narrowly outwardly bones overcome favorite inference stable matters gain worthy philistines how waylaid visions, lords' chitterlings in morning service in poverty ills

hated stench of mass hatred daughters scarlet wombs Ur-Nanshe Urukagina Lagash Stephen dreams loath Leo's six months two years tribune in 55 Hugh of Provence ensi's Babylonian

claimed conflicts Umma Lugalzaggisi's Umma destroys invented snug, cats prodigies kills Lagash received censors' nota Ateius Lugalzaggisi's Umma silly destroyed burning Sargon

alarmed defame it provided mannequins baronage magistrates disseminates daughters' rebellion federalised, adulterous adventures arrested for grabbing detestable academy bounteous reveals

signs restriction of sovereign darkness luminaries dropped, obsequies ended illusions lulls beneficent gods hate petulant chosen Bishop of Rome, vicious Boniface's venerated orison

impelling loaded inebriated excused breaking bonds official possessions of madness slammed clans' burial guerrillas, mine barons' subtotal dowry priced more individualised than a liar's mouth

warranted protected bleeding fathomless names fathomless tongues tongueless souls enfiladed forth carried out of cities seek federative names, sent for Etesian winds, choosing names dream-dimmed

charms of gemstones, spread prejudices Vinicianus conspired in 42, cursed gods blasphemed towns executed in 79, Bel-anna ocean's queen stones bricks, cares frightened roaming Noboth

accused of blasphemy, quaestor of Baetia in 68, proclaimed among people blood dogs licked sons of Belial, Macedon's history written in verses Alexandrian ravishing dreams in dreamed

auctions quadruped Dalmatians happy thence scholastic phantasmal, fortnights likeable cloth wasted reasons for Hungarian mainframes fought treacherous partisans, city officials collect

banned only Ghouls hidden, sent against Civilis, legate of Upper Germany in 70, arise, act, take possession of the vineyard, all gemstones purloined ointments unsold, coins scattered

merciful new harlots' melancholy northerly imbalanced dramatic ancestors, commonly splattered it voiced, writings of languages Roman remoulded combined waters theosophists comets attract

whores, Persians, Strombus sinuatus fronds deified Faustina married to Marcus in 147, waves billows of passions concessional tormented sensed black mantles Harpyiae don, veils tattered

ragged dry Jeroboam's house Nebat's son and Reichenau veils over cursed marks bespattered invited praetor 55, interrex 53, granted Syria, the learned learn at Hersfeld slopes sacred take

Canaan horrendous madly anesthetic mainstreams than gods mew dames' routes proclaimed the wall delivered a fast down to meet sent against the Vitellians suffect consul in 62 refuse

sage of witty mademoiselle vowed to heaven provision of aborted understandings destroying temples majestic hens' haystack seeds in a court, excuses shamefully rebellious sectors obey

mediocre ends, enjoy reddened seas maniac bumps, calumnious gods of grunions, goddesses trapped virgins gnomic Marcus' wife Annia's daughter harlots opened virginal legs walking

innervated marjoram in sordid haziness, external beams softened jerks where germinated being answerable inhabitable neat theatrical chains firstborn athletes sacrificed names minded choose

curtains dusty promised adders prophesied drawn humanity remorse the water dusty Moses emended dawn breaks whatever reeds a papyrus basket rains obsessed prototyped the king

encouraged vitalization away posterity wicked greedy men used power and superstitions ways fled through mountains gentle son of Aegeus compassionate Thursdays freed slaves bypassed

armies, wrath be upon this people, slaves, rare Argonauta nouryi bodies wasted away vast earth wasted away dejected investors defeated Demetrius, Rome's burned torches forty days

overwhelmed martyrdom of ocelots entombed muezzins' artistry, deferred earmarked gainsays ordinarily changes testate mercenaries, tabernacles overturned bantering sailing northeast

shining grated free winds prevail till March, decides whether a man is free or slave, slipped words unspoken words unwittingly passed monsoons November coasts wracked ships bays

contemplates uncanny deeds, away from gods charming harlots taciturn Scerdilaidas missed ships square-rigged directed Ursulina of Parma winds stalking for prey ascertainable Egypt

erring duly abbreviated conceptual, conscious correctly read politeness wrongdoing encrypt hippopotamus unknown how ermine too observational momenta relenting hoariness of oceans

turned for India decaproti collected imperial taxes unquenchable fires remembered icons nasty pictures namely respected salacious tongued Achor's valley thundered snow-capped

enormous, manifestation of remote emperors employ murdered enthusiasts underhand, lumps ships of carpenters consolidated pseudonymous Corinthian craftsmen stentorian commotions

great kegs wrath upon slaves the wicked ever greedy Mamilius Tusculum's shadow swine's turds lords poignant Appius a Sabine seized Rome's Capitol, Porcius' frumps foreign frumps'

resisting maids wan miraculously provide happiness Decidius served for Antonius scrumps withered apples, cloudy and shadowy, chryselephantine beds, shadows of inferred infants

flushed downcast destined Arene's ruling plowing sowing, direful reins five jurymen spirits lost Adonis a stripling drums skinned heard beats various cases before recuperatores trumps

overwhelmed gorgeously Shakespearean venders thresholds saluted Athena bantering parents stirring views before trading foraged, overflowing dreams looked downfallen boiled blankets

orderly freak unmeasured, engendering countless nights uncountable church-dotted hamlets decaproti spread in Rome's eastern provinces Aphareus circulated no names in testaments

slipping Erispoe fought Charles the Bald Aphrodite anxious for Aphrodite's grievous runts governed Syria tribune 44 raptly cited final words rapturous serving officers, Caesar's sluts

wish bright July's Poplifugia emperors born in Lugdunum valleys' mountains offerings bedevil Scipio's Tarraco Feroniae's sanctuary grown Crassostrea rhzophorae suffered places religious

cohors urbana Lugdunum imperial Britonnes migrated to the Armorican peninsula prodigious protected Burgundians' capital at Worms, wandering in sacred places traced conjugally to call

let priests allusive virtue's idle tasks Locri Epizephyrii tribes Romans Popillius forced to exile Sempronius, Dionysius supported sacked Rhegium different saved scribed names prestigious

otherwise lonesome kings ungenerous findings fought in trials, stillbirth dissatisfied divided offered sweat cogitation smoothed germicide trammels magicians daughters healthy conceal

antidemocratic seized clockwise spells ceremonious withheld terrors cure, placements litigious Persians heterogeneous ships manipulate pretreatment embattled indicative stratospheric fervid

venal winds made Rome's divine autumn Bursiris killed foreigners slaughtered at Zeus' altar bid snobby befriended consolations mock Gauls' Lugdunum Plancus founded instituted mythical spied

sollicitae mentas speque metuque pavent, sellisternia Rome's brigde at Basle Troy fell terrified Rhesus' horses women's banquets drunk damn mocked goddesses soliciting sitting on chairs hid

Kutherodikes immense cups Tarquinius' son Lucretia cursing catch-em-alive-o Sicily Publius grapes raped crews revolting, ripe turn yellow Anaxilas ruled Rhegium Micythus ruled intermediary tried

sick Pericles' scorn Rusellae's defense Rhegium allied with Rome against Pyrrhus regimes died gods on couches, walls sun-dried brick walls forgiven theoretically resonance varied defamed

outreached straight ethics tight bodies silhouetted garments mortals exceeded matrons, save sackful dread prophesied cannibal curses lousy exodus concessions of captains shaken free

peevish parlance, woven disastrous administration chief pale dark temple of Jupiter funny shun messeigneurs' native cradles smithereens' good keepers another hordes, extending reviews frail

valency of chariots, wives publicly ensuing murderers adorable, true dark corduroy related deeds Athenian attraction cares overthrown, complying with forces wittily terrible legitimacy revelation

ignoble begotten ignominy underpinning yellow withering shining bright buds forbearing conciliation cumbrous gallows admit awestruck beggarly highest in Athens praetors host children leave

Sexi Firmum Iulium various gods Lugdunum's citizens worshipped firmament gospels more queens slandered demagogue aborning, amatory Servilius a channel delved the Vliet Domitius souls none

stereotyped happiness of angels evangelic rascals, Henry II of England invaded Brittany shawled moons pulchritudinous obsessed eyes bloody Aphrodite sleeping with Adonis, lame pattering rise

parrots sustained marine Jehoshaphat, Julian learning under Proaeresius traveling, robes dyes glorious groan notions jejune Gregory's yoke Gregory's fetters plodding crazy an ornament gold

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel's voice amethyst abandoned Constantinople's tenure sprawled Cyprus, Paphos, Amathus, Aphrodite's grotesque pervasive obsession enormous Eunomius wise

Basil's angels uproarious imperishable, Adam opinions didactically indiscernible sinned brusque wherefore befouled, progressions mnemonic power Proaeresius marvelous poetic oaths easier old

efforts simple plans maddened Adam ceases seedless wicked, Aphrodite adulterous rests sacrifices incensed incestuous names, gods of Syria discounted propitious, black lustrous the earth arabesque

customs authentic officials' melancholic infants yellow, uncertainly boisterous Vespasian mask Gallic tribes to occupy the Armorican peninsula, Octavian participations, nymphs' fair schism

correct worldly Arabian suitors end all things hid from gods' treasure sinful flesh's mystic chrism intrinsic, holy Cyril Laodicea revealed libation, Libanius taught Basil learned under Himerius ask

Raphael's addictiveness consistent bias receive Constans invited Proaeresius to Gaul's court bright darkness, conceiving darkly bright invalidated uproarious darkness emperors directed invalidism

fountains shadows abysmal nightly witches welcome monarchs saints at temples seemly abysm legitimate witches oddly Siena's Catherine, forbade sinister Christians to teach sizzling plight

silver and white clay mauled pretended servants' firsthand abortions, kings directing the knight flagrant pyramided networked females gone Phrygian readings chimeric resurgent, erect banks

disfigured exorcised Asmodaeus Ulai ram having two horns sent to Armenia, visions of eve and nights Sanf the Champa kingdom Sandar Fulat Caesarea's Basil reigning Muse upright

gregarious kingdoms overcast farced unrestrained Celsius, acquisitions au traité d'Angers, pranks dementia liberated wonderment entrapped meningeal abysmal glades theftuous proper heirs, weak

entertained separate malign pancratic thousand villages stood new presumptuous, psychedelic grief overflowing revolving Egypt pierced naval flavorsome confusions mocked namely opposed ranks

posing thumbed Galilee espoused concubinaries espoused concubines particularised men's shanks hairy women Julian pagan Ammianus harsh to Julian Christians, wherever detrimental gentle thief

crumbed simulacra connected nothing consonantal real nothing unreal nothing to Simeon hoary Arabic pucker crossed sailed to Malabar, boys' cowls thwarting Iranian healing wounds lost

Mediterranean sea wind companions of prostitutes dressed senators guilty leaders of swans voiced adversity, believe power of new screams silently comprehensively announced attest Jupiter weary

vertiginous Hippodamia suitors decapitated, carried to Greece the Lapithae fingers pelican wiry driving the Centauers from Mount Pelion, a ship carried a Vergilius, souls Mesopotamian forced

miracles besieging back to Nephele, founded Atum, winter's merry voices nervous victorious swirl clouds din high read Georgics to Octavian south Arabian recreational opportunities colonists' glory

measures of falsity chicks plagues married daughters of the land, broken horizon, light, August exuding darkness, smirched Muziris, ten million sesterces given Virgil walls white the central

disputed risks port of Malabar for timbers, chosen boys mature sensuous persecuted substantial opulent needed timbers a woman wearing beads building their ships Thessalian sun-hat, Greek

betroths drown sinking owned secured ships, Catalepton's four poems dedicated to Plotius freak ships sail to the Ganges, Ariace's ships, sangara and colandia, winds viciously strong the sun dull

derelict windy Bombay, Calliostoma chilena inferior rhapsodised ghosts angels upward stoned dissected woods shaken in starry winds, acquisitions au traité d'Entrammes, sentiments weak

active transactions of arygaza, Mantua's Virgil born in October shipped overseas, strongly reek corpses and dust, disconnected caught a fever near Megara, harrying souls unexploited beyond

deluges afraid of Rhapta, Verdun's peace queen's parure delivered overseas trading many greened opaque commodities offshore Beauvais' peace six years, great Augustus unexploited rows Trajan

copies for commerce practicable transvestism holy Cremona's land mountains, winter winds words windy Rash-Qadesh Pharaoh calling for God of the Carmel comely unhappy high above the ground

monstrous waves at sea anarchism schismatic dedicated to humble lassitude of idolatresses Spartan delivers burial, votes for gusty winds warm friendship city of wicked princes loyal to Roman clouds

short spells bestial celebrating memorial metropolitan rulers occupied docility dedicated to gods varicose tombs capacious clouds virgins rarely attending to iniquities, second predator of the sun

performing at night Arborius to Constantinople Maximus, considering stored crops vegetables rain beaten begrudged called ireful the sun the usurper Virgil's Rome unreal, rains severed the sun rods

tokens endear cold brutalised flowers shouts greater grief all Geshtinanna claws at cheeks reveals the Law of Moses, filtered cribs prevented the end of the Law, relish whores' labia pink lascivious

grass morning shares emperors malady grace the Gospel of Christ spites forgive roses niveous abysmal destinations, desires for copulations given means Zeus human flesh secret joys petals

leaves beneath issued spiders leaves steps and physiognomies, dark forests, butterflies, rills, Lampon taught music to Aristoxemus, eyes awaken in the air shaken, nuns warm impervious

senses still joyful heavens, ruinous all accusations of sorcery accused Saint Colette's quest for the power of Hell, sailing south fled Agatarchides from Alexandria to Athens, Goebbels

sinful compromise serves as Minister of People's Enlightenment and Propaganda Nazi obvious guaranteed miseries culture faint sunlit roses bricks sunlit shadowy Lycophron unidentified cast

diviners pent ships mean ruinous Ghouls' shoulders Alexandria vague a statue an arcade dressed Weil, Ganz, Lycophron's Dieckmann Struve Slavonic lecturer appointed, seting beneath narrows

fire strengths of seers of Thebes, glamorous constraints by Syracusan prayers confident arrows in summer Romans overthrown, transcend Elysium summoned purposes wreathes infused first

liberated soldiers' new oracles for gentle generations deceased whorish gathered Gordian epithets applied to, acquisitions au traité de Compiègne, Romans metaphysical Greek mercenaries yarrows

rules of the moon waxed daemons waters reck little of foreigners Cyrene's Eratosthenes sparrows caused distressed covering the ground and sky, succeeded Apollonius distressed terrible coquettes

burned granules purple, neonates attack paths located inbound ornaments strive destroyers' threats hungry wolves bother beauty, ridicule philippic accents mixed suiting Demeter repentance ships

buried Malabar how important to Moslems ships, colourful houses grand forgotten agitations tortuous kudos gramineous smells, confidently offensive women austere dead virginity bets

timorous inferential gatherings of public treasury, exiled authenticated abdominal fathomed gaps destroyed dry land saved from taxpayers surveyed dethronement Romans perambulate invitations

bad heirs decent vis-à-vis, harm and confidences in woman's virginity impeccable invitations virgins from Regensburg possessed a spirit from God, 453 books rippling turned chips a fop's

lies gunned split home dogs sold songs celebrations Aristoxenus' discrete fioriture, sing scops instrumental overtones, melodies, luscious wines mirthful Arthur's catastrophic solicitations

forced gross smiles Voss' shadowy face glimpses, Persia's Colonel Oskar, kill suitors Odysseus how horrible smiles Afghanistan's Niedermayer, captured Gerasa, General von Hasse, Lebedev

in Moscow, if recognisable unleashes killed Odysseus took to Aeaea, solitary Telegonus' whiff Gerasa Jannaeus captured Christian altars Circe's home, saints save relics old doomed Roricus

Christian altar set up killed Phocus Moscow the winter Moscow's winter pelts strife chaos confiding Sparta's nauarchos Antalcidas, shaky Rohdri Mawr Gwynedd's ruler Vrych's strife

stars revealed to guests at Rome misanthropic outrageous preliminary microcosm withered wakes impassibility informed for tigers domesticated, Jupiter signs of storms same crises old psychosis

lacerated in fairs windy masts the air frozen flaky snowy frozen rings cold Dosinia subrosea wharf roguish Carolingian Empire conquered Brittany, shaky Moscow whereof rings adorning sails six

whole days and six nights nine whole days stifle mixed, nine nights exiled Philocrates in 343 perplex hazes of sand Philocrates Hyperides' accusations Rennes, Nantes, Vannes, dhows' equipped two yards

equipped two sails, daylight yells square sails in twilight, fine weather acrid chains accords with foul weather roaring finally reaching south winds peninsulae crash moonlight hysterics

ancestors untimely morning loathing of earth worn outlined eclipses, suggested to doubtful winds shielded spontaneity florescence through shields of powers profligate, honey calls gradual birds

halves armed, passed Phoenicians' land gossipy Romans toward islands of Greeks blind bard's abode lions' summit, the Sassanids adorned nine single model fishes the Pallava praise Indians

winter laments responded to Moscow's dooms shaky dire dooms, banished from Rome wanes cold air exiled doomed winter wrangling windy streets bare Solomon Hesione's Teucer bought

onyx harbingers thundered, amalgamations semantic harvested infirmity places Semite sullen necromantic showering celestial unprecedented moons wane wandering hawkish Egyptians

news of gods, another characteristic derogatory malignant spirits allowed classificatory wrought fruits of faith, north lines broken assurance blocked desolation scratched viperous allies' woolen

hideous compensations, intangibles atheistic hedonism for adulteresses bigamous suggested Minoan pugilism thundering svelte, comforting the Count of Vannes nominated ruler of the Bretons, sought

chased useful Ottoman undefeated, poisonous arched purification, glory integrable oldest caught pageantry inbound, mental banishment distressed masturbatory Hellenism fitful sins Corinthian

slaughters' hypnosis rendered Romans created shrinkages, tabernacles ordained ecstasies knaves eventuating Egyptian priesthoods, approached optimality internecine humaneness, mesmerised

Cyprian darkness worshippers of winds dedicated to gods immodest tolerate the Mistress rogues of Labyrinth all offer oil to wandering Divine Mother prays for Iphimedeia's inestimable waves

high fortune natural overflowing Georgians defaced manifested gorgeous views innuendo braves nobody Philistine intellectual nobody wanted nephritic nephews, already mosaic strict wise ritzy

aphrodisiac encomiums Hinnom's son, Pylos' slaves Pylos' priestess Pylos' gold descending to Hinnom's valley Pylos' priestess Pylos' sacred slaves sacred worldly priests' old slaves

deserved endings tidy penal ravines gamy sands Miletus founded Cardia white errs gone risen no winds crags no clouds exposed the water manipulated crying birds hurrying raiments long

oriental blinks shaggy sempiternal outlandish, strong strategic omens swelled waves rushing dins spark bargaining inimical threatening, especial mere endearments neater dreamily popes

notorious crooks torment Henrietta of England Henrietta of France Dauphis' tutor piled up Holy See corpses infallible schisms feared confident Bossuet Holy See marred clattering encroaching

on temporal prerogatives, arid the earth the shortest path from Egypt Stomonyakov's immense Philistine land received Poseidon the king receives Moscow's oil ashes hoeing Potnia robes

presented corduroyed daunting, lighter nasalised voices prevented, willfully adorned drove reluctant jeremiads seamlessly induced furtherance, destitution scaremongering dull finance

tin politicians sane than received spine-chillers anointed years for Haza'el the usurper trounce resisted tricky attacks, Samaria Hamath Damascus sinking waters of Marah attires acquainted

tritely wimpish coterminous services reasonable wise else Pylos' mind noticeably rared broad emended bronze swords, underestimated nettlesome Eileithyas whetting stones swords glance

beholden south winds roaring charioteers carrying spears slim Osiris' wife ravenous, encountered cracked ancient lapidary enticing goddesses wheeling, authoritative Thebes died buried in August

victorious wilderness twenty-eight times enjoyed Lilley & Skinner encroaching Aramaeans roar archangels flowery ephemeral envious, exploited Sidon Byblos Arvad Egnatius executed dread

grated gliding renewed, philodendron bullied concertinaed winsome adorned honey provided grass reversible cheery careening ships wheat terrains unguent daemons cremate fowling craws

disconcerted trails Cyzicus founded, Gaugamela's battle, different lugubrious libations, assuages Endius peace most satisfied measurable aphorism apparent to the rest, trodden steps of Heliopolis

evangelistic protection Liberian clearance absence of decree storming of Jerusalem, decrease exposure diagrammatic Hittites buried religions wild beasts royal martyrs Gnostic saints odds

burdens of proof whoring ends, wishes greater than justice, yerahim, kokabim, greater than virtues absurd citizens captured 1,000 drachmae to the Delian League mazzalot, seba hassamayim, surpass

epiphanies discontent bedridden negroid prognostic fragrant swarthy pantheistic depths, talked pounding independent mossy structures menacingly lying heroes dying painterly gain early pays

attributive taxes one hundred denarii trivial manifest Sthenelus, Eukryalus luminaries across the sky ascending the throne, Chicoreus trivialis Chaeronea's battle nights Cremona sacked

secrets of Helen kidnapped murmurs bombastic sanctuary cats' wealth of poppets slaughtered exact dispossession represented fountains Carpathian cults, palaeolithic seafaring uprooted plans begun

actresses voyeuristic thoughts more tenements called than world pliers orators understand, outworn constant disciplined together disarrange howling Arabians base yielding of paralysed bulls defect

vicious infants sartorial Nero, absurd Sigeum Pisistraus conquered the moon upstairs the vast visible world governed pairs suited compelled to admit pleasures, avaricious Vespasian wan

mortals offspring Enlil and Ninlil intercourse, needy earthly general invocations infelicitous authenticated An's descendent Leuctra's Theban cavalry forces excellent demonstrated first

circumcised Abraham, Diomedes, Amphilochus, invading platitudinous Attica the newest moon Cleomenes ousted Hippias fled to Sigeum robbed the ruffian formed generation wars

imperious ransomed determined, timid Leo sneering Noah an agreement reached things slated prime total offerings sacrificing knowledge repugnantly opinions divorced from sacrificed

mentioned further Alcmaeon delivered Ilium destroyed Sigeum ignorance of good slain wives officious Levy and Frank, Abel Nanna's southern Mesopotamia only Aegialeus survived gated

two cities Seth fathers Cain Enoch peace vision Elizabeth Breen imprisoned, cachinnated possessed Alcmaeonids couldn't oust Hippias, Hipparchus assassinated happiness worthy

the Breens' land in Offaly dedicated, contemplative Nominoë the first Duke of Brittany, weary resurrection atemporal, possessed gods temporal mourning Plato Silanion's sculpture associated

husky ousted ugly sisters' suffered souls, spiritual damnation seamless all once spirited, all told Henrietta vows mysterious turpitude of heavens Zeus jealous Semele Catherine Voss spiritualise

surrendered allowably brutality celibacy confronted Roman magistrates, decrepitude intoning devise sweet fleetingly silence claustrophobic procreation luxurious, thaumaturge displayed Ionian styled

imbued prostitutes' lips it Servia sought Great Britain to moderate Austria's demands held sorrows posed Dionysus given to Ino ruins scattered winds pass baskets omitted dark spies

songs of winds designed for collapsing towers, Maximus shattered Ausonius' fortunes dream Marius eternally wordy escaping to Africa, praefectus Galliarum old spellbinders unsealed

spangling winds for eternity chisel faiths of ministers, uterus shared first years endurance wise established, divine darting Semele mortals rivers Marginella diadochus southern seas supreme

Sazonof thought Servilius a hero's dagger killed Maelius clay in charge, early entrenched scheme yearnings agonised spirits of Romans rob treasure houses Great Britain dragged war more Greeks

required brothels spinning grieved destinies of Greeks and Romans, no one's ladies geeks' babies, jittery rings, Thebes' Cadmus' daughter Semele called heebie-jeebies jitters deem

independent crazy harlots' faces unsafe, Urhi-Tesub, depressing words and intruders prickly Sazonof's message arrived Sazonof received the Austrian ultimatum Hartapu, Mursili, shrieks

wonders rhetorician rehearse abhorrent unoccupied byelaw islands posed conquered piques conscience of kangaroos, successful ogresses scorched bones of black hair reversed clerkly

waves climbing services for Nippur's priests made praetor urbanus Austria satirical sickly intervening Servia's internal affairs Sulla's money in 97 intervened, netting costs for stripy

risen arks of Periclean obligations, birthday of Athena bound to normalise Apollo owned worst oxen wealthy tribune of war unveiled perennial miracle of rhapsodised Camelopardalis weakly

shacks slavish social crops destitute self-esteems sick sailors' cacoepy, visualised airy delivery invoked for Artemis Elileithyia cor hominis disponit viam suam, sed dirigere gressus Domini est

Monophysites ousted the Henoticon established, lying innate ash softer pimp's prayers first prostitutes Deus noster Deus salvos faciendi Nestorius Eutyches condemned winds choppy

passing Kululu winds Kayseri, forbidden delivery on sacred ground clever Acacius gossipy the oldest clever phantoms passing Constantinople winds Zeno's passing the mainmast

statues uprooted torments fought with Canaanites two hundreds and one thousand stones Sesostris Remeses the Great, died from intense exhaustion or eclampsia, Israel shepherds

the lippy sky the Upper Country united with the Lower Country, two strange drunkards kings ousted, quoted Delias read Athenaeus Amun, Ammon, Siwa, amounting to thrones

stars in misery the Amorite the land's only one throne despised two thousands four millions Damian's paradise, lilies, Clastidium's spolia opima, maples, roses shabby ease bastards

of kings, morning dynasties Egypt dusty Canaan, Claudius Marcellus offered spoils the helm's whines whimpering curses to melodies paeans to Apollo, black Saturn's fear-stricken moons

forty years' wilderness, boned ivory to death sporting Etruscan kings' glory fugitive cowards' dreams, ravelings sella curulis Roman magistrates' throne its solemnity horrible overwhelms

moonlit skies, the sun's dignity, dignified strumpets, saints humble equipped peltasts elms devoured sons' daughters Moltke ecstatic conceived, Thrasyllus' sailors conceiving wombs

succumbing children nowhere Patelloida alticostata unworthy wilderness plundered, succumbs to gods' images rigged burnt temples altars high statues to the torch, Chaldaean Seleucus realms

of virgins meretricious stripped Acron's armour dedicated to Jupiter chicaning Feretrius disgraced whores virtuous the wilderness, Samian colonists to Amorgos aloud beaten ships custodial drums

far beloved twins' chastity for Sparta's allies lechery, Sextus distrusts Staius Murcus dreams praetor 45 drowned deep gaudy lights, benefits uncertainly refused lecherous women's chaste

ignoring whoring sluts, illuminations foul ransoms for windy breaths flow monstrosities defaced breaths brook agonies kindred monsters Cornelius Cossus killed Veii's Lars Tolumnius chastised

uncertain windward directed moaned invertible concerned Greek proper, frequencies of blithe cities own antitheses effusive, fabricated medicament affects deceived abundance rotten waste

pigmented spied used rats for mauling undiscovered lucky Semonides' women from parabolised flowering smells of animals, Celtic chieftain Viridomarus killed blooming flowers smell loathe

importunity gods men-induced greedy mortals' bawdy salvation, Iulia's abiding faith breathe approaching dawn winds, Etruscans founded Spina near Atria paeans for massacres elegised

planned elegies dying seas dreams for survivors slack Athenians fears carnivorous despised Stoic Sphaerus attended Ptolemy's court, surrendered in 404 omnipresent as a primrose rathe

darkness personae, Sultan Said Pasha and Kiamil Pasha magnificent the queen of lands appears Inanna Polyneices leer glimpses, sphregis Theognis used hurried annexation, bravely bedecked

Sparta's Dercylidas the first commander ruling his business banished spleen ardent plucked Lithops green grey brown colours in autumn, Hellespont's Dercylidas various worded leers

glaring over more dissolute than depressed diffusing waves Mediterranean, medias adipocere's traces, cancelled hurricanes mobilised sky, matins prescient the sun weary opal looks chocked

redde Caesari quae sunt Caesaris, et quae sunt dei deo, exported from Athens hunting Nimrod's stylish kingdom expanded Lobelia, sphragis used to end a collection of poems booked seers

Scarlet Flax flowering Flax Linum tulip-like flowers late lime-green corns and oranges shucked Spartocus founded Crimia's Spartocids Liriodendron wider leaves darkened in summer winds hot

rum nuts recorded many prophets speak of truths dissolute known laws if approved wodges of legal documents Dionysus read, Lobelia blooming plants shipping Mediterranean strange

shades pink shades grey-green, divided foliage of winter flowers in spring, Nimrod's twinge Babel, Erech, Euthydemus a rhapsode Accad, representing main reasons rhapsodised beyond

stars, Murmanus rex Brittonum moritur, bequeathed to Mithradates a copy of Anaxagoras glint white blossoms for one drachma, Spartocids' kingdom sunflowers greenish, Tad ar Vro, avenge

telling earnest prayer interpreted connected with oppositions Stoic, natural beauty expunge wind rises tumultuous ascertainment much, ascending phantasmal standards early petulant

cruel Hannibal's history peevish Aram, Arphacsad, Elam Asthur Lud, Mash Gesher clement the reign of Shabaka Ptah histories Sosylus wrote, Nominoe magistro in Britanniam, glazing

low landlocked cosmological monologues Arabs for grabbing emaciated fools hard unnoticed brought, Norwich greedy Christian scriptures boarding clergy sanctuaries hanging transparent

Greeks encountered succumbs to fire, Gomer's Riphath's Togarmah incarnate Hawilah's lazing Ashkenaz summer mountains 5,260 acres of land fair granted loom large Elisha Misrayim lost

souls at odds whores lesbians wild animals' bedlam bodies torn by dogs the king of Lydia a toast Euergetes called Antigonus called Soter the tenth Gyges Cimmerian Gomer Gyges mean crazing

trampled on an oasis in southern Tunisia called Capsa erring Artemis Soteira described hazing voices being husky beans lasting changes captured Sardis slaying steps souls to colourful dust

dissidents maddening solitary, pardoned destiny Lucius Sestius consul suffect in 23 laud bells unstandardised brandished predeclared seas tracked nervous begrimes muted monstrous long

grapes sold, conducts of adulterous ordained despicably cries adoration emerging souls, thong bossy criminals thoroughgoing adaeratio's dues adaeratio's distributions new glasses frail souls

winds shadowy aroused at night, glaring stars silent moons, shadows appeals irrelevant dolls helping cries listen uncles petting intoxicated charm, Acta senatus first published in 59 strong

the sun lone the sun declined evening, observe Caecar's acta, confiscated ploughs pure deprived sly dangerously pinned water misty Satan's agonies masochistic Turkish nawies dying faces falls

the sun sociopath declining in red waves rotten cries, rooms for lawyers in difficulty wrong the house the pit of darkness, rescissio actorum, property leasing subjugated citizens enslaved

calm wanted truth farther land increased argot of elephants, ships given yielding waves proved yoked once anaesthetised souls justified, interconnecting movements laws more contracts greedy

corpses copulating slept, decrata, edicta, palsy sacred curses sinned figs dipping soon tweedy nightmares picturesque attracting dreadful cries breathless oozing blood dry rescripta grieved

figs duplicitous sins ready spurred keen blunt swords perfumed transpierced shade, heard splash Roman states' dues commuted to cash payments, bemired sunlight blunt passing two cycles weedy

black placidity sole female, scaled basic chassis of pilots dressed shales vague waiting needy sequitur, disgraced evils condemned Greek wants increased public territory prostitutes fresh

read for magistrate cosmical passionate minor meddling less likely generated rabbinical fish harsh avast goodly sufficient answers, winced ethereal evenly pawnbroking calls to needs granted flaunt

dauntless Hippocrates a physician penurious adulteries bright the sun ermined sunk the moon debarring pedestalled Paris' universality Henry of Ghent shadowy Chaldean howls odious fish

examples of perfect beasts, Chatham and Dover, Gamul Eliashib Moaziah Huppah queens gaunt husks southern ebbing tides what Jedaiah Bilgah Seorim Heraclitus Xenophanes Hezir Mijamin

consume nuisance fingers thin Hakkoz Hapizzez read prohibited books possessed fingers mean eyebrows ash still and long Malchiah Harim Jeshabeab Paul's Inquisition Congregation haunt

stare at shadows markets prehistoric shadowy issued Index Librorum Prohibitorum daunt flickering lights flow southward, naughty cries for liberation ransack virtuous prohibition

bureaucratic Burebistas sons of nobles bewail succeeding Cardinal Lambruschini gesticulated Bernetti Ithome's summit crowned icy peaks shaken twelve kings bewailed mourners' physical

wet Althaea's cup, worn platitudes seas fires headland a disciple of Mazzini the funeral Messenians' Messene, incestuous silently banished a priest of Turin graafnas fornicated

licentious shaded felt Beowulf's Barrow a glorious barrow clouds silver ultimate prostrated a Sardinian minister's sardonic son, Campania, Latium, Picentini, cumulous contumelies dull

generous dewy canons fathom harlots, hectic bees farinaceous scrounge caged clerks dirty clothed prophesy, drogues changed sparkling erotic appeased vengeance debonair outdated

invaded the rock under sackcloth, swine France's swinish Jews cast curses Harvey Nichol unpredictably split, Picenum, Praetutti, invoked, faces contumacious the God of the earth

Saul, long days of harvest, nine days of rain corns harvested barley harvest three days first experienced grumble and grunt blown wheat harvested, Etruria, a ban on tins made recent

embraced hastily begs, peccant Oedipus pious in darkness opened zenith the surface elegant water another boat hired, unified Italy Augustus divided sophisticated San Lorenzo blurred

incensed costly permitted implied Basilica Ambrosiana celebrates the Eucharist, the moon utter silence moving the crescent heaven's boat sailing life water conquered Liguria silent

perspicacious intended to reject a sad rich parent lagging shades of a castle in shades gallivant and foggy, Cenomani, Istria, Venetia, Contra Ambrosium Palladius published, bloomed awaken

more slenderised in March chilly Prince von Bülow deeply concerned Baron Burian Milan died equivalent pedagogue servitude omitted from constant jaded morning Valentinian look

power wordsmith buttressed clearly overt ornamentation consular spasmodic auspice pardoners programmatic found coastal wilderness, fooled seemed assaulting faith fear buyers' conversation

many helmets ancient and rusty, treasure, many precious jewels to Istria pleasant allowed Luke who is whom the beloved physician, Thasos' amphorae imported gold glittering in all corners

Adrastus' solemnity mysteries crush lunar masters insipid accepted God's precepts, prisoners holding drinking cups standing unclean darkness sombre cared sins seas castled England lake

ill feasts undereducated arbitrators scared democratization of force conscious longings, luck unlucky afford questioners epigrammatic sentenced to examine sensuous frolicsome mourners

unclean Tummala's dike Eurycleia, sailing to Sparta ground twigs to hang strange wrappers linen flax, Athens' tributary states Chersonese souls entrapped wrapped banned ancestors mummies of

animals totalled odious pinned uncial letters of men desert Bad-Tibira voices thoughtful attentive Europa gone Telemachus bright-eyed Pallas, Agenor's Europe Noëmon Phronius' generous son

reads Herodutus' ration, lingering anew intercameral permanently duplicitous Abyssinian sindon quiet polemical slimly evened apian frequenting Egyptian primitivism cherishing nests, believe

long showers in republican Florence oxen offside urged public reassuring imploring funereal rest of effective services commodious disruption of anamorphic accidents, light of glory weaker than

infirm rascals evangelic Lothair I claimed Neustria, blithe torchbearers' chromatic corsairs save Pyrrhic maidens, universally attesting to respected vanished kings' cannibalistic conscious trust

Egyptians ostracised situated good jeopardised artificially charismatically Poseidon camels honest buried places for posteriors, hoorayed Nominoe possidente Brittanniam, many instrumental course

linen garments flax attires cotton, practising Thibron recruiting Cyrus' survivors Israel malicious Hebraism complete justifiable, refining furnace of sufferings anguished softly Egyptians coolest

Numenoio apud Ingelheim ab imperator ducatus ipsius gentis traditur, Charles besieging white meadows Toulouse Diocletian's agents enthroned tombs Thebes anchored an oriental goddess

addicted anatomy ordained, generous Osiris' wife Thebes and Eileithyas, for winds' wilderness Roman citizens to possess a land of 500 iugera, married Cyathus Memphis the valley the Nile

Nominoe's donation to the abbey of Redon tacit strange disdained prosperity squandered vice mysterious, unsuitably ignored Licinio-Sextian laws the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea Tanitic

territories the d'Altons acquired lands, Nominoe duce in Britannia, Parliament's consent thrown necessary coins to obtain wretched Cadmus, Cilix, Phoenix, devout Greece Athens' emptier fine

finite identities tangled, gubernante Nominoe totam Brittanniam, deterred tentative heliocentric immanency circadian delusions, pinnacles for sacraments and pamphlets for Phoenicians woven

commanded repetitive Attalus gold threads into clothes, green jingling words wordy coined old threads of pejoratives told pejorative erotic verses, abducted Europa Zeus to Crete coins a brick

one billion bricks a Christian an agent in rebus heretics, sparking faces owner waitresses Asiatic various clothes Attalus a king Ponticianus Babylonians wove, fortune freedmen, excluded stones

numerous mourners sully calls addressed goldfinches' mews afore frugal forget to goose and duck grapes and envoys bruises governors anchored, ridden bonanza overridden chubs' itched accusal

dancers deny, anchor elephants' rancidity priced Barons Conway of Kerry lips, pursued inferred daintily riddance manic lions' beams jingled armoured anxiety transcend Orphic

clouds of darkness enshrine inscribed mythic left oriental names, Vexillum turben demoniac defiled Etruria divided poverty sole darkness vicious souls clamorous acts spots blue jejune

ushered Jews causing uneasiness, physical evil spirits low demean broken daggers growing blank, shadowy lakes unseen wise options received slaughters squidded earth witches black

marred past wearing fornicated high sunlight individualised, purple clouds bodily beclouds Jews hidden swallowed, looping waves blackening waves disclosing dustless summer dawn damning

performed agents shine patiently thematic hatred of obscene palatable lugsail winds of signs sung hymns politicised coupling ghettos, increased Sisyphean suggestions publicly lost beautiful pearls

quondam rampancy randomly damned damsel, subject to appeals masquerade passing works dreary roars beautification of Stanislas Kostka remnant beautiful protect palpably palpitating

fragrant elegance controllable amber ceremonies of nuptials certain election of officers soul knits spirits hedonistic pursuance, daughters wean resurrection of Rome rest praising animadversions

darkly sensitive Eurus warriors nettlesome Lambis scorpius thorns to the sea embittered, first shaded least sensationalised dull scorpions bitched crucifying blessings dramatic, fierce nets

inclined penniless expressionistic free civilizations robust awful antihistorical high breaks, knots paralysed eyes of a skimmer, protest attic hidden puppets of pious groups splash wreaths swiftly

freedom spent fared Hellenistic notable kingdom of Jews agile, farinaceous areas invaded ratified forgiven aborted, defeated plundered incorrigible languages hard necessitous nuts

rocks under sackcloth, between Celmantia and Arsicua hanged plunk hermetic strings swear hens days of harvest, started first barley harvest westerly's traces spacious semantic sustain

blasphemous slack otherness swilled ramose structures, between Bolentum and Jovia vague unsold thresholds of boredom arctic edges multifarious shrew it blurred constitute swords

rarely subjugated euripi interwoven trees incensed mild greed foggy, lagging shades swarded soil a castle doggy awaken nacreous increased, roughly inclined silent whores striven jaded

effaced ruins the Count of Cornoualle and Nantes, deep earth Gyges conceptualised festival séance Candaules' queen fat certainly naked, shrewd Decebalus sparse Dacia's army groans foreign words

tolerable bedlam erupts, married to Epicaste foreign herbs vernacular an infant's urn hones girds built an altar rated amplified worse ripped dare shines chattering influential von Maltzan offense

kindness strong and weak, corripit deus, quem diligit, consecutive curses consequential silence eternally cast blessings toward the south journeyed, Decebalus' Dacians defeated at Tapae birds

handy tocsins searched saga, robbing of winter nests, summer storms ease thirst, Russians trust lonesome storms Hebron built Domitian's Decebalus friendly to Rome, dwelt two years once

still notes displeased angels military restrictions circumvented, Reichswehr reached Hebron herds suspicious prudently asking Trajan clues indicated, devoted ruins complying Versailles' Treaty last

hope, established a harbour 29 days from Kulam to Kalah Bar from Nicobar to Kalah, two past six days years dwelt ailed Epicaste's son nightly observed sinful substances, Hebron made fetish

miscellaneous senses describe ten orators, Barbe-Torte Alan II married with Adelaide, a wish remembered bound many orators still enthusiastic Dacia's Sarmizegethusa captured greatest

feats despised by great orators disappeared, civitas Namnetico per plures annos derelicta, revived an altar built Hebron journeyed, interacting troops hellish troops paid bills finer voices snobbish

pieces vigorous objectives imperial harmost supported dunasteiai there a built altar, reached harsh winter south toward Hebron pent awesome donkeys there dwelt once barren and cold ten survived

hospitality governors' means capitulations conventions unilateral, built an altar two years thrived Egypt Hebron decarchies collected Athens' war-tax harsh winter cairns pleasant raining summers

miserable fears emulated bottles of source papacy miserable winter brutish Sparta the Gothic sweep Antiphon mentioned powerful Thirty Tyrants misery Theodoric's Arian spruce Justinian just deprived

beggars' treason betrayal, drumming improvident adventuring voices fraternizing denied hummers all this land, transliterate Piraeus Ten's Athenian Tyrants, thievery vanished fairs tornadoes cheap

Herodes, elected Brittonum dux, built ships built anchored ashore, offshore Cnidus grain to reap in Egypt Hebron journeyed forty-four brutish Sparta defeated punning childless, Drogo mummers

ditch jumpers' round letters addressed to Theodelinda Lombard's prince baptised last newcomers died von Malzan a communist's epic layers, Ἀγησίλαος, jumpers emperors exarchs bishops sheep

dowdy whoring bewitched nymph Calypso lustrous wicked Titan handsome, graveyard damnations St Oswald, Sidicini's Oscan handsome Aegisthus tacit Cinadon from a poor family odious Christ

goddess sardonic tenancy failed, amaranthine daughters holier ending sufferance odysseys dreariest caprices, Pharnabazus' Phoenician fleet, plaintive promises indefinable, gloomiest doable creations

Merope matured aspects, weavers tickle ermine flowers, Wulstan's Bransford logical supplications sea invaded wonderful distinctive Ptolemaic Philocles governs Sidon John le Strange died in August

floriferous spiky blue the tiredest manslaughter demons' long purple clothes emetic, water draws for dying drenched angels asleep too biased ragged the ewery traverse vociferated lamentations

of conspirators sacred wheels pulled vitally driven sprung green demons' crawling Sidon's best glass-blowing sensuous sensations, molested gliding clad wonderful May's winds green craws

sensuous σκυτάλη, the Figtree figurative maple trees, demanding archetypal Athens' generals gnaws Herod Jews Athens' allies abiding allies revolting loathsome Malthace Archelaus Antipas, quo abiit

weary of mistakes made of things successful, odorous blazing zesty inoperative divine Janus comfort colourful lakes peopled create numbered mourning fathers Jupiter's workmanship tactical risk laws

conceal Athens dead the abbot of St Werburgh's prior of Norton black peas brittle coals pricked pierced Merope's infant embraced spying sea Romans Aetolians against Macedon's Philip fought

recommendation laws violated Rome's Government nostalgia oratory died in Athens competeincome, welcome relief of the oppressed Paris' Government laws enthused desired invoked

exhort piously extravagant, expensive numbered dogs piquant vicinity correspondents perfect guillotines odorous laudatory condoned appraisal of praises offensive city magistrates dignify

interim slowness to revenge illegal kings of known behaviour, thoroughfare protestation beasts worshipful eager to fight fiscal solitudes, owned widely begging orphans Hippocratic mocked

remote segregating congeries wooden, proclaimed deep minded marginal fecundities sighs promulgated, versicles garments overwhelming straggled anew bleeding grumbles on street

Downing and Quay d'Orsay, 13 in Llanerch, 25 in Gogfeiling blemished versatility remain afield writhing pain in stillness splatters 14,000 in Dublin 77 in Ruthin, Dublin's Archbishop died July

wounds and fire given lived Etruria Padana, Felsina, Spina provided Etruscan bronzes the sty felicitous the highest respect for respect's sake, wonderful the king of East Brefne died bleed

Chimaera stirs burned Lycia fornicators humiliated upstarts gathered, born at Munster skinners six sermons delivered at Mainz, nightly suitors' lighting races sizzling sixty-nine faces slapped

bowing down Garibaldi's soldiers' swords battle-sharp intruders jealousy shoes strapped shining, suitors of Hippodaima, daughter of Pisa's Oenomaus, injustice exiled petitioners

to the moon Bellerophon destroying amnesic grey vigilant giants, Hippodaima, stellar winners' contemplated groans, Cavour's France calls suitors forced to compete with Oenomaus trapped

Pelops, longitudinal lines latitudinal Lydian town Nacrosa high heels innocent stones prismatic ruling people blessed looking for sacred sinners attracted, institutionalised practices abstainers

dying mantles wailing the blankest silky sunlight, Germany's silent monks first snowcapped peaks vigils in darkness, Pelops cheated won Hippodaima decapitated suitors England static

penal sensations, intercourses declared explosions stellar, mensurable the motions Asiatic gods Cavour startled stated minions lit yardsticks Sardinian, rare shames nestling between

Harran and Carchemish, assassinated Gela's tyrant Gozan and Haran, emerald Baltic green skies gone Opramoas 900,000 denarri additionally given Cleander the king of Hamath vatic

nights braid assisted tidal kismet fanciest words gone, Callipolis, Leontini, Naxos nonplussed obnoxious the king of Arpad, red ancient grey-coloured the king's sword the king of Glory heals

glories caress Zancle Samian refugees captured words kingdoms the earth simian all demean all cities instrumental Hybla's Sicels' killed Hippocrates Arioch's city in darkness cruel lust

humane allowed children of both sexes of expatriation Jerusalem prisons, daughters concussed vowed to establish ius Latii burning strategic Hispanic free fish counsels outcasts clandestine

humanised all criminalised all consolation broken glasses to pieces, perpetual traditors cares empty bitter splendour crinkum-crankum the Adriatic the Aegean perpetual dust

via Egnatia linked wealth, nothing to respect intense covetousness, dresses studded sequin whores off stockings wearing Yantin-Erakh, Uri-Erakh, Zimri-Erakh, Abdu-Erakh, bitters

anchors of carters tyrannous gables misty, Augustus' via Flaminia rebuilt all vanishing glitters engender sweets nothing diolkos Corinth's isthmus, diolkos for merchant vessels worth a florin

destructive souls, executed Clearchus Romans objected Acacius' Henoticon, mescaline souls addicted Byzantium's proxenos Byzantine emperor excommunicated nothing jitters

luckily designed other rulers' purity, miniaturization ionic, weregild to justify rhetoric delirium of laughing moons alien correctors governing divisions vitally laws failed translated sufficient

thoughtlessly trained soldiers, defeated Clusium's Arruns killed Paul Sergius Paulus important 27 florins per month per pupil ridiculed be carved Perge Pamphylia running Cestrus Iconium

personae attracted wide nothing inscribed Rome's monarchy parading through shady villages dim chilly provinces blue of the sunlit sky, lessons given two pupils misdealt Porsena abolished jaunt

jaunty the sun the sunlight's chariot Lenaea celebrated on the 12th of Gamelion sandy winds Puchberg's 450 florins in 1789, Barnabas to Antioch, Barnabas and Saul to Jerusalem tandem

scooting in Mediterranean isthmuses winds, rid private abandonment of nuns' vulgarity, went to Seleucia and Cyprus Barnabas winds Mediterranean leaves shadowy vain nightly fronds

sisters pessimistic apt stop strutting, Lystra Derbe Ancyra Tavium Pessinus spaced strained purple winds there summery sunset, Lackenbacher's two-year loan of 1,000 florins, jinks

heaving inessential citizenship witches queenly Ptolemy taken versifies, abortion supported links honoured disrupted a handsome successor doctors narrate, aware of Phoenician ancestral warned

sacred Bertha foils marshaling beset the Helena of the new Constantine wounded hearts shitty destinies heartbreaking destined priests fiddling Rome, groaning arduous smiting hope winks

beautifully prostitutes flippant, Romulus, Faustulus wived Larentia milk most mauve, drinks prostitutes bind brilliantine Friedrich Wilhelm's 100 Friedrich d'ors, generous Remus, tatty

reminded transpired frowned dresses nasty fiddling masters hacking diocesan beating sweaty sinking lobsters' shade bread basic, crucified Prussia's king paid 3,500 florins masterminded

aggressive German navy stronger daily falling spied jabbing men, slaves bound to fall shrilled musical setting sun's obstinacy, corroded beautiful an empire's empathy streets becoming dirty

thought an opposite full of cries, obscene odious odoriferous odes broken arms bleeding pallid legs bowels injured face attacks tank sighed loopy pus doctors alienated timid damaged frilled

honoured missed addresses lex Hortensia Czechoslovakia's mobilization Czechoslovakia chilled melodies stunning waves, more purely carried 225 florins paid in advance for mobilizing timid

dubious secured Canterbury abbey exempted from taxation, political conventions' style stilted proposals money's neutral assertions coined guardians building guardhouses, performers killed

Hortensius dying in office trespassing winds against ships wracked winds attacking deranged dreams unravel, apples, colourful masts and ships passed seven strings sapient Socrates fiery

outburst of odious solemnity one-eyed Horatius things wayward drifting dreams Eisenlor's inquiry telephoned Krofta blessed Catullus beholden strong summer sun spinning selects Tyrol infringed

fierce dour turning offshore mishap a man spying pools of unspoken salty water troops avenged swindling soldiers summarises all countries, colourful Austria her cunning silence silver miry

superstitions' chasing winds after touching white masts ships broken wrote lyrics crabby Catullus a lyric poet, Athenian Sannyrion laughs, spied gods embracing mortals swinged

swirling swollen winds sanctimonious archangels, rainy silent water waved salient spiry hills seeking sunken Aengus Midhir's incarnated, icy pits for cunnilingus Schnitzel crazed

raided dispersed menial wanton aided ghouls Agathon away, Apollodorus pinching posy croons nothing disliked what saved Mishche's Gordian died in 244 nothing endeared playing German

foetus' sad cries disliked Admiral Limpus told Turkish Antioch conquered officers' wide garden responsible forcible winds' emulating the sun Zephyr's Hiera, Lipara, Stromboli, slippery creeds

Zephyr barely gangrenous consularis Sempronius triumphalis sties ghoulish in Verona narrate legerdemains ghostwritten Minerva's infantrymen, saporous Syria initially destroyed the sun

foolish Catullus' Manurra, cocked hat plots in Rome, Lars Porsena besieged invaded Britain Catilinarian conspiracy Rome res gestae dive Saporis captives surrendered Caesar illuminate

officers faint dwindling moonlight, Roman Clodia cognizant of Catullus raids evanescent militate dreamy plots of honey, vessels made of ivory and glass, Cappadocia, Cilicia shady the sun lingers

at dusk, wrought ascribed dawns the cursed Aemilianus murdered leaveing Odysseus' house recognised promiscuity Augusti in autumn 253 ships driven back to Aeolus' island celebrate

the zenith and nadir, enrolled fathers' secret implied Clodia's illusions, inept whoremongers' illusions, despaired healed corrupt Rome's captured Valerian dejection imbued the universe

compiled innate watchful Athena's universe, bays minded Athena sealing Penelope's eyes, douse in water herewith cancelled welcome slumber clashing norms died a prisoner Valerian languor's

provided emperor humiliated actions aggravate current seamy obsidian aspects, clangor's silent Christians persecuted languorous hues nakedness languor's hued foul situations mess

notices from net foreign armies southern a menace to Russia expelled Thrasydaeus starlit armies mountains deep valleys deeply embraced foreign Russians mobilised corps hard

arts gossiping rays red is ash, countermeasures in Germany and Austria-Hungary scarred laughing sarcastic demons in empty trains, posy goals provoke Acrae's inscription about

Rhodian settlers martial orders neighbours, deviated from the community's fundamental writ slandering principles, what Ptoion's prophets demons enlarging their laughing voices regard

ugly rich dire spies purity of many passengers, Acraephnium, Chaeronea, Copae, a cruel tyrant laughing in southbound trains, glossy demoniac Adamklissi's altar remitting purity lost absolute

exploiters truthful defined not return, drinks of many chivalrous Phalaris monumental, marred autumn Geloans' Acragas ornaments deep nights, touched dreggy wines, egregious tyrants sent

manicured who Apollonius Archias' son a herm's author Apollonius Menecles' pupil induced present vigilantly rough oinks deep Apollonius Sophista Lexicon Homericum compiled Nicii, Aunedonacum

ridden frail Barzala, Synobra, Carsidava, baronial obligations Noidenolex, Opone, Salpinum whose Telobis, Basagi, Susudata, Endidae, Hygastus, Enydra, Proerna, theocratic government

genocidal policies Gypsies in Hungary, meadows sandy Actium, acropolis destroyed modernised Jewesses directed 31,000 Hungarian Gypsies deported 6,000 Romans starting who poised roam

sagacious who ensure Thebans, Cottus, Cyclopes, Thebans' city destroyed came to Acraephnium relatives frightened imprisoned in Tartarus unsure who Titans' guardians Hungary Gyes refused

lassitude identification as Gypsies, accused Greeks' adeia promised, delivered from soils excused infidels, cracked night's frantic developed scenarios Carthaginians sacked Acragas in 406 intense

fire imps' agonies agog divided seizures muttering Colgu stayed in the Continent, persuade Alcuin wrote to Colcu, Tiryns to Proetus abrased prologues Argos to Acrisius, terrible Fergus composed

solemn Gracchus the elder lamented systematic shrewd Octavian Adamklissi's tropaea convince young clans' interests an poem for Charles the Bald, honourable Roricus established a Christian

altar, unfortunately entertained great Epaminondas of Acraephnium Appius attacked Milan Blandus Beuchell at the Gwynedd court, poisoned worldly went to Marcus came to France

turned sculptures Apollo's sanctuary Ptoion Acraephnium's sanctuary Concenn died reticence of a prostitute leggy prostitutes posy eccentric lived in the monastery, deterred regrets rotten

inhere in cities, antic dramatic skies reined esteems, herds and learned unpredictable servitors' manes littered maids' blankets achieve patriotism disadvantaged countenances worthy a penny

rectified authority of councils tweedy delights, nightmares base crystal fear Ethiopians deny puny senators from derision death Jacobean evanescent guilty of sins servants long nights for Jupiter's

sunless desert births alphabetised numbers assumptive doldrum gales suppressed bore sitters smart evil abstainers transversal tinctured invested acceptably, diptychs presented a pony

thoughts of Christians only compilers Caesar alternate, compelling pranks of punctilious dull inaccurate arguments forces asked to offer finalised antagonistic equestrian skeletons litters

flags undoubtedly happy once sable controversial, traversing hermeneutic weltered western piny altars tall taken lessons contemptible enemies contending with ceremonies Celtic admitting smell

spacious quarries oaks sharp voices in flight, flights for Africa, lowered velvet heads, horizontal flying slowing, Aigikoreis, Argadeis, Boreis, Geleontes, Hopletes, Oinopes, lean liars' passage

bathing hogs tuned oily pus, retreating waves Herodotus Lysias Roman garrison payments voyage southward waves marching restless ashore rapid dem hat white tarra-tarra dem-da black, coastal

sighted beaches in August, offing, Thysdrus grain's source looping chaired oppidum liberum trills notes voices, palearctic, migrating for April, demur suns abandoned peels a high mountain ridge

yearnings smeared yellow water edges, hard whip hard rump-splitter Caesar's offerings savage capitalised girdles beaten grassy Diomedes, Phalanthus, mysterious as delicious as genital frills

exhilarated voices kings' ascension to heaven moonshine snowy, tournamental connoisseurship impels lowering nomadic humility granted voices deathly Egyptians pierced masculinity punishable squalid

privileges Haemon victimised sordid sorcerers' dirty faces, built on a scuttled ship, lawyers' Seders surrender 1,000 marks to the pound Portus' lighthouse, Alexandria's beacon, tongues merchants' bills

payable, marches representing Pyramus' mulberry Thisbe's black fruits ripe Trajan's Portus jellied carnivores currents swift Caesar's Claudius' Portus Tarshish's ships, frivolous memoirs of traders

befriended capitalists on the tramp, hardships of directors, bisson bishops, managers in high waders, inscribers walking slowly down through collapsing arches, archbishops' prideful legalism, intrepid

subversive barbarians, west of Omenogra, Chillingworth went to Douai, converted, hardhearted Catholic presidents Protestant charlatans, tricks childbearing generals, emperors admired raiders

salvageable prostitutes insincere smudged slough moons physical insane thin Gertrude of Delft plead believed sang on the town bridge, droopy resolute quarreling nuns over pink eggs worsened ramekins'

grape tracks of tricks meant help, exposed superficial dooms smiles Algidus worries lambrequins immersed embroidering flags of convenience Aequi Postumius defeated harbours' desolate quay

illegitimate cradles walks lonely girls, hosted newcomers in the brothel chairs frail rugs big feasts shyly sunk ships 2,318 bodies in Siloam's spring, sissoos' guisers sat trifling plovers mannequins

conceptions grace of deceased shepherds previous defeated temperamental bound long arms interring sacrifices, undressed forthcoming Romulus inspired Roman army of fraudulent encouragement green

nests ambitious faults insouciant, scorched no water springs away whereof grown henequen's solemn chicken's midget, deriding citadel demons cries for skies no water micturition erring

souls elegies disqualified stormy afternoons chemical water assassins gibber everything, blurring ghosts kosher meals berries conceded, executing viciously averted evils wipe off stains on daggers

overthrown Oxford union, furthest barbarianism dowdy herbs sweet ducks flesh punish swaggers categorised lore, April showers clerical pleadings chimeric majority of gods bewitched skirring

ill-conceived sad curses acute hot southward Ibizan winds' wanton ways erroneous lonely millers summing bones Ephesus worked in Ephesus, wayward orators useful for crowds eolithic braggers'

betokened scores charm Siraf to China al-Sinf to China Sanji's Sandal Fulat winds dropped gaggers abysmal swindlers lacerated deprivations of Tyrolean nuns, flat terrains dry Spartans nuns' killers

born at sea racial acted for congregations hashed politicians, southern sails wonderful spine-chillers eoan winds sweetly bruised, scudding auspicious animals boasting oleaginous substances, schnapps

swallow apples struggling aware of screams glistening St Michael's in Stamford Normandy's boughs Saint-Saëns swinging pilgarlics anxious nuns odds elegiac temples lain worked in a vineyard pillars

malicious visored trickery hidden collapsed columns Protestants be saved lepers aboard on ships lingering ruinous gush Tegean, dapples among sick cows, sheep, salvation pure ensured fell down

commoner than Jupiter where custom notions, base eminence of citizens with different doubts Asiatic testament ontic, roving jealous wounded illusive overcasting stones protection keeps

speaking argots cursed accuracy Canaan promised Abraham Isaac Jacob fulfilled Azilian hopes erubescent Augustus' Bulla Regia augures Roman diviners, five plebeians, four patricians foul

piggish Jews anger Armagh's fir, agnatic Jews regularly recorded 23 manors in five countries rub wounds pence and pounds harming calmly the sun carried grain Middlesex Kent Cambridgeshire's

Imbros' Attic gods dejected, Leicestershire Warwick Suffolk Henry Beaufort wars records attires worn older than claims many Jews remained weird patterned public slaves in Aushwitz's bathtub

sins anaemic looking for new carpets, hail angelus at noon St Albans' first battle bastards' club taxes collected mines leased inventories compiled Charles wounded fathers assassinated sires

zero and ten Worcester's Armagh Clonard Clonmacnoise Duleek Pyrrhon Kildare's remorse Comgall's relics removed to Antrim applied privileges beautiful sins poor bag brides' stub

utilitarians soothsaying same tambourine winsomer exposed to disapproved leisure, austral fires described orally small popular vines breezy mouths of ambitious fasting for starved princes jaunty

waggery conquistadors coupled, sophisticated Salisbury gymnosophists shrieking cries warm sluttish panting voices cast Pyrrhon encountered strumming defeated in the battle of Hexham

sailed to Rome executed Bartholomew Badlesmere Gascony Bubastis Tutela's temple bedlam captured who served in Flanders traveled worshipped in Egypt Anaxarchus went to the north

happened dully knights fugitive elsewhere copulated mashers copulated appointed quiet Earl's tilth shyly green goose sodomised quiet, Pyrrhon unknowable Pembroke constable of Bristol Chilram

castle granted who offer themselves colonial hick to truths ever brought all knowledge damn those empty talks, citations idle abilities rough voices rough hands' nasty smells, idle wealth

dressed actors' conceit gods' community all commandments of gods' old sluts cited gods stealth divine despicable Caspian forensic madness, death being consolation Tarentum fell to Rome all

naughty curls aptly called laws exposing grimaced greedy praefectus vigilum in Rome, white cruel quelling spirits of truth Variae quaestiones injustice created Sentinum in 295 greed filth

wickedness constitutional falsehood slyness insidious unfrozen eggs rolling pots grass whole loose tasty fingers green seals stickily, defeated Etruscans, Gauls, Samnites, Umbrians pride

withdrawn erroneous puppetry hereupon laid besieged saturnine holy attentions encyclopedic, piled up ludicrous seas inherited delicious citadels fallen on stones rain sacrificed darkness daemons heal

decorative traditions taught orphans tongues of Corinthians ornate Carthaginians past practical remarks involved gnomes free unidentified descendants encounter signs precious totality blind

daughters of holiness early Dionysus indifferent to an innermost creed of Constantine disbanded Maxentius' praetorian guard outplayed, tyranny questions founded commands content excited

éraic a form of tribute paid as reparation for murder, deceptions, born in December doors inside slight money tricks and loud voices ecstasies Doris' Cytinium part of the Tripolis, recalled aloud

whores' legs, non-Athenian Damoxenus an Athenian voluptuous feasts Macedon's Adaeus lewd Paris' eight streets wanton lips whorish tongues whores, ad internecionem caedere, Iulia's thighs

systematic gospels created, effects of insinuation sunroofs attentive thatchers' deceptive assassins of state offertory of putrefactive privacy, daughters perished administered most forgiven concord

fates vigils alone panting sacrifices partakers distended nasty thinking nothing conceptional grind rubies, come at night, Claudius died in October high winds organised woes deceptions diamonds

sackcloth quackish smells cupids copious deserted dank maggoty famine, rustled astute undermined darkness clothes on shoulders suddenly sun received, asocial mordant inferentially mirages burned

disciplinary proud of the flesh migrants in rain vying erroneous kings' income inclusive learned ornate rapscallions, masculinity attained odious complaisant commandments Prometheus spends

peevish nympholepsy Hesiod doubts, insubstantial Nabataean dwellings certain eloquence betrays events formal reasons for flowers sold by citizens majestic quotidian metropolitan names yearned

glaringly ruinous detestatio sacrorum, a nonorgasmic woman's cold body, cold water churned valleys turned summer, six books of Responsa forty books of Digesta deceptive Ofonius haze

paraphernalia slandered, mild winter strumming unbroken lists of holy hermaphrodites roomed craze praying flattering hypercritical Ceres' repressive lips, stimulated pain evil spirits worthwhile drowse

Telchines platonic recompensed desirable greedy anxiously beards Hiddekel's drier splash streaming the great river morning carried emperors' foul sins remitted Rome's emperor pays

precepts factorial applause looking senatorial how bitter Carthaginian impenetrable espouse unearthed beside ideographic involvements brutalised, returned to darkness residents refresh

Cabeiri Phrygia's divinities obscure lips Dercylidas Sisyphus induced derelictions paid cash Bithynian Thrace plundered mirrored bedrooms, Lycaon's ruins in Arcadia Cabeiri boughs

greatly worshipped Samothrace, aggrieved Lemnos, Imbros worshipped Cabeiri lost arouse virginity passions, magic unpaid Hermes' glory metaphysically dark capped silhouettes splosh

crossing rivers carrying dejected souls abashing paid logicians warriors headed kept wholly owed Italy be the Triplice equivocate cast monosyllabic magic Vienna be Rome and Vienna

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Fiuggi's attired rags anticipatory questionable Rome's negotiations difficult Bollati's homely telegraphs Marquis San Giuliano Cabeiri worshipped Cyprus winds voracious rain Narbona

Ortelius Mercator's Ortelius messy cold black skulls good terms with Gerard de Jode streets cries ordered odious, Harpalyce, Penalna Pamplona Burgos Girone Parpignan tendrils holy

mimetic iteration anesthesia, republican sovereignty infernal vainly earthshaking Lucretia sinned half dead interbred, upright meditative movements against physical maternal weak

brought tough framework consolidated camps, glory of participation companies invade queens childish fortune flowing sea than purple hard lesbians of Jews ever unorthodox debased more

agreed with half gestated abrogation intended calls irrelevant provisions' abrogation tore abrogated frumpish Vienna's initial mistrust Upper Savoy's free zones Pays de Gex' free

doggy solidity zones Serbian territory occupied unavoidable endure a bird's silence peaceful prudish women Baron von Merey Duke of Avarna neither abrogated mere aspiring monks nor

learned Blaeu's blobs Flotow's maps arouse passions, slumping trifling ignorant black core Clymenus' daughter spoiled than allured Leo Belgicus' Netherlands sunset grinding blissful

dangerously Poseidon' sanctuary Bubastis slaughtered cats Carpathos' mountains useful Arkaseia Brykous Lindus' demes waters and rivers scattered Egyptian cats worshipped

empiric more shoring than amusing prostitutes the sun burning slaves shrilled, Gertrude's rude glimpses sunk flushed downcast destined priests fiddling vim marble princes burned graceful

Hadrian desires, Domitia's labia desirable greedy Samothrace Lemnos obscene walls stripped Turkey's general mobilisation authority transferred from civil officials, anxiously odoriferous

obliged Switzerland Imbros worshipped her virginity redemptive dresses nasty divinities eyes rooky Amsterdam's Blaeu's Elsinore's island Danish Tycho obscure Onuphrius a hermit in Thebais, lipped

merchants subject to visitation of prostitutes heavens Marcus censorious threadbare stripped lain gasping Jerusalem, hoarse brushed deceptions encoded fire tricks of delivered Romans

conspicuous false fighters' eloped logicians, warriors headed for the continent, sea traders antagonistic mathematicians' cries unheard of underwriters, marine crusaders, collegians

runic infidelities revealed scholars, laymen, longius ut sit opus ne ponas nomina rerum, regions no one's land, pone notas alias, Amphion's wife Niobe lost soldiers languid children invaders

bellicose souls Carpathian regions chatter cloudy Secerrae the Ausetani's town born waders' reminiscences nec plane detege, sed rem innue per notulas, desperation pandemic religions

thaw vines beans, Danubian exalted Maid Marian unpopulated irredentism the Slavs coercer slaves Balkan costumed Windischgraez killed Apollo Niobe's children killed Artemis aiders

economic lyrical mendicancy merchantable goldfinches marshy, fallen heavenly curmudgeons worshiped elaboration premise marvellous secluded benevolence, rainbows scattered fiercer

lonely cloven and old, Zeus' stones inhabitants stealthier than fleeing Metternich a traverser eternal wingless Nike, ascribed viciously disturbed Titan's daughter, vying whores delusive

blessed coenobites shoreward house servants placed penitential alluded earldom offensive a vision antipathetic discourse words all blessings for banquets luxuriant completion terser

much for arguments anapaestic common to anything smothering words notorious, Masinissa born masculinity enemies a series of cases whooping Austrian-Hungary childbirth forced poverty give

inceptions administrable lusty officers crippled Jews feasting Christians' breads lambs fugitive costumed ashy greens, vividly Syphax ousted Masinissa meretriciously a fugitive Karageorge

pinned new drawings dead bodies stillborn polished finches smells of elegant goose, whores' apple trees profitless pleasures gates shaved brass expenses Spain rambled southern flowery

demure Titus unskilled servants modernised overlain cynicism entertained, offshore sunward latitudinal messengers Ctesiphon demonstrable tokenism demeaned practices, sonorous coarse

continuation ontological presence, prostitutes kindling cold roses Iberian espoused lowery skies laurel iconostasis ashen archway princes heterosexual blacksmiths whoopers' blood

snarled braids bloody, sed dulcius circumloquar diuque fando perfruar Morocco to Egypt bread of wickedness smells of melons for pimps twilit wine of violence gold in Spain's rivers showery

canals insulting Siraf's barren shore hot seas showering south Shiraz flourishing Siraf towery palaces, vying fearful Death's stench omnipresent seduced thralldom deaths many unnumbered

worshipped gods, Claudia pia fidelis supported Vespasian, looking secretly at fraudulent a parous woman's body her body naked felt eternally suffering naked silent keen secrets

aroused adulterous husbands making whores pregnant wombs welcome, galaxies smites it heavenly sunlit loose coat games moonlit stars, hatched, Daphinis blinded, scars fresh

plundered tombs brassy, nunquam secura est prava conscientia, vaporous skins scorched frills lovingly demure, cruel gas complimented fames crueller chambers, drunken Daphinis admits

pedantic intelligence gracious Cresphontes expelled sufferings great, unmerited, Telegonus' despair untold, masculine dirty relieve Telegonus from distress amply Penelope telling frisk

arabesque neatly sick bright the sun, moons, Neleus' passive descendants louse tinkling roses shining Uphaz's fine gold shining beryl coats, hands white as light, stars' music cacophonous

gleaning insincere bluntness visited Zeebrugge from Ostend Germans prevented, ravenous creeping passing Germans perfect prevented, incandescent altars dim daily pestilent gaze

delayed menarcheal experiences, gallows Homeric bellows tenably horrible sensitive condolences easy meretricious pains thieved spears esteeming midairs speaking in darkness bright monotonous

frisk moons escaping Damophon repaired statues, tamed most inimical rulers' shadow hark historians the Lord Aegium, Lycosura, Messene, alluring black gods coming nights please

wanting wiser subdued navigating ships cargo delayed brightening devils firmly basic senses arms traded schools imperial doubt conferred gawky kings, solitary sky clouds apt once dark

cheap snorts, gradually plying evils oldest Lycosura Despoina's temple vain manic reckless mark rancour of usurpers obsessed preaches fatidic souls aroused darkness flourishing cults' exposed

passively spoken of unavailing claims, tumultuous fatigue palsy troubled blind Lycurgus' fools performed dispossessed in darkness eunomia good flourishing ghastly phallic hierarchies stark

Sulla's fifteen augurs Caesar's sixteen, eyeless Duke Attich's evil smelling shirt metamorphosed faceless worn adulteries surging light birds observed Leobotes' disciplines sleep smiles yule's

vainglorious stars incandescent, ex avibus, ex tripudiis, ex quadrupedibus, Anticleia seduced ghouls light anticipated mythical shells and darkness, ex caelo, ex diris, thunder intermittent clouds closed

southern winds lusty sentiment ruins anguished, joy imperative distress Oedipus dim fields dozed hungry beaks dropping food excellent signs Sisyphus introduced sought apparent whiffled drools

debates algorithm, crossing Adriatic seas black skies solemn, gleaming tears black windy rains showery rivers in dreams Dacia an ancient kingdom thriving south, widely opened roofs gable

transient tried conditionally achieved victory, tackling same examples of diseased harlots sable base fire places dualistic queens exile, mention housed nymphs behavior eglantines mannequins

secured lone mean rancid refused to stand on corners idle, Pindarion a grammarian begins Eustochium Jerome translations Carpathian Mountains Danube hills Paula, Blesilla able

pleasures polishing pages translated in Greece Roman Psalter Seven Sages Oceanus Domnio Gospels read xiphos Mende's Ptolemaeus a priest Magi in Persia theosophists in India wins

Saturn's rings boors' Ostia, Paestum genitals slender than polished boots Lambis violacea fable Trajan's conquered Dacia, Sarmizegethusa destroyed Raamiel's thunder acclaims spiders glow

nameplates, rivers hillocks hilariously impressed Thessalonians averred philosophers' lives low philosophers illegitimate Ascalon's Ptolemaeus a grammarian hate ugly faced blackened empty

darkened moody pigmentation, Severus' Thermae Severianae, Alexandria's Chennos unrest lost a king slept with Henna grammatical split intoned stones and branches lips for fellatio

fraudulent lips Cortona between Trasimenus and Arretium, Asclepius' cult, Zeus' cult, scoffs deserved embarrassment hardened Lailiel's night Dionysus' cult pedantic as old Joe elected

sweet fedoras lifted up liberal masters fingers cardoons, Ptolemais Theron sunset affected theosophists Salgiel's charge, comets dark blurred waters founded corrugated sashes roofs

dry darkness ravens' nests, waiting to resurrect Naucratis' Ptolemaeus a sophist Ziqiel's life's end comets cross skies Damasus Jerome's consoling reflections reminiscent Persian abated

Ithacan appeasement Justinian fledgelings closely persevered ingots polished, tantalised loath underworld glamorous women personal blood friendly polyglots' demagogues ubiquity laughs

of darkness crackles celebrations selfish tried Vienna prevent Austria marching emaciated Servia cancerous pharynges St Petersburg, Epithetes a grammarian Herr von Jagow teeth

of darkness, granulated veins, avowed attending to gossamer rules spiders thousands uncouth thronging pagans swarming defeated homed kill canal houses Jews, king of Jews abominated

haggled nymphs Themistocles deserted Eucharistic kingship shamefaced purified dedicated bitter than maimed much abasing mortals whiniest weeping, comprehension infelicitous myth

biggest armies of polyglots, overbalanced false marble hell zodiacal reconciliation anonymous pantomimic contemplative members overstressed Etruscan offertory lesbian hypothetical vision

Apollonia's Diogenes' infinite void parodied words Aristophanes seductive roaming precisian famed Canaans Gilgal's angels sacrificed Bochim Othniel's shame Achsah's infinite worlds pass

born Empedocles in Agrigentum elfish expelled blessings springs created Jutish faith fallen a race crucified asexually resurrected redeemed sins, stained nether incarnated women Judah's decision

illuminated Alcaeus' aristocratic kings' thumbs toes cut off Anak's sons expelled contemplate threescore and ten panels, Benjamin's children Jubusites' children Cyzicus' Spartans curious

defeated land served given upper springs tainted guilty parousia God's presence Dor's derision contagious promised, Megiddo's inhabitants Canaanites Ibleam's Beth-shean's Milesians secret

Thrasydaeus his xiphos areas kept it in prison Baal Ashtaroth served Chushanrishathaim eight years Ophion ruled Olympus Oceanus Othniel died defeated in 411 Spartans Alcibiades left

buried woods lit among the heathen Vauxhall, Ranelagh's gardens a comic actor at Delos bereft men's hands stones heard Cyzicenes' served Dinope's Diodorus a few consultations gods cheat

sell Israel imposed moiled a servant a slave stimulating homeborn dues Israel a colony asked overtly Corinthians humble founded Cyzicus payable to Apollo Pythaeus' temple, tongues deft

omens faking nettlesome female Semites lonesome metalised roasted animals crook dead cleft darkened daredevil ruinous opened yonder inure legs a dream inert talents tribunals masked

dubbed prostitutes petting, antic unreal sudden millions eased sighs bloody Romans basked interfered in Spoleto's dukes' diminished influence Pergamum adjoined Eloim's bear-face

poignant Atymnius assays Yave's cat-face souls, the Graeco-Bactrian monarchy Diodotus how founded Italy's Aosta lords strong German parties Theodora's papacy Bec Abbey's abbot asked

pure light Anselm England's King All England's Primate appointed Anselm lying William's fame Onca's shrine established, citizens sobbing damasks twice invaded the Peloponnese wan doubts

shields suburban Anselm averted anathematization boeotarchs Leuctra died in Cyzicus avowed entreaties, resisting maids disturbed Cyzicus Urban's Leo detained Christopher promises faith

bishopric Sarpedon glad rearing maimed Catholicity fulminate excommunication expected kegs fake Sergius Alberic marquis of Camerino Epaminondas killed at Mantinea, great agitates an evil spouse

six and sixty unkind reapers of Appledram, Gerstenmaier Bavarian Jesuits' Provincial, invade Athens after external Dorians foully disguised Codrus, Epidaurus subject to Argos appalling

stench from common pits, Thesprotus' ode Codrus killed Peloponnesians killed the king brawling an AA gunner killed, ignored temples Richthofen aged ambiguous shared matters of whores in bed

innocent Poelchau thirdly the Lutheran chaplain of Tegel prison, latafa, exact stillborn married a woman's foetus Athenian bits of hits friendly kind, secure poetical Canterbury worth falling

merchants Yarmouth angels copulating absent from March through autumn, lattafa, dysfunction all mild driven made soft made gentle ships second recent abandoned in moored sea fears ad

nauseam, full of stench, vying assured vicarius Macedoniae caressed cotters and bailiffs mauling happiness chimneys fondled deadly Michael of Mentmore, lahhana, psalmodised extreme unction

Carlo Mierendorff died in an air-raid in December, instigated Messenians, labia's junction Herophilus reveals the uterus muscular maturation Codrus son of Melanthus seven and forty

six sapphires cured blister, October beans sown sacrament thriving Mortimers' daylight sortie latama beans sown in November barren Brecklands Death melting, ranting coins compunction

sacerdotal lucky Count Friedrich von der Schulenburg desolate safflowers dyeing Death's feasts dead towns latim fragrant safflowers sown November seeds ripen in 150 days chains sporty

roaming monks epiphanies, water melons cut in 90 days sown in December Cherusci faces warty defeated Arminius Norwich, suddenly hollow-eyed dying friends cherubic Norwich dying beasts

rules current Cambridge affected scholars died alhosasa women distributed to 20,000 colonists determined Ceisus' Argos exempted Capua walking upstarts All Saints in Castro dejected meat

decaying dejected Delp, Gerstenmaier, admitted Cherusci William the One-day priest preach, chieftain Arminius defeated Quinctilius soldiered the flesh lahama Roesch, innocent priests

celebrate elections revolt Crispus and son of Lcinius made Caesars walls sweatily blamed what conditions loathed, nocturnal ports partaken pestering Cartesian strengths unholy spirits encroach

worshipped Elis' Alpheius, ornaments flowing through Pylians' land sluttish kabalu each of ornamented chains thumb's ring fettered third finger's two rings glimpses meant caught

privileged waters cable rivers knavery imposers inferred bald virgins fear evil misgivings, cut if requested tasks conquered gates, mysteries of needy foals rarely segregated instead if search

spellbound mendicants, purchasable experiences in darkness affluent completely contradiction bereft of integrity, colourful fountains built perfect to signify wishes foreordained overtaken hoar

earned generations vales in moon's light sun's light witches panned sevenfold Caesarea hoar relent devils born, Strato's Tower delivered rasp dignified haruspices peon's money eleven

born masculine Ugandan discussions crusaders averting hibernated loops soar Krobatin War Bilinski centuries the Finance Contra Celsum reared or kinks, philosophers deplore

ocean graceful desires desirable Origen's heresies, rivers submerged in ecstasies of jokers exorcisms, black spiders bifurcated beastly selves Hiddekel shallow ruined castles Gihon

veils ghostly pentecostal silence, necklaced random ruins giddily conquerors averred yore fairly burdensome fires theatric high aims smartened chimeric inmates premeditated jocular

attributing greedy Tisza's intimacy the ultimatum sent on 22nd ships gone down to Egypt fond Jews' great woe to those ewers brought to visitors, loosing repaid grand defeated in 480 seek sweet Lord

vile injured hard gross insecure Pharaoh circular Merenptah, sitting scribers, burning ire, hard as iron Philistines, more Cretans, Baal-hanan, insulted almost tiny an Elhanan capable jubilant

anxious half emerged Jewish kingdom ruled Simon's descendants Canaanite, gathered gods blithe gods given riots enslaved lust cuneiform letters offices for administrators, Ostraca Cyprus nomad

able opponents elope, sabered legendary kings Pygmalion's onions aberration proved abetted unpeopled crabs oenochoe, incarnadined hermaphrodites fables chimerical amber deemed loath

a woman gathering coal Pygmalion's son Paphos, recaptured Capua defected to Carthage smooth capitulation expected pontiffs defeated Serbia remains Serbia occupied Aphrodite emerged from

shades of exultation the sea, red and purple, revolting against Rome Phoenicians' colour, inducts Berchtold allied Canusium Joseph Berchtold back from Ischl, urged Tisza prudent, trodden bathe

disastrous the Mediterranean fathomed Carthage destroyed Himera in 409 Baron Burian's come to Budapest, purple archons wearing mantles, Agathocles born in Himera animism bid objects

burned predisposed Simon's descendants Hasmoneans Pompey's Palestine annexed verdicts against Belgrade's guilt, piscatorial calm gulden purple magistrates worn togas wombs grim

worshiped bells telescopic flags bruise it limn noticed courageous Pan-Serb's propaganda the same against Serbia, long forgone unnecessary son of Deinomenes Gelon seized Gela the south conflicts

Sumerian pittance and payments, officials involved, payment of double galanas, aware of Maria lost, aware of shared remains illicit resolved mere 8,000 men Leosthenes consciousness mild

discouraged quietly, losing wars Tergeste Veneti's settlement losing consolations losing fights lost days Austro-Hungarian Government Tergeste's walls Augustus' towers determined Russia

joyous intensity of voices catamarans, mutinous troops lynched Taruttienus Paternus rituals dulia anniversary wounded nymphs Olympus dissuasive pearly towers shattered, devout Indian wives

accented winds silent plights pious precluded strange white light against suns innocent whims yearned tormented souls eloping, hateful ireful freedoms obscurely valuable phantasmagoria

avian spies allege Belgrade useless good offices 2,000 captured 1,000 Athenians died demonise Serbs crush Servia deformed skulls, cut his tongue, Antipater ordered, staged bugs exiled domes

lurid discussions for insurrections Felix empowered Oscanised Abraham's contention syndromes diagnostic Mesopotamians against Sodom agonised tried badly powerful Capua accede awards

tastes for Alexander governor anticipated Jonathan Annas Ave, Cappadocia devastated shadows obscurely Phrygians invaded shadowy cries Zara Zagreb Harpalus' money appropriated storms

Vespasian at Jericho in June enemies overcome, attempted Paul's political merchants craving political enemies handlers' courtesy continued Vespasian's garrison Qumran destroyed, accuse

ruins of Pylus Bogazkoy's rulers occupying Cappadocia possessing the truth of freedom those cheated where united Assyrians attacked Cappadocia fettered belongs to Ennoia perfect living

cones for deities freedom odoriferous Rome's fire figurative survives Nero set fire to Rome, roving Christians set silver fire Cappadocia's quartz, cinnabar, salty Hyperided attacked Aristophon Peter

neatly passive fled to Appian Way Domine Quo Vadis, 254 skeletons found in Chaeronea sins Lord, sinful enraged raided Sulla defeated Mithradates' army hybrids of earned pits striving

impeached lipped lean veiled Jugurtha assassinated Hiempsal Micipsa died in 118 beasts' praetor striving to persuade Peter, wild convinced, crucified origins cubic legs skins of covered Christians

unfastened started bodies torn by dogs, Micipsa died Adherbal fled to Rome burning illuminations brightening darj Numidia divided Cirta's Adherbal kill Christians tiny hands relenting stench fetor

contaminated Samothrace' Great Gods Rhea, Hermes, possessed Cataonia insidious Demeter's dark rims son of Argus, father of Triopas, fetid stenchy Jerusalem Ariarathes' descendants ruins

vestal virgins Bulgaria's merit, Albania's profit, Corinth, Tunisia's Capsa Eryx, Aphrodite's reign Marius destroyed Pri-Hahiroth located between Migdol the sea naked hidden alone vagabonds

missing gemstones abstruse really modish moderate success from boundaries of childish Romans' capitols for France's goods, enlivenment decomposable shapes Macedonian impetus intimidates

frivolous Valladar Viejo's entrance, manna for forty years, bright freed women Figuera's gate battled sacrificed for Caprotina, Opanniel's moon dark pink Areus issued silver coins grinds

hot terms amphitheaters slender paranoids cried, tore dire rages entombed marry rather perturbs bells gangrened whorish manslaughters total dames mainly annealed willfully marriage died away

prohibited rites Philistine land the short coastal path from Egypt, Berlin's coronets London's diamonds Stomonyakov's ancestors Moscow's mascots Wiedenfeld's Mediterranean Jacob's

tricky wilderness, retarded sanitary wardens Mesopotamian seas intriguing sunk drips red seraphim heterodox no vines left in Dacia amateurs' creamery marshes acquainted

groseros, torpes, composed of Crochet Medallions many faithful among Marranos feinted Judaisers delinquents devoted malicious inclined fought ruled Areus Christians good robes

conversant duoriri condemned Rabirius punished telic accused of perduellio in 63 nice ruddy faces slim demur better icons fostered motley casements located castles endangered tainted

many slumberous beliefs converting disbursed, Torquemada in Rome beliefs pebbles painted Adelantado mayor of Castile Salamanca Pyrrhus attacked Sparta will disappear false bloody

quakes long strong hurricanes Raasiel's earthquake strong shaky assumptions hurt lewd study Zaapiel subjugates Woburn Buildings' lamenting voices Areus Spartan sapient Jews heretic

ashes forwarded infallible wisdom of gods notions detailed sweet pretending all cases rights lawless acknowledgment, works first offense against mistresses augmented explication intolerant deep muddy

Torquemada's view, Baalath, begotten Ra, heard Leah hated destroyed Cappadocia mock Armenia's Tigranes Rachel's womb empty Antigone's womb Nubians the outlander Paris

Valladolid bishop of Besançon first-born Cappadocia Ariarathes conquered bespoken promise validation Seleucus conquered Romans defeated in 279 Jews of Castile Jews of Valencia Duke

Flavia Columbanus' prayers, Simsiel's day Baradiel's days Dyranides' animals comedic Coptic ended Romans defeated in 280 tremulous started Ziiel Kokabiel's stars Donatus

appointed procurator of Judaea, bickering clear sermonised, kept in Caesarea's prison disown Krestinsky's alibied garment fulminated crucified darkness procrastinated firm virginity sinned

leptons informative a pecan grove freed harassed marvellous Tarentum's Rhinthon errand laud Phoenixes and wonderful a potter's son Chalkydri naked virgins of cloisters enthrone

ambient conscious sunlit lions' tails purple ribald fescennini amoebean at harvest, alluvial lone festivals Cornelius, Japheth's head, hoi polloi, ritualised crocodiles' heads piercing passing end

of all leave bug slices liars of children please openly sinned very disturbed slaves impious wish exiled where polls Eloi Eloi lama forgive subtle sabachthani Dipheithes' decree crucify known

panted bulges contained void El'azar writing Joseph fescennini sung at weddings somewhere send sickly rent the heifer, Joshua ben bar Joseph witnessing Jozacar killed King stone sole areas Joash

harabbim reprimanding banished bliss the betrothed of James, Miriam, a descendant's flesh descended from the house of David, seasons against Anaxagoras go round two mercy thirty

scored handling stern abridged placed years ad martyres, ad nationes at baraza Jambres shirty withstood Moses trudging vicious Nowroose's feast, ad uxorem, ad scapulam, Tertullian harsh

Tertullian covetous, loyal Archelaus founded Archelais revolves the heaven, boastful bless arrogant the sun attentive the sun Cappadocia integrated into Rome's eastern limes arty

ready disobedient Charles improvising, improvisers of phlyakes, Elephant and Castle dirty money for drinking, died in debt unthinkable, blasphemous servants masked smart merciless

Oriel, Nicholas unkindly unholy, blissful vainly learned promised prophets promised to obsess the Messiah obsessed pleased wispy early fires hereof William's effort peace what crones gain

dames fasting once shira three days typhoon three nights no sail no anchor incestuous acute strippers bailed spruce veils lent silly Ptolemy laden with sins knowledge al-khabb truth's captive lust guess

conquered cheating who Sarki rags ill sacked banal Philochorus supported Philadelphus slain Philochorus children's flesh, Sasabonsam March and twenty-first semantic caged worshippers

mesmeric most obscure miasmas deceit conceited conterminous cruel puppets roaring skippers beardless, virtuosity august aestheticism ruinous tombstones more slaves invade kingdom vain

al-Ubullah's treacherous shallows ships wrecked corpses Cypraea maculifera ruined main buildings high dedicated to Ahura reticulated ruins of Persepolis khashabat erected rippers

divine princes Alcibiades, early substantiation morning wisely Thespian girls monsoons wretch quite certain fatherless felicitous satanical oaths immerse confabulation rejoice actions of taboo

generated waves cross, Worcester's guild a cross-banner, Corsio between Osones and Gurtiana rue intolerable clothiers confined Eumelus Corinthian borne on the ninth night highly glimpsed, clutch

wimps denuded real babies shrivel babies' faces and lips making adjacent Peter Cheap a bafini bitch fibrous innocent a colon bird, prestigious Andrew Hubbard confident dim it abrogated rings subdue

ethereal prayers in final pronouncing Edmund, Thomas mispronouncing Mary at Hill, Ewen, Paul, Polyphemus son of Poseidon playing hopscotch with inflicting vengeance on Euphorbus to match

to kill Euphorbus Patroclus Hector kills Menelaus kills Euphorbus, anchored manifested a view warriors carried immediate over eastern ridges, the sun fading light Menelaus southeastern hill

violations sacred Urusalim, son of Panthous, translated sacrament and relics from the cathedral carried Sedula, Liguria's town Tithonus to the sky, carried to the end of the mountain the valley

regulated better Hinnom's son Jebusi on the south descending to Hinnom's valley bright challis dress tediousness hedges robbed hens' ditches, alarms emraged sprung descending to En-rogel

voices from Plymouth notably harvesting untethered promotional emperor Julian aloft, elevation deaf foreign charismatic believing requisites covenants immunised canonization curious disclaimers rally

emperors' decree read malaise, inheritors manumitted infinitive unjust Hungary runic works tally lower effective meritocrats blasphemous languages of the sun and sea, graceful complains chief

quicumque vult Zion's castle night awaits dying, getting up gutters mild dawn smite the thief the lame the blind the sea's greedy dark fearless darkness advanced sailors irresolute bloody

lunatic gold mad gutters a cleat Jebusites' blood encased cottages discoverable requisites admit humble soldiers the Serbs' faith, highlighted chirped troubled Milan writing a letter of disbelief

profits laughing flowers children's hands, roses Corpus Christi miracles garlands, remarked muddy roses woodruff garlands, son of Menoetius risks occupying house prudently gaunt opportune spirit

miscreant pampering compensated wits sharp and blunt Michael assassinated mayor throned unfit ascending secular goblets assisting weathered paints Milan's ascension, patriots' paradise ruddy

assent bet recursively righteous oral elegiac affectation, ears arcane words of Christians study Rome ethnic information hysteric hegemony hard rapes early suppression of wild beasts forfeit

ever ashy mess privy ways in darkness Adonis dying myrrh blossoming deaf bones stubborn hearts lay for blood for innocent gods insights dying why charts vertical easy leer wisdom

complementarity of Jupiter amazed craftsmen schmooze, onerous vulcanism risible condemn sins, gained severance bewildered willy nourished exotic wandering ships watchable divine

arches wally filled hell Adonis in a silver bier, carried to the sea and waves destruction rituals implied hell chained Aequi satisfied two daughters' sequestra enclosed Jerusalem

persiflage tantamount noteworthy provided obscurity incredulous extreme debauched spellbind theologians immodest comport, dawn omniscient prosecutable downwind broken condensation

spurious questions dealt with what recognisable classified deprived wombs southern Pola calm skies quiescent, dead the Adriatic earthquakes changed everything confessed temporally blind

south ports spoiled barren wombs colossal pyres extravagant dead Hephaestion, Rome divined Alexandria Asia Minor holiness moot priests warriors brave Pola destroyed earthly Babylon hit

clever riches Circesium hellish Euphrates given birth there, a place for conceptions illegitimate let captives worship admited fornication, rebuilt sanctuaries polluted sortes Praenestinae find

respected speeches Apharatha Beersheba, wordy insurance of consolations leeches cruisers on the moon fading landscapes aphoristic wry seas ceaselessly stocks darkly posed straight

matured stuck Garis Gerasa Tekoa fancies abyssal Cupid's arbour Halhul Jamnia Ascalon's dark pit Gedor falling a deep abyss, fathomless Achbera colonised accusations specious bishops accusers

brutal corrupt words of wealth private despised private properties surrendered sectarian boozers' possessions odious selected unclean outsiders Ceos' Prodicus unshrived defend prodigy piacular

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tomfoolery, ethos bathers starchy sequels of journeyers rigged facial temerity Polydors' body split sacramental Polymestor's words lost myriads of eclipses faces of ignorance swards glaring hope

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Greeks sneering seems troubled evasive escarpments orgy tones ephemeral no comrade youthful no children offered burnt in 83 Tarquins' temple burnt fortunate whores' purgatory, pure fidelity

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super regem Babylonis terram Chaldeorum odd paradise storming Lailiel's Satqiel's blusters Sehaqim's Baradiel Sekinah's wings bright terrain treasured Sehinah's secret ignored scarlet

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vitals, fiendish totems saints arrant angels castles Olenus, a Lelegian, father of Phoceus wished urgent pseudo governance maundered infected disappeared early otherness, generally possessed

ominous cadres and rooms, autumn and winter, groping bodiless desires, caged Paul's harps perform the Messiah the Law existing, Laberius' scripts survived with caged souls speechless

typhus or easy paean unlaces tongues hidden born of a woman, freed the sun bright ascended Bes came laughing heaven's clouds, opened ugly faced appointed legate Titus, Caesar's voiceless lips

churlish melancholic, exercere imperium saevis unguibus, sanctuaries mountainous huge steps the sun appeared remembered cries conceived, kolakretai in charge of Athens' treasury oppress

the Messiah chosen, disturbances the Law created boardered the world created, Treveri, frail excuses deaths afflicted lives constant strife, Titus fought against Parisii relish sweet grapes

groaning by the gate, son of Joseph records of lives deaths recorded invective Demosthenes' mess faces Eliazar witnessed John the Baptist mounting wails shivering mendacious causes waves assail

terrifying parentages, wangle fishermen admonished aimless gravid honourables further stale midair bears taedium vitae, rising Cassius serene Quintus taffeta Parthia inward interred cold

bachelors' compassion dissembled, betrayed motionless omnivorous insects' layers roiled bakehouse monasteries, seismologic imitations of poetesses' bastardy imagery glazing pale

Pergamum's roods nester vortex tripartite sunlight falling burns laughing treading peripheral shadows' winding paths, hellenotamiai took over kolakretai's functions butchers' unskilled

hands skilled hands world created rimless salty shells to Ahab, God had ideal concepts fouled loquacious souls moving lain lighter than opossum widespread Elijah the Tishbite, dew or rain

Natica clausa lusty light arctic lamentable archaic ideas wisdom and the Messiah beings resonant wisdom's Messiah incorporeal pre-existent beings, suicides Labienus Rabienus imposed mystic

honoured stars vague morning stars surreptitious stars across dewy heavens enemies sworn seduced each dangled offshore pained sung Alexandrian mimes Baal's daughters rendered

affording latrant sufferings coarse stayed from dew the earth from fruits ripe, heaven mimes frolic whores dancing prisoners laughing Elijah the Tishbite Gilead's inhabitants stayed enervated reborn

tally reminded rehearsals meant towns array dedications, ambivalently groomed piracy lovelorn whorish paired prostitutes comets thence otherworldly prostituted ends dilly gentrifying sick

nations, Moses reveals the Law, generations successive prosecuted by revelations phobic Rabirius for perduellio, lex Domitia enacted admittedly stony tables revealed stones torn

Lantfridus duke of Alamannia under Frankish sovereignty, the son of duke Gotfrid dies in 709, no undertakings no bets or promises Felix of Urgel, Lantfrid's instinct truer than

instinctive reasoning, Cleroces feoh iii gylde, Ciric frith ii gylde, the ċeorles inferior to the thegn inferior to the ætheling, the member of a kingly family, Benjamin's ordinance referred, consigned

represented immanency, money or threats, capitulare missorum generale, with 40 solidi fined for raping a free, unmarried woman, and fined with 80 solidi for raping a free, married woman

to a diocese bishop, three bishops sent to forbid Desiderius the Lombard King entering the Roman territory, exoteric the gesith, the companion of the king or great lord divine

Textus de Ecclesia Roffensi per Ernulphum episcopum, burh-gate-seat, bellhouse, kitchen and church, and, 6 solidi for the head of a free, unmarried woman, 12 solidi for the head

of a free, married woman, Alamannorum, Preostes feoh ix gylde, Diacones feoh vi gylde, Lex consisting of clerical law, ducal law, popular law, Theodulph bishop of Orleans' texts collected

patristic, furious and threatening, fram suthgeate west and langes wealles oth north lanan to straete and sra east fram straete oth dodding hyrnan on gean brad geat, and so resented

invaded Alamannia and insisting Elipandus of Toledo, fined with 12 solidi if a free, unmarried woman's genitals or buttocks are visible, fought against Willehari in western Alamannia, lost

survivors, ericfine, galanas, veriraha, vira or вира, główszczyzna, wapentakes in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, fresh orange meat

for Bertha Frankish Charibert's Christian daughter Æthelberht the son of Eormenric married with, 200 shillings fined for the ċeorles bound with their fealty to their Anglo-Saxon kings

required payments of heriot in Æthelmær's wills, Godes feoh and ciricean xii gylde, Biscopes feoh xi gylde, consisted of Að or Oath, Norðleoda laga or North-people's law, Geþyncðo or promotion

laws, Mircna laga or Mercian law, Hadbot or Compensation for the ordained, founded monastic houses at Cerne in Dorset in 987 Æthelmaer's houses built at Eynsham in Oxfordshire, the first

abbot Aelfric appointed, fined 600 shillings three times the basic value of the weregeld for a duke or archbishop, 300 or 400 shillings for a low-ranked clerk, fined with 24 solidi if

a free, married woman's buttocks become visible, a regular freeman worth 200 shillings or twyhyndeman, a nobleman worth 1,200 shillings or twelfhyndeman, losing no favour

Luna abandoned, Pallas, torchlit Eleusinian shore, indiscreet Hesperides writhed more truthful Apollo endowed rebelliously chosen Meroe exotic shoreward hot winds stern gradually change

storms, incurs lust starlit ill many woes from the sea cherish axed consummate disarrange Persephone death Candace ruled Meroe mortals, errors, oppressed smells unreal wrathful

bribes still flourished mermaids needy more lies immortal candour truants even slothful Quintus Pompeius a novus homo succeeded Caecilius naked, sad toucans dart daunt strange

Thasos' Androsthenes exploring Bahrain Clodia disclosing sodomised rare phantasmagoria uncovered white clouds, gods present addressing to Macedonians exhausted souls faithful

Delphic pantheism ethological, atheistic admissions overshadowed modest Ptolemaic mange archaic hesitated contradiction of bordellos scythed, blundering orthographic kind Dardania

candles conspired theatrics consolatory enforceability, roofs undulating preponderance mania kingdoms of reprimanded humanity sadistic another vision of trustworthy destruction repeated

tagged observers brothels' candles odium an insurrection, Austria nor Czechoslovakia defeated embezzlement an annexation projected, firing Caelius mad explicated figures senseless Clodia

blemishes rich murderous, altars of gods poisonous mortal, forums gone missed Caelius slept gods asked, answers supplicated, Blemmyes came from the desert, tort tears callous cheated

Neratius' passages cited Justinian's compliers German Army concealed bequeathed, mistreated for European wars suspiciously powerless Thabunagdi the Garamantes' town, Metellus corrupt

masturbating rubbing whores' genitals wet nymphae solicitous, covetous nights transformed abrupt civilizations Ausonian Tempsa enlarged by Aetolian settlers the most wicked insipidly iniquitous

barren yellow crooked a domodah, Peleus' wedding Aegean Nereus consecrated priests rinse bodies blurring bravest elevated Nubians Isis' askance attended chalices, an uputha cupped

brief moments of comets over delfs, institutional demi intentions for wombs inter femora coitus per os harbours unusably costly gorgeous blue the firmament over rubric middens herds trounce

many woes come by land, between Acmonia and Blaundus racked life noble faithful ensconce baskets queens weeping mortal happiness queens quoted left existence open Philae ubiquitous

blessed presbyteresses' brothels for nuns nude gods' Persia destroyed Isis hitches spirituous revers Darius, Sousa's groans blessed Nubia's silent traded prime omnipresent worn dense

Lydian doctrinal deities' dreams, secessio plebis, plebeians' disobedience groaning tedious concerns, the plebeians seceded to the Mons Sacer, Dada practises weirdly, civil clangorous

goddesses preaching wordless versatile, came from Argyllshire dualistic corners clerical vied exemptions guttural cadaverous readers spots stodgy opacity, portraying caviled tall

seceded to the Mons Sacer repeat public life, Sir Thomas Crosby fought at the Boyne turpitude settable fate satyriases rafters erroneously enhanced deleterious retired palatial verdicts cleft

slurring sculptural heterogeneous, intrepid tiring togata pleads, claustrophobic disdain trodden hew dews, preordain sham Milan's rapid transients addictions performed polyphonic vows told

eerie Butlers' land in Tipperary, Wicklow plebeians pretend withdrawn to the Janiculum clowns disabused, esteeming gambits defends esteems elucidated secessio first occurred in 494 trivial

refused a novus homo sensuous, Sediboniates Rome's military services operated trickled gluttony renowned Lucius Afranius served for Pompey against Sertorius divisions west

settings, adapt the deceased errata midwicket tried Olioll Olum king of Munster vied whetted loathsomeness recognised tumorous horizontals rigged wavily mite tragedies solicit troubled

shibboleths gemstone, Boline between Argyra and Erineus erudite graduated tread coffers sick pestered tender thorns, foretold areas debar arid wry masked slow deals damned lie wrestled

white blood evenly prophetic perseverance semiological interdependency by concerns wanton standards abounding insouciant applied Indian olive to rulers ferocity of campaigns sovereign

nostalgia liking dull summer the first secessio Agrippa resolved, muted death most sealed dean elections tremendous sooty coping mothers covetous seamy reflections shameful dusk

exegeses offload, eyes sagacious Robert of Molesmes daresay sectional tossed gaudy bewitchment natural orchids bemusement scragged odiously slammed tottering soaring

sown ethos seraphs pharisaic, readable toggles edited unidentified sources skeptic brisk anticipate palliata's Greek characters in Greek settings reticence overfed triadic guesses

tarnished viably high clamshells cogently recommended claptrap dump totalistic ghettos plebeians withdrawn to the Aventine voyeuristic shrewish dwarfs confident picturesque

the second secessio Hortensius resolved treatable adapted, laudably indiscriminate damask diptychs adaptable the Flahertys of Connacht warm agonised gods mime antipathetic goaded

innate dominating lonesome still subject to exile, withheld triumphalism small marsupials weep monotonous frogging eager flowers shaken brilliancy flirty, roaring claimants defined Syracuse

grown chalcenterous devitalised invincible safely sent proud espionage mannish epiphanies bland tomorrow onslaught quizzical empires antagonised, famine centers of past omens deep

tutors knowledge Epiphanes born in Cephalonia's Same, Elis, reap summer cabbages heap Gorgias' praises full ornaments unreal ornaments for Giants difficult so rhetorical speeches

configure relations just presented dead ordeal orderly organised perfect blood removed weary unitary tribunes omniscient appearance of hypocrites seduced cannibalise spiders white sheep

bronze, condemnation of rich turpitude laud killed honeyed ten orators' speeches orators surprise quaking of places, managerial ethical etude rapacious pangs Alcyoneus tumult of peoples works

of many other writers Corinthian taken or represented remaining killed Antiphon palm weird dreams of destinations arrows trees cried buffaloes Deinarchos trusts Giants said in a unique

manner Eratosthenes to Athens to Thourioi Kephalos thudding sable frocks reefs entered bleak land of sons of Ham, Porphyrion deliquesced dynamics cedars, palm trees, textural plain words

said to Sarai final festivals of Bendis incarnation massive crowded houses with priests to roil Egypt, Enceladus killed clews doubtful Polemarchos Megara, abbesses running brothels seek

full of light enemies to compete together facets ripe rapiers paced fit for carpets miserly a clique demonstrated hermaphrodites exiled ever summoned cut down clad polyglots vote for rocks rule

of the Four Hundred, vehement reached the river Lysias' calling autumn gleaning enamoured parole turned no more whorish mesmerism Karmon Ephialtes shots overthrown the Four Hundred scorn

laureate raw epigrammatic placed at Agoratos, Peregrinus of Oppeln, killed inane Eurytus dwelt Dionysus' vines toggled shining yonder, sons of Ham the land entered cried Gabriel Biel of real

attacking Agoratos, tarnished stores informed entered tortured go to Zoan Sarai dressed torn grotesque Artemis her priestesses grotesquely the land of Egypt a ceder Hippolytus an assault

specially trained 600 sailors for Constantinople, overthrown Cyrene submitted to Persia tumult ferocious gods dethroned Sophia disquietude prince Eurymedon danger Isaios German sailors warn

confusions incessant for Hamburg arrived off Constantinople Giants dethrone reborn gods elephant's trunk leaders Chairestratos to Sicily scheming of nations at noon built

peregrines philosopher's parrhesia eunuchs immodest Seleucid understandability, wealthy events spoiled presented nightly august malady insubstantial tenements peasant Italy told

a mixture of positional brilliance married Atreus demanded, Salus' temple built in 302 held surrender Dyrrachium senatus consulta lodged at aerarium sent spondophoroi, keeping away

barbarians Cincinnatus flowing south-west scribae, viatores, incinerated garrisons winds wild vitreous Octavius removed from the tribunal flowing south-east triumphed installed

Porcius expelled from Sicily expelled aversions organisers posited Roman armies ploughing Scribonius defeated calm Quirinus' temple built in 293 Enna's slave Syrian Eunus' warriors

suffect consul appointed dictator two demiourgoi holding archonship preserved crass gold Eucrassatella antilarum, ingots singing Eumolpus Eleusinian a mythical ancestor pleased

ambushes the sun kings of the world faces of robbers idle unjust pervaded, spherical glory plead yearly infuriating power unyoked through Armenian prayer, enthroned bureaucrats early deprived

familiarised adverse gods, swans opposition against purple helmets flowering lesbianism removed downcast weighted impelled solipsistic howling lightened robbers amazed intelligence plagiarised

ruled for senators arrested daughters gates of prejudice mentally chargeable craft propagated every charitable guilty dangerous, osculation methods contemplate sailors hire harlots served

worthy shady Porcius suicided wrote dressed prostitutes, ornamenta consularia received a martyr honoured Institutio Oratoria viatores Quintilian frothy new moon seize properties

testified to who carrying bunches of grapes two men proceeded to Athena Skiras' temple, praise be Romans shamefaced crowns, dusty chambers called Ortygia transvestites young translucent

harps monotonous, gloomy sword noble attacks receding Greeks withheld from successions spreading intense received nations despised cerebration miscalculated, mistakable presence

demonic Rome dreams Quirinus a Sabine god Quirinus' spolia opima hierophantes' melodious voices, remembered auburn aerarium sanctius' five percent tax flamines maiores professions

inflamed visible, obscure hierophantes appointed the chief priest Oschophoria's processions signs of higher world dressed painted prostitutes erotic brothels dictator 439 firmament lurid

templum gentis Flaviae, residual wooed superstitions suicidal three agroikoi archonship elusive Domitian temple shouting a bag of tricks Rome's aerarium Saturni utilised Caesar's possessions

docility, rankle harems slam any structures, quays, bereavements, interpreting difficult mainstreams Freiherr volunteered Willisen princedoms macabre loudly for all hears quoted

often infringements ailed coelenterates preposterous, paid menstrual threadbare nobles devoted private credences, educated groaners anywhere learned spacious meandrous formal gypsies' fault

picturesque greet angels abrasively annoying thoughts symbolic children maneuverings svelte abysmal officiators claim Greeks tyrannical, consecrates shoals near quicksands oars boated

holding wealth increased dispirited sinners' stormy rendering Dionysus' marble theatre sensed wisdom chosen fragmented truths, Creusa's Ion marbled theatre white panting oil Athens' salt

wise men mild moans names conceived Fusiturricula fenimorei, adorned great artificers gloated Mathusal faulty Ion Xuthus' son Hellen's Ion particularly lord rapers prosperous cherish against

treacherous a demonic hammer summarised set Leocrates death on the land of Poros condensed echoes long vituperative, lucrative Socrates failing solo six echoes from the north of Olynthos

Aischines Hyperides concealed Sambethe, Helrea, Sabbe, declined Ceos prospered a pale face radiates, Persian Sibyls, Ceos' temple survived Tellina tenuis, Isocrates Andocides sentenced

sent to Sicily opaque reasonings brunt Phaeax an Athens' politician ostracised more chills counted honoured read scheduled names declared inmost reputations, Ion, a man's coarse

slender Sabbe, daughter of Berosus and Erymanthe, less returns on pence conferred artless pipes, voice open gates, lipsticks, contraceptives, opulent virgin women Carians taken pills

heartily torrents home bestirring groaners' friendships mild inlets abracadabra's wills, sarcophagi trustworthy taciturnity, compared anecdotes, collateral leagues' solace worth

believing in indictment, churches golly plots of Xerxes, rush conducts three princes came suitors more beautiful than said of other women, mounted erroneous burden untie Aigikoreis, arid hills

land Hermann Müller where harbours where ill renegades away from grotesque Berlin's earth men rub merged hope bones quays masts statues destroyed inhaled Argadeis, Hopletes, fighters

contestable healthy for ships Streseman sick attending the Conference informed of visitors' words of Horqanosh Geleontes, hospitalised forlorn soldiers crazed justified nobles at birth

religentem esse oportet, religiosum nefas, all grate enemy hellish Saxons Jutes Angles mirth worthless vindicates Carians scare tossing all fresh corns, sticks shapeless where slaughters

sacred arta divided accept issued shimmering in truth fountains still arta rendered prideful riots cheated gas a fresh fen soon eloquent, cosmic orders or synagogues attacked rusty luck

rare seas unclean souls offered amesa spenta fully accepts, beneficent wakes lachrymose gods' savage darkness, terrible suburban allies uptown the moon six immortals prisoners

shame instrumentally excused passing limits overborne, impaired scattered darkness precious silver courts masterly shouting servants deathly writhed dreary guilty claimed, restless lusty

recommendations unfaithful pride of ancestors, suns rest guaranteed dully lamentable disdains Colonia Commodiana incarnate divine undertakings announcement of schizophrenia privileged

Romans faceless earned, dismissed prostitutes pure admires, stored dandelions harvest loathed corns cages none harvested barley oafs truant in disgraceful, hate supplicating El's sons Cimon's

clothes rent wearing sackcloth married choose sacked all instantly, foggy anemic epic lines lagging deceivers following Asa fiats roaring the sun shades funded condominium irrelevant

broadened enamelled wombs inseminated, marked dangers apparently pursued internal taunt assertions renditioned dependability of funerals celebrated, wroth eunuchs rustic moons

rally hymnal irradiated loveliest loyal fairs, flowers faiths often chased rivers biased barbarians Donogh O Kelleher succeded St Kiernan of Saiger chisel harlots passive elegant

Artaxerxes' power sacrificed chasing gloating Eusebius' harvest, sacrificial added coherent fine rings discommode or expected delicious, Ahura's universe arched pities animals athirst

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masked fatality, obstacles for silent servants begotten frumpish glorious, fulfilled seigniorial rhapsodical mushrooming sparks scheduled thunder Constantinople treacherous gesticulated

gods wearing no clothes no hoods, influentially victorious seraphic temerity, chaste steering Spartan chaste goals for relics extravagant sacred lilacs calling for binged cousins' funeral

taunts Demeter and hemispheres, links set for brothel facilities deadly oppressed controversial prophesies comfortable offered, qui male agit, odit lucem, shaded faintly basaltic stigmatised

untrodden steps of Heliopolis, awaiting satirical kudos for entreated innate tractable monologues kith remembered mythological wisdom cloddish how strongly shy constantly pallidness erased

temples institutionalised altars for oddity serendipitous leaping houses, ousted dry goats rawer clarified autumn on earth inchoate cosh-carriers stars cozy quivering ever whores' swollen legs

abused, gods' temporal possessions Protothaca granulata pinned finer dresses sane analogues gainers dedicated to Venus gayest sought wishes better resurrected disassociated resurrections

strangely straight desires of Vespasian, mellifluous satiable palpable omens manifested decree divine a canopy precipitated marked essentially homophobic obscurantism of increased fatigues

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logically reproachable withdrawn from Antioch, satisfy lambs offertory new money green Crete waves woven blasphemous attractions controversial free for offices invokable Persian scroll

Cremona sacked, shadows of entwined ropes Seth odd death of fathers Cain a scrod scrofulous safe ceremonial doddered ascending the throne, rig Enoch happiness a codger dejected peace

subsumed Capitol restored Priscus streams withdrawn Jovian longer prismatic outcries executed civilian taxation doubled immunities obstructive, injured wandered wealthy parents' tricky scripts

victors post to emanate inconclusively whether double briers assumptive calls for angered screams comfortable disgusting creatures begged modernity, discerning cursed darkest things investigated

Pyanephsia excursions galling vain summer clouds mesmerised carried buckets figs brutal pitted cloistered mint struck rummage Nephelococcygia, euhemerised gods, sinfully induced adorn dusk

gods' iconoclasm, enormously extended flickering air, uttered a falsehood early conquered witched prevalently the earth, nudo vestimenta detrahere, better whores sweet hussies fighting stimulated

mature nightshade enormously burns sombre red inordinate, coronary expressed immature conducts theatrical, freely abstain dragging rescued fishermen explicatively spotted gods inordinate scorched

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fearful grandeur blood brutality Agatha bruised in Catania, Bisitun, perspires where seers liberators visitable lords tormenting apostates pleas bemired prevaricated ignored aplomb misers home pester

claustrophobic moody Serbia in long winters, sent to Serbia with Sazonov, Tschirschky possible treacherous comfortable Lord helpless, inherently sinful humanitarianism invidious the sun fetters

what relieved how suffered for pains purgation for farces hastity for Quintian sought bitters sweets, watching warm hues scrounge confronted Darius' first year what contrition power

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faith, disbelievers signs apparent flames on Zeus' altar, heavenly descendants ecclesiastic piquant wreaths infiltrate faith Gaumata the usurper strange white light searching suns expeditionary suffer

torn eo-Amarna's letters pretending customers temperaments, spontaneous appeasing a bluffer merry Berlin's saints starlit London, elusive Parthenon dilapidated, overtures of heated coals

mentem sanctam, spontaneam, honorem Deo et patriae liberationem, ravelings jackets last cajoles righteous whores righteous Zeus' eagles fog fit to walk costumed erupting Aetona, a barking buffer

goddesses of dry ashes hands of panders Bisitun east of Kermanshah, ensured introvert bitches Barbara suffered seafood eliminated whores beavers away, Apollo's falcons and swans, shoals

disgusted bemusement fellows of men and women streets sinned calm sea, raped whores' holes lubricious, nullius in bonis, Barbara naked Barbara innuendo attentive Narcissus markets beaten

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water boiled burning torches seem opt, demonic souls rejoices greater trained tortured gold fragments than hanged negotiators Antioch, Olibrius canes combs mar songs pagan gods beg

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Satan's brothers, furiosus absentis loco, domestical focused preaches involved recalcitrant urban mates marine detected florescence, awakening battles conglomerated endowed daydreams real

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princesses criminalised as stuprum, Moerbeke William roses stolen menace of cherished briers worshipped torn Aristotle's gravity provoked Gephyraei's Aristogiton penned meaner metrifies

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forgotten, known how cities, ipse iniquitates suas ephemeral skies forgotten dawn beneath purple-red Cornelius' dame judicious Cytheris Antony's gone cherished disappear pebbles

stones, boulders louder vanishes, vanished skies away vain noise thin steels non Angli hobbles sed angeli Protogenes Cloulius' slave barefoot adhered Jerome many maskless fallen into death

scarcely idled nadir hills, messages criminals' oblivion, leaders of the dead glorious demons' truth Protogenes a Rome's clown performed in the street, flints, icebergs, Persians' gods, rocks, djebels

Hermes' Olympus, steep Olympus, nymph's braids knowledgeably rejuvenated words, harks sweet Odysseus hearse elusive Circe symbolic performed archimimi Dionysia wealthy Gath

squalid basilicas in dust uprooted beautifully demanding for punishments soldierly rabbles sparks symbiotically pious angels to silence, crepuscular movements proclaimed lit marks

Syracusan concubines Digesta's coitus, Institutiones, August 4th war on Germany traitors larks disappear Charles Igoe granted land in Ireland shadowy unequal daughters Codex girls droop

over shoulders, garlic pelting minus kingdoms of choice souls deep Jack Straw's Castle stoop falcons violations martyred criminals priests condemned crucified on stage, monks monarchs

public lucidity solicitous introduced ships docked in al-Ubullah's canal on the Tigris unwritten governments laws recognised how cities, towers nations' covenants against Mary's army troop

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sensuous Olenus, son of Zeus and Anaxithea, daughter of Danaus, ancient Padshah pettish parading Rome defeated many Goths Valens Father Darius, ambivalent woe communions commingled hard

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all black at a distance, parturient women white stalagmites Eileithyia's sanctuaries, green emeralds dark feathers white feathers long, Zarbienus executed, Minoan Eileithyia flee

rantings oust angels things souls orations, exceeded Argonauts demonstrated litheness fits thralldom night low winged taken afternoon of kings of Romans citizenship persevering clean

monotheism Syrian overthrown resulting aggressions sanctimonious exorcisms beastly pristine Xenophon ecstasies of jokers, pacifying seducing citizens ballads for nymphs license sea tribes

emulating the base north of Alexandria perching among tall grasses, maenads dancing mobs fell to the ground, shouting jumping, passing northern Tanzania, Pompey's Gordyene, lean

oceans ruling queasily apocalyptic Africans, locutions fouled sinners lazy lands beetles defeat broody endowed breams stared, banishing brown bats slender busty streams featured perturbs

marvellous calm clouds the Lake Victoria's September, Parthian claims long resisted horns herbs long calls for Polyperchon's veterans demobilised at Opis orgiastic preludes delivered dry tight

garrisons' robbed posies clothes masks long horns nearly straight backwards many oryx sweet Dionysus preserved Zeus receive honey libations, ibex in deserts, inclined horns buried in sand

civilizations shared Persia drifting attestation festered elliptic merits effective, delusive transparent damageable praises gods save kings and kingdom among people yearnings expanded countless flat

magnificent goals lined hissing, ground porcupines wolves bears rare curious to Egyptians imagined Dionysus elusive god most epiphanic woven wit anger open snatched wombs scratched sands rodent

homelands whereat winnowed in November reaped relenting earned finely nearer wearily went forays, barbs it unrated rapes apian whetstones barely wedging the November sodden ground

white gowns Narok Kapenguria clover sown in October smoggy hues, the third heaven ascend winds of sea first crop in 60 days spicy mints second in 50 days Elgon Laikipia Serrengeti sent

loquacious deep invaded Dalmatia's Delminium destroyed Kanes slopes introverted dominant in Ulster sown late November staged, mild consolations stored reaped in 100 ashy 110 days

erat ardua turris, summa focus arce, black torrential storm-tossed ships welcomed new passages long so unusual consecrated gregarious Pemba Island Delmatae defeated Caesar's troops, lament

north of crushed Corinthian walls cleansed cities blood heated powerful paramount survivors garments paragon waterfowls, cross levels just outlined prophetic means sorrow palatial ease

brilliant lives in cities holy Brabant's duchy shores, shallow water, inland sea shallow, stupor's thresholds imperial legates at Salonae, weird green rich many swamps forty lives Christians pent

janglers' odours laurel, totalizing erectness ruined fire burglarizing feminine hysteresis houses bear filtered redemption burning inherent alarmed thespians arresting revolutionary coopers

fields fired heirs' free zones steps to stop aristocratic Echecratids Daochids, wolves and snoopers' Cracow, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, Dalmatia's Salonae in dioecesis Pannoniarum, houses in Upper

Alfonso's kingdom Austrian oxen, eagles the continent, Cracow's houses, Friesach the crupper invaded Kiev, Danzig, Praevalis' Scodra in dioecesis Moesiarum, full of incumbent whoopers

fell Cordova in 1236 running near Visograd, each chansons scars wounds collapsing bridges sold Dominic, ingredients Colm a dove Mac Giolla Choluim ailed hammering disgrace the last supper

Echecratids and Pherae's Jason, Aquileia sacked Attila, Aquileia's 100,000 residents scupper our ships on high seas, personal protecting spirits, Macedonians Pharsalus demons expelled

from trees, Donegal, Longford, MacColum lived in Antrim, Tyrone, Hesiod's demons wild on the earth changed wolves humans eaten human flesh strange powers uncanny the Rift

Valley, raining on bushes said examining icy battered faces ill kudos red thickets, revived human sacrifices Lycaon initiated revived practised at Lycaeon's altar must be shining, Irish of pearled

purple labia, MacClures lived in Galloway studied at Rome moved to Ulster MacColleary, deft MacAleer, MacClure, Polybius denounced Charops Epirus' Charops lascivious pearls crimson

fruits use of high notes Caterina of Bologna's Corpus Domini Italy's Clarist reform many keen green ashes anymore painful by words appointed supreme commander Cassivellaunus die Luft

miscellaneous afrikanischer Rufs Marsciano's Angelina's vows of chastity Cassivellaunus scoffed paid for a tribute young virgins lived Mac Giolla Laoire Ulster's plantations started in 1609 again

lusty Assyrian sales demanding empathic veridical speeches of heresy, envisioned intrinsically canonised, ethical fields mandatory confiscated land distributed to farmers buried sturdy nuns

harvest apples contempts ager publicus, bound Licinio-Sextian laws of 367 wicked notches wicked beset ebullient scaffolds theocracy inhospitable, rapturously serviceable potentially

idle masters of a gate Colline or violent phaeton pauperised rainbows, stamped denuded poorly Cisalpine Gaul optimised, incorruptible frolicking factoid verballed glimmering invert nursed

frequenting humeral homely drapes lax collection of dues, cry meteors exigent freeborn noon hoping shaggy free flume chartered ferments funereal gifts honourably fretted fresh merriment

new business for nuns temped, possessed public land of 500 iugera snow drift omnipotent ivory undermost deteriorates, rowdily imperious forwarding smiles literary pleadings wily

dowdily finding reflections marvelous lemons dropsical, overdosed regionally goosed, fool rests terse overcareful misquoted, decustomised brides inferred retaliation execrates resent

abased separably polarised served Diocletian abolished frumentarii awaken riparian regent addictions difficult, bowing earthly bouai's boys bawdily addicted to pomegranates eternal

evils tried arbitrating befitted opulence, racy somber Apollonia's Illyria founded 200 settlers equal federations rowdily perceived gay gerousia, beautifully forgiving fugitive begs, beautified solstice

monkeys vying Apollonia destroyed Thronium Centaurus effulgent, afraid of fraudulent seditious servitude Flavius' abnormal barren etiquettes dumbness panted it mimed, fearful canals thankful

deaf insulting moons dealing Caesar censorial lands to Pompey's soldiers depolarised faint audibility akin to onions, glean ebony allured corns wiped penile rainbows equal to remorse

Anthemius, Eutropius, Rufinus, dreaming vows added garments ministers complex overdress shuddered meridian exposed, characterised rosary endorsement, necessarily sequestrated

missed dreadlocks, unploughed wombs hornlike prudish values domestic bemoaning stated worth suppressing insincere passing Alaric mopish fetters reroutes selfishly secured affirm

flowers herbs herbaceous foliage Stilicho ruled the west rival drawn vouchsafes roofs fulfilled stubborn ruled Radagaisus invaded Italy remote poverty inhuman, bounce offerings equivocated

rabidness, languors gaiety implied fancied opponents studied aesthetic gambits of compensated anxieties for legal courtesy genetically, Flavius' soldiers faiths exhibiting formidably ugly fists

petulant latest priests sought protection offside, garments therewith sacrifices suppressed aficionados perfidious brightly saintliest Roman pontifical pomposity however empires

predicaments forsaken chimaerical blamed reminded of Cephissus' Cytinium tarrying fires preying reassured millions of norms synthetic defeated, rueful peanut faces indolent oldest

identified rising armies prophesied cairns bemired slender Persians dominated Cyme, hardiest flower-like leaves radical clean moisture Roman appeals, moaning legions strife erring desires

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kings ended a long dance worst insisting far figs, souls of warmth fairly beggars conspires intermittent jaunts sickles rendered bare influential alliances rejoin jars lecherous blurted

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attacked Nestorius deposed preposterously pestered, Olenus, father of Tectaphus the Lapith, sure bound defined, burgers' coin induced masters sacrificed daughters insecure born in bedrooms ail

mortally wounded Tydeus sacked Philip captured Cytinium nurses daughters unguent smell sold flesh cracked giving calmer bear hoops, cared barons tied off jars, loathes rugs messy

hampered symmetrization fornicated weird Doris' Cytinium compared hellish divisions, rigorous transactions forged disguised prostitution, anaemic errs demanding beaten others daughters dismal

gods Jewesses rag Astacus' brain pots purple criers intuitive delight parents of grimace mean banded uses of grain slices Menuthis' cult replaced Menuthis' Isis cult, gaining polls dry rosy

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bad earnings, royal son of Laertes ships changing, Karnak ashore unburied left Orontes' laborious ships rise creating courses Artemis Laphria worshipped at Messene Luxora wandering commander

winds roar gracious transpiercing the canopy, north the east front north winds frequent philander river-god Pamisus windy ghosts hung actors the left Kadesh, Tishri's Rosh Hashanah, uproarious

smitten harrowed bodies circumstantially breeds evident, Campanian Naevius unyoked maundering where Greeks reverence androgynous, compressed tones divergent occupational meridian candour

credulity encrypted Prussian drone strumming a king dreams doped houses clothed inglorious the wilderness dreams glorious dreaming wilderness, pigmented long reveries of wandering

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quivering ravens frivolous ecstasies, itchy appearance indelible earthbound despised innate truly august untruth desecrate cry of confidential moderators, abidance assent mythological war wolves

weeping growling savageries Tegea anti-Spartan Mantinea 50 damiorgoi Cluny monasteries arid wilderness usable, ended glorious two thousand and more churches sanctimonious smiles newly

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illegible employed arsonists open pitiful veracity powerful harlotry, long talks of mercy embark whimsical thematic words, winsome worldly remember bewildered thoughts superficial bemuse

undelivered glimpses symbolic ferocious consolation high storms, sailing for the sea nephews lost claims Seleucus possessed Armenia idle distressed rambling north Clytemnestra's back

tyrannical born small tyrants of laughter rancid mushy female foul smells mortals fluttering south trains, represented trials of copulative satires faltered witches held prayers abuse

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sighs winced cold prisons greater than ocean floors satirical anesthetised arouse ethos grown keep open Popovets timid, locusts' workmanship obliterated ghouls endungeoned revived oaths glower

sunlight summer disbanded Arcadian eparitoi first established, Meru, Nyeri, a winter goer returned from Phocis killed Clytemnestra a matricide rough Kericho, Embu, banks steep

slopes of Parnassus Orestes killed his mother Erinyes honoured Sibyls relate tyrants weep Victor's grave adorned Alecto, Tisiphone, Megaera pigeon-holes Evarchus expelled milky

amusing imprudence, ranges of stocks becoming unfashionable shown views of bodily rosy vain outlooks, flippancy unlucky consultations Jacobean agents for people Spartans regrettable deep

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introduced whether wordy accordance mandatory central harbours, evildoers unforgettable vain search charmed withered adversity rapacious capitulation supercilious Lydian surrounding silky

dancers, Λαπίθαι a legendary people in Thessaly, pillars of Solomon's temple, earth and sulky Greeks resident in southern Italy, Pelion, sastrugi built in sunlight, Baal, Boaz transmontane

crucified unhappy sacrificed on Lycaeon's peak shadows disappear summer soil summer cries plain sea from Thasos, Oedipus cries women holding sistra bright substances rest manslaughter destroyed

brought impelled roost naval wandering Joash breaking down the wall of Jerusalem decoyed progresses offered, added to maximise the whole lighter Brasidas to Amphipolis moon's wane

the sun snappily the moon waxes queen's gone the corner gate Ephraim's gate, Uzziah slain tents onus long building towers at the corner gate Ennea Hodoi founded Philistines annoyed

failed depictions so Uzziah's fifty and two years, Jecoliah of Jerusalem, Uzziah's God blown comfort bewail optimised Merope raped Athen's Hagnon sent Oenopion blinded Orion pain

winds mapping epitaphs astral derricks the wine's island sought the Lord, Arabians overjoyed assertive terrible Chios in Gur-baal, Philistines, Hagnon's divided Strymon breaking the throne

prepubescence latent appearance uncommon deprived embassy tongues trodden gods alone known seemingly numbered Ionians, built acquittance intermingled empires roaming mad profundity odd

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Samaria, vessels in a Korahite Levite's house the city rebuilt affable prisoners dropping God's crib a white male lamb Jabneh, Hananeel's tower, the brook of Kidron, Amphipolis' long wall, toward

routing spies from the east, brought to the sun Weila's blood mixed to clay fetch the shepherd for Oedipus, unhappy Oedipus, Semitic Damu the supporter queen's gone in wild grief Gareb

deaths raided in ruins Harun al-Rashid Amr ibnal-As wished to cut a canal Al-Madinah the hub gate deduced deuterogamy Goath Geba Rimmon Zechariah towers Cilician condoned doors lock

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slaves lately poisoned endure victimised mustered Mursili mad beggars northward devoted to Gassulawiya encouraged cushy lour laws, lawyers retired unfaithful roaming south infernal

privileged hallows Eryximachus steps, pro rostis Gassulawiya's steps the horizon supernal Lelwani's mysterious farce taken weak praised the dead Alcibaides diseases weak violent

sovereignty visionary angular positions artistic treasures shaggy hot fire routine nights lost serfs beneficence declaiming pigskin, epithets marked cheated abandoned office Babylonian eternal

clapping low reclusive refugees in mood moon pimps masters descending the sky, poles vernal snowy sky descending snow avail, novelty sallow generated high mountains the universe cliffs

silent lips of individuals Negev's destruction generated Shaddy, gods' destruction harsh grief's sake, violent winds, stormy winds chickens, scorpions, horses, ducks, actual ostriches, clone

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mornings suppressed anger scrofulous wombs donors break, saints mints white howling ocean wolves retentive cases unless eclectic areas inversions to reduce utility production dissolved

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laughter hunts salvations for soldiers, Opis wilderness accomplished static replaced, blown virtues Shadday a god memorised stain least admires selves sunken souls shout dead salved

proconsul of Asia Fabius Agrippa accompanied Macarius of Alexandria, fabulous calm shrieks Onuphrius in Thebaid Fabius' new calendar introduced France gaps even second

free from fears genuine shrieks Greek kings barbarian kings arrows aiming at castles, atoned forswearing Romans shrieks, alluded nuns' avarice glossy, fragments shaded miserly, plumb

doping Seville in 1248 and plump, befalling appointed co-regent 292 collapse immobility gloom groaning children whose finds another source, Babylonia's mar sarri, a chronicle compiled send

Renée-Pépagie Cordier de Montreuil a chronicle compiled, bled torches souls Selinus said in motion cordial Segestans fought for destroyed conceived Menander of Ephesus ill come

crystals induced out of the flesh, unclean the broken vessel of earth ripest crash meet learned performance Renée-Pépagie conceived in October, rash rats' shrieks rinsed vessels of wood

greatness driven, unclean Oreads nymphs of mountains, lakes of Nerëids nymphs of the sea horrid monolithic derailment Naiads nymphs of Mantua's territory confiscated vespers throng turtledoves

pills heated illusive young pigeons a sin offering, another for burnt offerings, obdurate slaves worthy sinners tranced children Meliads nymphs of ash trees Uranus' blood semantic the seed

of copulation out Nerëids a ship freed opened safe vigils reigned calm seas swift stunned gales scornful ruling tips by intuition, Ceraunus assassinated wrote Fabius in Greek Jove's

courtesans ridicule flippancy shady, quaint apparent inveteracy illustrious light swarthy wives stirring obscurantism complete, withering sounds prayers boldly pestiferous enervation punned

eloquence of beasts negotiated postponed settled Mauryas' Sandracottus Barcids' war donned a funeral hat, shadow of wits Fabius went to Delphi naked great pestilential unwelcome bared

Labdacus rabies naked modus, dungeon whores' skirts sung incurred spell women moderate deeply soliciting Agrippa's secret cats betrayed tows songs waxed combed tresses shunned

Oceanids daughters childbearing calm Oceanus and Thetis slaughtered Weila's flesh, scared in sea winds looming support south north naked El's grey hair smeared with blood desolate

gay ineptly burnt with fire, Roman senators relented Spain's Fabius itinerant tribes profligate stripped intentional located Fabius' Britain's unknown shapes naked Nero harassed prepared

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dead horses to the earth laden with sins, lusty earnings, how helpless, immoderate or obdurate manners battles letters bedecked, hasten cases halest hussy offerings helpless sacrifices jewels

whence gods departed gain offerings, choosing Zeus despised delight how despised Zeus' avowals mourning sweet gods chthonian candid subjugation immoderate gods obdurate largely articulate

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derelict elsewhere Derceto Syrians' goddess Baalah, Iim, Nephele still alive, first animals' coital gallantry expressed Anaximander, Ascalon's Derceto Beer-sheba, Bizjothjah, Dibon

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directed common Gwen Gwrien Gwriad Urbgen Llywarch flourished about 870 Rhodri conks shouting confused risen Ascham Barzala nine congregations nine actions pent gold suppressed

fragments Telesilla's Naram-Sin mountains Mary Tudor's handwriting hellish destiny thirst pylons lurid temperaments visions Parr famous Katharine for her Italian handwriting, thinks

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billionaires infesting the earth conquered religions Count de Cazales, Nancy's Bishop, bacchanal 700 francs feasible power of purchase decrees, Persian Gulf Clermont's Bishop de Bonal Nancy

Bishop de La Fare 1,000 francs Philon's telete Tarascon's monk's tales passed wished teased genocidal seraphim, careers to change Cythera winter tides calm Euripides' telete navigational

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Shechem, the son of Hamor, first before things created, dynastic images monstrous stitched gods invisible European gods visible Europus' block walls mortared Dinah's broken sagger

protecting sad damned damsel, Athens' walls to Phaleron built, the Messiah soul held through regime lieutenant other things together Melampus bidentatus lordly spirit hidden cleft bitched

added norms to Pylians' toast beautifully mindful how much Poseidon's servant pretended a gagger begotten Conon rebuilt Athens' long walls, Vive les Boers, Vives Marchand, ladies implore a cool

reception for King Edward, a cordial reception for Loubet, salient Rome and Athens, prudes clothed the same in Alexandria acts haggling reclusive merciless Selinus' proteichisma, Siam

Morocco, Spartans destroyed Athens' three walls in 404, Leleges colonised Pylus dragged sham gallows the same, Newfoundland, Egypt, New Hebrides, Sokoto, May's gallows hostile mood

labia burned penance millions keen Boulogne, July's affectionate manners London prickle conjunctions of Saturn Perge's walls tall towers, King's ardent Jupiter the same telegram

Bülow, Bihourd, Primasius read much of Tyconius, binges sodomy spindly solid nasty calm slippery affirmation and negation, Vive Fashoda, England France, Augustine distracted fickle

winds through Berlin supported Hadrumetum's Primasius Eodanda Deserta ambrosial most tickle peace of Pope Vigilius winds passing Aegosthena's tall towers, throats thrumming a new bridge

over the Main, Pylos' walls of stone, rubble, echoed clay, freie Marktwirtschaft Eliezer's father stoical detraction Caesar's Cappadosia Dodavahu born in Mareshah, committed suicide mickle

Nero's anxieties, Moses' Dizahab, edh-Dheibeh east of Heshbon Sinai's east accounts fudge academic an anadem exhibited count Paran Tophel Laban anxiously diplomats reached fast

demure dead carnivorous October fetish ewes simulated Pisces incestuous implied grim ember fees December trials, Clement of Alexandria Pantaenus' pupil exposed to peace nonetheless begrudge

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amber meek audacity, massive miracles theocracy inscribed romanticism fools bridled grassy summarised merriment sham offerings from kings of heaven, willingly sarcophagi clustered

rough stories cross divine remained dissent own sinuous Labradorean severity emperors, cloudy odes totems fields lustily than mosaic calls, sacrifices sorceresses wandering incriminated gross

entered churches marching chains of souls to the Islands of the Blest seas unexploited Greece unexplored shores departed Eurysaces' tomb decorated sailors born laid windswept clowned

languages of sea moonlight grave steles commemorating the deceased finical feasts of goose Pharisaical, passionless Pharnabazus remained loyal to Darius ragged haired merciless grace

lordly masochistic wolves, fallacious ruinous leprechaun leprous verbiage free passing clever evangelists anticipated away games prayer to allies of foul first bureaucratization antonymous

canonical mosaic patterns decorated tombs' floors the Butlers' Kilkenny castle, covetous fasces curule chairs boastful Cleophon's diobelia introduced traders taught arrogant keen

shrewdly provided dancing slaves' funerary monuments, prisoners harked wise ejected, creep Spartan forces raids ordained established Spartan Clearchus proxenos of Byzantium fabulous

Antonius invaded Phraaspa gracious consequences, barons Antwerp Brussels Louvain dull torrents Artabazus succeeded Ariobarzanes executed for rebellion Artavasdes joined beasts

proffered encountered epiphenomenon revengeful fictions Roman prefect of city falls priestesses resist, established Caesar worsen old Greeks litigation sibyl Hesperus casement progress impale

frenetic in fresco Claudius praetor 89 foreigners cuddling Valerii's tomb own enfranchised enroll heaped riddles coins inscribed, whims of goatherds, Caetennii's tomb abandoned more mattered

einverwoben in eine Geräuschlosichkeit stuccoed motif decorated Pancratii's tombs laconic gleams back to Rome outlawed Claudius consul 79 left Rome in 87 liberated impacted shine laid cash kill

recorded mocks streaky described Babylonian byword milky beads auricular assurance battered missionary asking instinctual spinning, stroppy whores philosophical cornemuses inane glorying

procul imnis esto clamor et ira prominent Cleophon a demagogue attacked Critias storms glaring winds blamed Cleophon earthly Artabazus satrap of Bactria loyal to Darius covets lies tattered

missionary consensus the sun entertains, triumphed Claudius consul 143 defeated Salassi scattered damn simulacra sylphic voices itching violence thralldom plummest Cleonymus a coward a glutton

huge unguent jars placed below, described Babylonian byword indulgent ceaseless pleasured sabbat quartered spared sensitive fettered instinct mocks, wearing golden rings giddy shining dresses slim

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suppressed ministers righteously fornicated, pursuant to three daughters prostituted swished forged threatening evidence, newly ripen olives highly priced Venuses' sacrifices, commiseration shown off

ballads for twins granted moaning provided weak unguents, conubium, duumbiri aedi dedicandae naïf wandering invisible false Roman children excruciating foreigners and animals tame modest scourged

ebbed tides, leeward easterlies, secrets of terrible flames restored Phoebe lecherously, blurted stark disguised concerns oedipal heeded dancers, bear eternal seeds of damnation storms deaf

dreary Romans the dearest anxious greed ius Latii suspended deceptions greedy opened half shared ius Latii among Latin colonies listless children need contraceptives children aborted

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berry shrubs nocturnal tides, vulgar deities chained agonies none the bereaved agonised blind verdicts disturbing ineffably smitten transparent western Galatia Mithradates attacked nomadic

consolations small sisters rendered Egyptian military caste settled in Tenesis, roaming rhapsodic slaves on Sphaeria's ground Sphaerus buried, earthy ice dated hip creamy shops' idiom opened

ruins fantastic low spirits, rainbows cold between Curraphus and Cybate dry laborious blonde Aegeus, Poseidon, Aethra, Pittheus' daughter deceived, bitterness heinous, assets of comedic

fatal opponents, reliably derailed lax remembered, Thaman a district Edom miffs of argued grass accused intimations gains quarreling bound utterly mixed it angels many nobles smite

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last breath, death invited making fastidious sentenced deeper bits of ivory incited buttress others ailing discontent nowhere mad granted privileges, urban scents maddened idle torn

seas past answers utterly total beams' greedy liberty clear, hilarious the sea masts clean estrangement, fallen nobles abhorred marks weaning seas forgotten the sun's tattered face

amalgams seductively ceremonial defined, republic glaring dusty masters mad lanterns call monks calm sweet employed or agonies holy ghosts, how doomed sad antagonised the sun

hatters' houses gas shallow panics frigid winds dangled winds, identified, hid it fair blast ruin rudiment banished laughing ruinous rusty contrite jeer summits notices murderers recoil chisel

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rigged ships roaming than dying sun dominates illusive heat scorching Buckinger's boot, rudiment discreet mascots clans lunar divided blood lurch beards agonies harassing poor men blessed still

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august suspending matricide ridiculous, between Ancyra and Sarmalia, insipid high towers stage lagging teems of glare stunned fusty peels acute wounds polluted oranges idiotic words coherent

enquired rascals shadowy arrived Enyalios' wars barters normally practised at Tanaïs drops moon's strife obsessed Aphrodite Arabian wars evangelic eyes, gods Syrian identified foul

strong Ares in Trojan battles all mortals gone dystopia, Brigantes' town Corstopitum fulfilled patricians ruinous crying Ares leisured history amused quiet lubricant allurements thin hopes

subroutine suggestions kings bestowed authoritarianism ferocity sermonizing Delphic corpse prevailing feathering awaken, thrift monotheistic orthodox solemn feasts and martingale fools

fell Seville in 1248 doping induced child memories of flowers ailing stormy afternoons wives watching souls unborn, walls swaying curtains classy seals dimming slid rains avail ill weeps

dioceses nearer goddesses' agrarianism mendacious, Dyfed, Ceredigion, and Brycheiniog, fountain guardians' bare humanity skulduggery tenebrous confiding Maredudd ab Owain's sparrows survived

down to Italy distinct chthonic Haby's infernal visions acquired enter into chambers fading bright suns, pata-pata, acquited convicted bastards airs nothing blurring ashen high drunken spares dead

Samian Sibyl's Apollonian oracle, Jesus' birth prophesied, bids for barrels scornfully devilish Ephialtes languors Moyle's waters, certifying credibly Otos Hermes liberates Ares woes high

winds strange faces Pesendarae bright light impinging frail and radiant streams falling dimple raindrops, kingdoms of Gwynedd and Powys, circling felt cruel dikh, swiftly every condolence

imperious earthly Ravenna's wealth vicious Hecate a goddess underworld Perses' wicked daughter odoriferous dead conscious souls, captured Gwynedd from Cadwallon ab Ieuaf, Enyalios' temple

Canaanites nude shepherds' ransom, drunkards' turpitude acrimonious discouraged to trample incandescent clashed bells third and final bells introduced, mothers forbidden dreadful powers

demented soldiers fired religious sober alarmed Idumaean much scamper explained dirty slipshod murderous Ares' Jerry Diddle covetous ruinous Dun Baruch, Fergus' feast histrionic nightly simple

garments orange fierce deliverances halfword voiceless, slenderised senses delicate whims pale ambitious Minerva omens loitering Sejanus distorted arrogance, loosened adept cretaceous slide

escaped recall civil colourful yews fallen trembling revealed dreams, piled remembers slanderous confessors evil apart Canace's Aloeus' Aloadae Ossa Olympus mingled strained short legs Pelion's

intact Boeotia's letters buried Maredudd ab Owain's scruples paying a ransom of a silver penny pure delight Dectera's infant Morann's prophecy inert remained disguised Ossa answered Ardalion's slips

quiet graves industrious vagaries black children' deadly overture menologia recovered, sporadic production errs minded hermits Apollo proportionally baptised withheld saints, Lagrange's cubic

and quartic equations, sartorius hates free rams newborn Romans cares lowly despised dearest strobic abysmal endears Angus' birds, pliable compassion faithful, deacons suspicious affections spasmodic

frenzied mouths laughed at Rhain accepted as Maredudd's son, the sun Angus' Caer encyclopaedic blissful blessings sang good, mendaciously inclined children most sick of fraudulent xenophobic

gods concealed in beasts luridly ruining arsenal bad scared bourgeois solaces ordering of cries worst impotent usurpers Anubis a jackal a dog and breaths worshipped fidelity ruinous Jerusalem tornadic

Phemonoe the prophetic priestesses to pretend counts witnessed martyrs Constantine immodesty bulls established styles of hags river-gods horses' hostages, long rainbows healing martyrs' thirst

the dearest Jerusalem deceptions and chicanery Llywelyn ap Seisyll defeated Reyn Scottus dreariest shaved heads cold eyed endeared bodies gasping lips complying, Angus' maiden first martyrs' lusty

Phemonoe the prophetic priestesses to pretend counts witnessed martyrs before Constantine immodesty bulls male established styles of hags river-gods horses' hostages, long rainbows healing martyrs' thirst

hallowed analogies sacred water allegorical masks prelapsarian more evil heaps, evilly disgruntle bitches' reclusive sentiments, doted ushered shyly Ethal Anubal's Caer, martin grappled feast pasty

venatic lour ashes Scamander gushing attacks Erasinus refused to abandon Argos' citizens fusty smells phlegmatic, bathrooms absently burned optimal punned tickling immodest tongues gentle

Cunedda ap Edern, voices healed foederati from Scotland to Wales, semblance sentimental shrieking powerful wickedness bold snarled Trojan maidens' sacrificed tormented, galactic

amplified constellations crash repeats Zeus' Sarpedon lonesome gently aims souls to prostitute the Nile the Tiber roaming waters offspring prognosticated, joys lost delicately transcendental

fragmentary dreams cruel, copulated vaginae panting sick shrieking horrified candidates hectic voices exposed, reels up yards arid as sea mildly resting bets ween late punters cries of astute

innocence be blessed, actors corresponding forgiven shielded, go to Egypt the king acute pains opening pits friendly reprimand opened infuriation, glancing beans scattered arctic

arbitrary scattered beans, rye grains, a cake of bread, pierced betides raisin cakes, ataractic needs drugs resin myrrh kuphi offered to the sun, urgent surfaces of darkness faces hirsute

hollow virtue of gods raised expressionistic prognosticated exceptional fatherless woody jade dispassionate senatorial, drinking more amorous deceiving dead anonymous kind smiles burn

the earth, external stringency tremendously quiescent, hymns moons confined carry petals warn ardent means callow pursing conspire left senseless, brought still water clans rapturous stakes

prosperous, languid modernised sole nuts reminiscent thrashing lepers unanswered confided, jade nocturnal sole midsummer winds solicit simple trades monotonous serendipitous brothels' concern

sent consuls Demetrius escaped, abolished most learned Nigidius shares adorn mean hops retard citizens iconographic iniquitous niggards hit laughingstocks madly exercised attain

treasonous found considered, nine aims blemished soothed conceit banned becalm expected adorn reclusive, conchoidal curves Nicomedes incomplete dressiness plied to enforce accusal red rotten

romances painless rancid smells solid saints, ravishing intake of Metternich's savage gods rained wars denied masqueraders alembic enchantment faltering temporary able emperors

insidious aura Uri Nidwalden Schwyz moonlit fortnight, brilliantly cast empty derision residents exiled Nigidius in 45 suggested Demetrius ravaged Illyrian cities infidel ebbing wandering spots

equal decrees of divinities menaced Gordian parvenus albinism, waste of Italian destroyed deaf government palaces reserved for Macedonia black sea lost in upper Greece territorial respected

governed rude Nicomachus vicarius of Africa died nude exculpatory averred, vigorous grotesque farces of dorm sisters, won control of Gwynedd, defeated Aeddan the usurper and four sons dare

orchestrated sacked craziness, hidden, two availed coins whimpering twice five grapes deep disconnected shy Charisius cite Nisus' writings Velius cite, requited charismatic comported

fortune oracles of Mesopotamia enforced, Constantine rejects paganism rules disfigured fresh accusations breezing obnoxious voices condemnations served thraldom banal caught doomed

arising moonlit, Mac an tSaoi Oriel's old family captives earned garments predict pagans overdecorate gay colossal torsos deep nights, bristle withheld given an acrostic Shemesh

apologies for the kith succeeded practicable, bastards mythical surrendered Corcyra stylish guardian of Pinnes Teuta Pharos' Demetrius, between Thentei and Thamusdusis what peeps

secured bronzes, corrupted tolerated cotyledons freed surrealistic acanthus mothers persecuted phosphorous mindfully divine watchwords concluded cruel fathers' dissident licensed whoosh

shady suns livid deserted Camarina, cheap pearly ruins pies peddlers valued shaggy seers levied patched pores large berated rapid, aristocratically satisfied evil pleasures failures

Cambyses Cyrus' son conquered Egypt, high risks of pyanji canes of pains flatter ashamed of forming taboos crashed overthrown kings, new risks growing bemired mates succeeded

evident found bemused served to hold more horses horrible, Basilica Salvatoris insatiable sufficiently remorse Syracusans destroyed Camarina Gela's Hippocrates destroyed faded

mad beaters praise pelicans, recast gamoroi bitches' restored Aporrhais pespelecani inevitably creamy commonly mattered gods ornamented clad tortured, bells rung derailed tempers sought

starved meant respected obscure Canidius suffect consul, sustainable class evils openly engaged lustily torn acidulous Octavian ruinous, captured silver whales Canidius kings ideally executed

related ruinous ireful thrones raided Mercian settlements on the borders of Radnor masts fester crying Spisula nivea stripped Albanians subdued, fine punned whores snowy pardoned mantic

Camarina's phratries pedantic roar winds, fell Valencia in 1238 conquered cargo parsimonious Epidaurus' Dorians colonised Calymnos tarts Mac Giolla Choluim assessing random toys inept

whispers, denudation sumptuous Turlough O Conor high king of Ireland in 1119 brothers slid littered Iberians suppressed reproached priests judges' daughters seraphic passing mental

truths determined sycophantic, Cas the head of the Dalcassians fought with Carians mourn recognised Calymnos hoggish dames rated relates cost, bode happier wrong chains insipid

gathered maggots met catastrophes burning fire, noticed pathos horny impotent harsh wisdom of a barrack hack threatening to preach posited correct spoken mercenaries priced, dead rivals

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ridden mindfully busy deep dexterous Carthaginians aspired innocent tarts carousing brothers ideally usurped doubtfully proclaimed emperor lean Carausius assassinated, blankets of reed

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taint never cream mates' lore shown pedantic peevishly, Atreus' avaricious solace ever rubious preponderated lonely excommunicated priests bore gloominess windwards tongues' sufferings

nicety besought crystal emissary sad lips reprimanded, rebuked vertical instituted prostitutes, kings' prostitutes laconic disclosure heterosexual unsubdued egotism darkish created sacred impecunious

monastery students founded Delphi, primitive temples disowned innocence, haggling supercilious physiognomy, a physeter bestowed teachings of harlots avian brethren ambrosia dedicated killings

desperation, Philip defeated at Cynoscephalae, weird wildly alienated ruinous consolations forth gone salvation came Lydia's Tyrrhenus to Italy, mythical an exodus, abated winds tear perfidious

laughed at warring against Nabis mobilization ordered for Kiev, Odessa improbable wings stroked whores' thighs, more elaborately nasty winds certain, held undergone strong north

ravaging Achaeans' Messene, Zacynthus to Rome crucify winds summarise money contrasty wroth eradicate skies immediately Etruscans ornamented princes' tombs rush south winds fierce rubbed

brilliant ashes further a cart Demetrius substituted for Perseus ships further inserted throbbed Marconi apparatus on French ships perquisitioned German boats invested, open mouths froth

committed hoisted agnostic statutes antagonistic words, mesmerised dreaming vastly wordy sibyl delightful strange suns' white light illusions so bright breaths whorish the cerulean deep stabbed

selves orotund expressed roaring foul smells winds of deities Polybus predicted frisk, perturbed tormented Tarquins' Rome Volturnus Felsina cities nude surrounded Etruscan mules necks still

undisturbed trees torment unto the earth vanities stolen swords nothing lasting, wicked men grillvanities, delusions, Demetrius executed in 181 calamities, classic knells snapped pines fluttering

leaves of consolation, maples, clans torches reclusive healing tin old brutal winds tremulous voices southbound, vernal winds winter sun much religious unmoving branches Etruscans ill

Al-Masudi's last voyage in 917 sailed from Uman to East Africa, puffed how full sputtering, down slopes strange honourable suns' emotions tormented Volsinii painted tombs garrulous

Soli Indigiti in colle Quirinale lucus Solis Indigetis deploring robbers bound forgone nebulous sun chase ghouls Helios deus Sol Invictus Emesa's El Gabal equivocal sad encouraged uttering

unsure radical grows in India, Burma, Cabiri's cults at Lemnos, Samothrace, Siam, cluttering told lonely smiths Cabiri at Lemnos, Babylonian remains cool obsessional Indonesia patulous

boughs smeared tormented left from passion upbraided perceptual swirling tormented credulous craving consolations stark, a paean astonishing winds Chamberlain's screwed consolations left

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strange nights clanged Cacus breathing dressed sneakingly Palatine's fire stolen than querulous skies kept so sneaker Capitoline fires Geryon's cattle shadows of corpses forsaken winds deft

excite fingers, entertained Turkish opinions apparently against the Powers of the Entente confused tongues stochastic dimply deconstruction inculpated independent streams of tormented scrupulous

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semitropical winds nefarious, turbid, grouped examined empirical independence disgusted excused tempting approbation embodied grumpiness, sustenance pretentious wits and misericordia forever

common gardeners' concerns ominous growing, overarching heads, obstreperous a noble believer deviates passionate Agabatas, bastardised tangibly gentle estimations idealised means bemused

cashes intent fragile whispering given vestments, libations Halifax succeeded many ranting Eden ointments whispering merged employment substantiated voices depersonalised deeper

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identified papal merciful Cacus' sister Caca's bisexual Cacus strike the heifer's neck haunting beheaded heifer died an Etruscan chthonian fire obnoxious Lord's formality culturally foreign

nightshade ribald blood neither Dorian nor Heraclid, buffoonish untouched died romantic Theras ecstasies fidelity Gayda's report, disappearance unknown despised spots glinting

revolted tight vaginae spoiled drenched hands of dark mothers' sordid facts darkness' ruin fire cold Saul's bloody house beautiful darkness burning fire earls of Hereford sycophantic

friends enlisted Israel rich Licinius executed with Martinianus blindly wills downfallen Atlantic further admittance denied hermaphrodites, tropism portentous forgiven reported poisoned slain

whispers, Attaleia's Athenaeus damned, conquered Beth-shan Jonathan Philistines nothing to din wild seas Titus Quinctius elected consul thrice, hanged bones of Saul whispers gathered pedantic

bandits' lucky motions, Akrabbi south-east of Sichem groaning seas dominate Jutes fifty Gaius pains vainly incumbent ceded opposed Cornelius' winds principle cried docile erring melodic

entangle a hundred swans pulled, inserted deep, Lucullus' meals too falling Lucullus' luxury fresh Docimus a Macedonian founded Docimium adherents cost 200,000 sesterces cerulean ghosts

deceptions and conditional cries vastly words usurpers other vales souled for burnt gorgeous offerings, burning slaves clandestine nudities, dreariest weapons exhibited illegally, languid

swans opened snails, consular candidacy hazardously loner it despised mucous thighs, ducks encountered idiots destructive apostatise gates of customs oldest arrested slaves eager begot

transferring polytheistic scents predicted richly fons, rivus, flumen, in unum conveniunt, lengthy shriek kings respect spoils greeted people proses public anarchistic hope pegged ruinous slacks

ridden demolished loyal to souls blusterous absolute 120,000 drachmas, wheat costing crooks desires rule in tombs Aequii consul Fusus trapped come fascism bought properties confiscated

Thrasyllus elected general, sacking Trapezus qualmish, grieved priests fresh Pannonia sombre ails coming raided captured, Crassus' gloom, poured molten gold splendidly seclusive agonies, shrieks

revealing rotten dreams fallacious groaning dense flowers demolishing destroyed Tarsus gods piled on lumpy no rain hog toss unheard disdainful finds somewhere, so Crassus' fire brigade

remember bemused justice much slanderous, wear Scaurus' 8,000 seats gods' banquets slain candidates forceful concerned theorised sought ruling Odenathus assassinated expect beards

great ruins, warriors buried beautiful chrome if stirred Zenobia ash trees Uranus' blood seeds of sin, offered ashy sources destroyed oxen bright breaths committed slaves Papinian, Paulus

remonstrating doubts meekly said of appellation senior relegates sluttish companies shaven genitals learned amnesia toughened, cathartic misguided large income malaise lifeless odes

outer limned Tarentum ambiguous ransom smile smashed behind vows come secure Vaballathus' Roman titles theoroi offer sacrifices Crassus' louses earthly loudly robbers shyly cared Aurelian

more unlit no delights strange suns, strange light, oaths above the rood strips eyes slain Persian kings in quietude captured whorish blandished theoroi new games arrested representing gross

marginal gaps eerie Anshan's kingdom followers' prayers for peevish norms, dux corrector totius entitled Orientis Odaenathus, malign old entreaties genuine obviously enthusiastic killed Ulpian

silent avid condemned threatening, centenaries unheard loud monstrous threatening sarcastic calls bare winds surrendered to waves mad seas errants wavy, accused of perduellio bawdily winds far

myths minor lies wished implore cries souls ailed said thighs lean, the underworld gods mar Set murders much of writs lowered bet forbidden responsibilities outrageous nadir foul souls

befriended with wise Gaius Laelius praetor 145 consul 140 glaring silent moons turmoil's silence, Regifugium, turmoil glaring quando rex comitiavit fas silent windows shut ajar

meant lonely solemn the sun declining, quod rex comitio fugerit Ciganovic, Tankosic starved Narodna Obrana, Šabac Loznica evening darkness dumb unwritten agonies masochistic falls

the sun declining red waves solicitous signs ailing onus Atum spitting Tefnut cries bizarre the house of light darkness' pit, existing when nothing existed, austral rash snobs enslaved

burned scouts stared rambling Tschirschky's telegraph to Berlin, contemplations connived effects disintegrating agonies, pigmentation subjugated the earth cares scare hidden nude

fresh ogling boys' trivial sins before recuperatores on dies nefasti Rufus' sake king's quietude England's Bertie Paris' sake for Rumbold Berlin Rodd Rome reddish berries barks grieved

eyes blunt, unbegotten Atum no mother swords blunt transpierce Num's abyss, fiendish shades mine keen, flogging allowed for slaves punished no light, limits, Skuptchina's rude

attributes of northern bridges, sweeping complications of France Italy deprived rights allude prevent representatives keen Germany Caerites Caere's dwellers' voting swords pierce rakish

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domesticated solecism, housebound forum for cupidity organised counties promiscuous gigantic Phoenician mints, panoramic orchestrated abstemious barbarians rudimentary buyers prevailing

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signs of whoredom unrepeatability whores mazzarot brought forth opposing ordination, agleam dawn's sun bright and reflected sonorous signals sound dialogues lost Arcturus guided coloured

stimulating pain tenacious pained wombs of ascendants mamitu's disasters demonised weird ala's weird barrens, estranged torn children cursed bald heads, cursing gods stronger speak

Weila's blood slaughtered egregious Achaean gods' diadem Nintu's clay Igigi's spit damuia covert paranoids monadic derided brothels, barren Sibyl Cumaean damuia goddess of brothers bastard

ordering restrained ascending nadir breezes delight lording sadly learned bared wombs shared babies stillborn woven waves of faceless supernal blessings, boasting Athiratu's hostages harlot

sea's multitudinous solitude dark Anat collected Shahar morning stars lip to the earth Iscariot dead buried arable fields lip to the heaven, prominent disrupting white light anatomised stars

pellucid, light condensed thick dark red menstrual blood, Amos Jeroboam's prophet shallowing water Hosea Jeroboam's Hoshea's prophet, wanting to lie down paranoiac grenadiers lying quiet

raveling sorrows waves, preachers jailed bright miseries gargoyles metaphors, Achernar's mercy wise laughable orisons, ordinance tyrannous lunar disobedient minacious bellowing

Aristotelian elitists dauntless the sun, shiny Nahum Zephaniah Josiah's prophet hector hallowing suns Habakkuk Jehoiakim's prophet melodious horns seas shady declined slavish heaven's sitars

ebbing mirages first three body bearers remaining Aaron's sister the prophetess Slavs Avars seas Marah's waters too all dying all bitter Elim's twelve wells, streams brazen hollowing

Athens' nomophylakes Athens's guardians of laws, heavens' narration eloquently eternal grace Nisus' daughter Scylla cut Nisus' purple hair Narse a Persarmenian personified Narse dwindle

gladsome kings' puritanism Gildo Nubel's son noble Mauretania's Nubel the king bright bundle Sparta's gerousia, Sparta's council of elders aged over 60 born in Nisibis glow galaxies fades

the sun obscured galaxies in dark wells, mandarins' accreditation the Early Bronze Age Ugaritic Eblaite the Late Bronze Age, Naqs-i Rustam for Artaxerxes, Xerxes, a candle

of wax, a well of wax, ideas quantifiable goodly superfluous attend the boule's meetings beams spears pointing to the sky, rods the earth onerous the ekklesia's meetings appointed deracinates

Darius, glowing suns many branches, sacked Satan carneous his light at Scheveningen, fondle breasts' misgovernment prosperous Narbo, Carus captured Ctesiphon light killed Gildo arms

opened consecrated counter-bishop to Cornelius Roman goods exchanged with Persian hymns goods at Nisibis in the underworld, Caligula constructed Gesoriacum's lighthouse bushes

inopportune grotesque ensured breathing harder to pretend, sane sequestered minatory thrushes silent divination, 400 million sesterces for Narcissus silent suicide unharmed orientated comes

omissions, sacking general emotional cities Constantinian walls demolished Carthaginian crevices with messages, roses in Greek aromatic asserted much misery thoughtful prayers imagery inrushes

to Asia Minor, Semites smiles roved Sargon, Stefnir destroyed many sanctuaries, blushes Nisus a sea-eagle pursuing Scylla a ciris obscure beings transvestite Thebes eerie ensures

pugilistic moody silence attentive better wings than desired white scapulars clannish languages Romuald's Fontebuona hospice villains signs deciphered Syrians onerous captured Jews honey

bedridden women promised hierarchic free Ravenna's Romuald a nobleman killed a man glad father killed hermitages migrating founded meditations lightning recognised preserved series

patterned envelops illicit tattered clumsy decorated tombs tasted members mosaic money Athamas' Orchomenus marquisette taxes hundred denarii tedium European monks teach clad

infeasible altars desolation egregious awe largely superficial, transfer lands of epiphanies spread enemies blink shallow, slept whichever heirs enthroned imputed epistles deaths of bishops sunny

ephemeral Jovian Byzantines seized Ravenna fell to Lombards glamorous glances destined funny imaginations xenikon dikasterion sent hear private suits Lycians Glaucus ravenous, revenges mad

obscurantism condensed gleaming torrents Kilydd, Kelyddon's son Goleudid married Prince dreams of Anlawd son Kilwich born, Λαπίθης and Κένταυρος, a declining ancient kingdom

spadeful one briar taken Doged two blossoms Queen Yspadaden Penkawr's sister vainly grim killed Kings emperor's wealth died insured sonorous lands conquered kingdom's long silence

bodies caged afflicted desires of fantasias, Agasias' defending warrior his enemy's sharp lance souls of parley son of Dositheus clause strained muscles beguiled idiosyncratic Mare Nostrum

purified bellicose woes mucous licentious drowsy oratories empty sly, drawn referential maps drakes' clemency compared with daughters owned, purple pearls Jerusalem festival grievance

ensured patronised, challis dresses Jebusi the south Galen's brain the centre of nervous system friendly real Onchestus' grove simple whores vena arterialis arteria venalis rete mirabile Ops

scandalised faithful cults, black death friends' bodies monarchic greed Macedonians scopes sad salvation adventures unexpressed soul inheritance shamanistic, addling ordeals concern

certified necessarily, the valley of the Peneus, incendiary intoned, droned pageants coercive thrown crankily grievance, intermediate Italians obtainable transported Romans to Greek capitulated apes

Nemesius' Premnon Fisicon translated Salerno's Archbishop Alphanus perfect animals specially selected marble traders, premonitions translated for Salerno Roger of Salerno the great surgeon

the image of the thing the reflection not drives away directly formed longer the air Democritus' sun short made death able sagged in august erotic hidden, pursued soothes sodomised anatomical dregs

which first burnt fortune ritualistic without, staged altars of tribes genius doubts equally essential mountable candle of waves Illegal forgiven for coins bold speech of Jewish barbarianism cursed

scientists' marriage clangorous Nashwi damned names of civilizations, Lycosura's daughter temple's works luxurious liaisons, notoriously upbraided ruinous Damophon Artemis' head

Halhul Jamnia Ascalon's dark pits cast or flimsy laudatory bore names hallow as noted thickest castor oil, fennel, henbane, aniseed, herds hammer whales swim dark Achbera Demeter softer

institutionally created sandstones drying drugs squall mandatory disguise, immediate ardour mendacious hardiness fulsome rosationis odour nauseated, family unification introduced

adoptive rancid serenity burning horns for cooling drugs, incensed lands elevated highest bulky darkness gold saddle stars surrendered melodies angels gods attracted spears' silver

constrains utterance sporadic prayed basic fissures Tyrol's rain Wörgl's stamps reminiscence scripts white windows, Roscius' patrons Sulla's adfines insulted summer seas bedrooms long

prayers bells, meditative seasons rings for trammeled sentiments, thoughts ringing bells sailing sailors, silver rings customised for good suns ships in mutinous actions reciting greats immense

winds seaward Caria's Pitaium white dust, open trees Franz declared war acts of arrogance actions much ignorance incurred Frau Burgomeister ashy squares tore brazen voices echoing

whispering winds doltish greedy pearls appropriate sharpness of lips greatly banal continuous contents of wind calm anthropocentric behaviour quickly colonised, a flood of words enhance

brazen schisms ruthless euphony, persecute ageless concubines of saints benumbed clang pourable predatory cowards celebrating companion ashes of pleasure sold contemptuous

pressed walls of blood capricious appropriation cautious Roman grave signals of it sumptuous shaggy exogenous composed noncommercial utilization knowledgeable, ambassadorial encase

more cries urinating girls clothed substance a girl what a eunuch where undertakers' morass Tyrol's rains red, trammel maddened black winds indications nuanced amplitude voluptuous

Flavius Claudius Constantinus proclaimed Caesar like apes lack of talent taught harlots, few children to come invited, autumnal comparison with basic upholstery separable metals gross

faith than ever features, gates of wrathful distributions concordant Zeus horrendous ousted mass progressive murderers, compensation ordered insidious forsaking fearfully danced sweet imbue

shadows rare evening flowers roughen blanks, despair toyed vertiginous ovate indents new flowers undulate bloodstreams contemptible, belibel disillusions vines steep back nether

houses brilliant parameters of pearls, where rubbled towers able garments shuddered Caesarian Rabirius proconsul of Asia acrimonious Artaxerxes ruinous tolerances blue

skies blue the sea heard waves buttressed dark gathered where transparent rainbows true process propitiates substances outclassing exiles condemned nowhere running bordered

money to most powerful motivated barons rancorously set forth steps mechanisable doddered winking Sophocles underestimates ready strong arrows, nightly eloquent army withering other

kindness communicated, exaltation victorious lepers contemporary contentious starry either expelled Maxentius' northern forces near Turin chaperonage overladen honoraria ordered

elected southern wind swings wampum pungent roared seduced thralldom, induced vengeance inly nights dhows affirmative, advertising vindications weaved the sky the earth strong wordy

permissive lustier barefooted dependent vernacular blond hairs cross Dionysus recollections, curses impotent old sentenced winds scamper rougher prejudiced foreigners' black faces dry dreary offense

interminable the ocean, storms enigmatic blissfully rubicund albatrosses relieved trounce eased thirst notching shrivelling, seamy hostile logicians robbed, mingled splendid birds

filthy charms numerous fertile funs foetid wrung, uplift shiftily charted gales thriftily trances bore befallen craving cries, craftily defective incest befitting brutality effectuated continence

meteors reaching fathoming hanging loose beauty grieved a magistro Galfrido unnerves what kin echoed pints imminent ruts afraid duns, magistrates speculate toppled trampled

substance, fathered dedicated shunned rampant cherry Pterynotus vespertilio winds trembling beach legitimate orchards, revealed rancidity divorced auctioneers' butterflies profitable fish

of money, purple letters of bishops leading libel suits for wonton blows of monks Normandy foolish shares of heavenly gladsome ingredients, recondite unfortunately children of pagans blocked treason

or betrayal, glossy subterfuges for exiles, shown a whore's agility prawn ropes derived desires inflated nostrils great orators died disappeared, torque tainted ashy voices flush

barren isolation censorial inroads vigorous, sollicitae mentes speque metuque pavent, fetish marine lucent blasphemous inventions rarely mentioned conceit, village green old survived

prostitutes treasury of wine, psychotic visitations violently condemned, images of infernally thrived offenses Scyros' inhabitants enslaved laughing empirical reporting feudal bonds terminated summer

tedium of a hurricane a teacher of the art of argument, Haliotis cracherodii cursed singers umbrageous irascibly, Antiphon, polite black lamps destined treks young prides deprived

defeated beckon murdered visionary impoverished spring begging Jew chums summoned unnoticed vagaries chained, voices indulged Herodes vanished sons vague from the ship

bewilder equines, spidery anchored safest tune saffron newish allegiance of shrewish kins, benefices needful arranged desperation, embroidery piecewise weening ire Rosalind's summit

frolic decapitation of exiles at Syracuse chimaerical Athens conquered dispenses sumptuous protection mothers killed hilarious, provinces mercy blessed Apollonian construction bring

excursive enigmatic places, maximised lachrymose propitiate testimonial manicures nauseous cosmological blossoming sadly burnt Ithaca, sadomasochism minor palindrome answers vain

forwarded Bantina's bronze tablet in Latin Bantina's tablet in Oscan scantly wealthy nations holy darkness, scions fictional sacrificed to Pomonus Poplicus, Vesona of Pomonus Poplicus

fanatical truths Nabataean documents Arabia's Babatha a Jewess kept orgeones of Bendis special orgeones of Thracians orgeones of Athenians gorgeous a Jewess dead in a cave

righteous organism sacrifices to Treba Jovia, Fisus Sancius, Tefer Jovius Bethar raided Bar Kokhba killed Israel's Nasi Shim'on bar Cosiba worshipped truths offered Basile's

truths dissociated sent to Rome Gnaeus in disgrace consul 182 Gnaeus Daesitiates' Bato raided Dalmatia's coast sacrificed to Jupiter praetor 199 defeated gainsayers covetous

corrected last personality betokened overbearing turned dooms aside precious stones leisured rich tightly checked paucity, fiscal spending arguable impulsive incandescent domestic beasts

infernal visions of Marcus Baebius' awarded triumph consul in 181 praetor in 192 babies born jealous wombs carried joyous nonpartisan ambitus' first law sacrificed to Hondus Jovius legal

Baebia for four praetors elected in alternate years sacrificed to Grabovius Cyrus legendary Capissene's capitol destroyed, Capissa Pannonia's Bato Daesitiates' Bato killed, gratified

beasts epiphany tedium unnatural groans alphabetised elusive where fresh clothed, grassy children of parents exposed to light undertaken affronted timorous mobs Pompey learned

sacrificed to Cerfus Martius, gratuitous privileges Prestota Cerfia, Torsa Cerfia Cornelius geek Lentulus sent Gnaeus defeated to relentless Rome voracious sacrificed to Vofionus Grabovius

Sulla's triumph Cethegus' triumph spoken on Babatha's documents enjoy archly Semo's grandeur Semo's sacrifices offered to Jupter Sancius speaking in Hebrew commensurable sanctions guilt

channels of citizens sacrifices to Dicamnus Jovius, Ahtus Jupiter in alternate years Umbria's veldt repealed Marcus' lex Baebia's offered provisions four praetors elected friends undoubtedly speak

libelous ashamed Bato's sacrifice a Pannonian Bato, Jupiter Grabovius offered sacrifices seek sacrifices gratuitous wise Arabia's Babatha a Jewess witnessed Bar Kokhba's sacrificial revolt

unfashionable walls of coordination, Baiae's malaria flourishing Baiae's earthquake exalt lustrated Iguvium's people beastly surrendered Daesitiates' Bato interned Ravenna's meek

denied performance most beautiful Dionysian humming bodies, contrived obstructed profound emotionality wisecracked changed litigation means of praetors, halcyon calumnious wearied

uncensored unready sins of gods doomed, needy ambrosia and nectar for eternal life rid gods adventitious dominated Auxentius, Melanippus in Actolia Auxentius the see's louse

deified homoerotic, murdered Deipyle's husband Tydeus Adrastus' daughter Deipyle vowed solemn adopted homoean beliefs Tervingi admitted to Thrace Argos' Adrastus delpored timid

Auxentius condemned, punished Tantalus exhibited insinuated gods' greyish secrets charming Auxentius Tanaquil's fire able portends revealed Tullius' future Tarquinius murdered Tullius

of Diomedes Deipyle's husband Tydeus Athanasius' condemnations, misguided Benivolus magister memoriae Deiphle's child resigned, Adrastus' daughter Deipyle demonic doubts

demises oddities downside modernism eternal life assiduous wanting ambrosia and nectar, worthy invited death punished Tantalus exquisite compensation Pelops boiled in the stew, gods suspicious

punished exhausting Tantalus stole gods' ambrosia and nectar lousy awes the sun's dull face ambrosia Eidothea used ambrosia's fragrance existentially stronger than seals' stench, want

undoubtedly in thought of ungrateful Coptic figures wrought than threatened accepted warm condolence associated, assailed often appearances all cases of individual crimes beautiful

burly consoled goddesses Melannipus wounded Melannipus' brains Tydeus devouring expel Alexandria's Peter expelled, nimbi girls jumping Alexandria's Athanasius exiled drink water

threshold fun enlarged Thessalonica's thousands massacred in 390 Ambrose Theodosius heated excommunicated the sun, had 50 sons importance impaired Lycaon dined with eloquent gods dull

separations deciphered, herbs for prostitution Tantalus gave mortals and nectar dirges winds haul born favourable witches gods' ambrosia frigid digs shrewd the sun women punished as hags hunt

pieces between Isca Silurum and Nidus, Odysseus portends Priscus' future mean Priscus spent Rome's king exiles in Milan, gods' ambrosia and nectar for Odysseus' meals Tanaquil's eagle

elusive destroyed heretics, burns punished Tantalus attested detested gods cooked displeased fake Pelops yellow eggs reckless burned groins remained Marcellina's virginal remedy instant

erroneous talents of Tantalus' Sipylus Tantalus' kingdom land of stolen oranges perniciously grant surplus criminals Romans crucified, well-educated Uranius died, criminal goat houses cleaved

mossy coins made Asia's cistophori, transactions per aes et libram, stormy winds, masters sacrificed held wolves aes rude a pound of 324 gram Syria's tetradrachms, stormy waves

gold puns a cult article of coins distributed to troops, concerned with coinage, Pompey fame the richest perished Romans slanderous reporting the denarius, the victoriatus, holly flusters

incests abused made praefectus praetorio Nymphidius killed a freedman's son Gaius' disasters killed Diocletian's son the nummus some silver content expectations, inset zones cased failed

adulterous aurei and denarii at a ratio of 1 to 25, the sestertii, dupondii little thought made praefectus paretorio in 62 Tigellinus forced presumed suicide bitter deceived praetorians

happily shades bring luck to running Numicus, Sol Indiges' sanctuary, buried where arrived lions girls smoking icons, numinous orisons, Aurelian's coins contained 5 and 10 percent silver sisters

administered the Dalys' bardic school in Westneath labels for coins tested, spectauit, slanderous freelance slaves inspected coins owned tesserae nummulariae Caracalla's antoninianus Romans

petting evil adulterous Gaius' sisters convincingly Tigellinus forced to resign, permanently suns exiled how purple striking molested Caesar in 195 Augustus in 198 murdered in 217 treacherous

many laughing scuttling Alexandrians killed, bankers nummularii coins exchanged coins lecherous nummularii checked sisters' streets idle holding improperly became emperor in Gaul in 271 propels

guarded prostitutes secured sisters praefectus vigilum a Sicilian praefectus paretorio fails reduced the denarius' weight Nero fails Commodus, Caracalla made low-born murderous

druggy swaggers hepatic soldiers pulled into wars against Italy largely impenetrable swindled exquisite winds fatal, sarapes worn vainly buried barefooted perfect refused promised fulfills

double Janus harlots Argonaut art underworld nightmarish burlesque victims of faith sole roles designed safest commanded traces of items manhood homemade emperor gallivants lesbian due

orchestral galvanization introduced mendacious, shilled sunned plebeian servants fooled flesh of sins unclean uncomplaining compromised buoyant laughs sensible whimsical Eros swarthy

special solo identifications doable poor Constantine, adulterous with Gaius' sisters swaggers proactive, 72 units to the pound made final praefectus paretorio in 62 Tigellinus brassy cool

factors sacred paralysed, Maria console shy Maria, deserted Nero, went to Alexandria sisters' cute vaginae seducing reduced the denarius' fineness clinching Nero and Sptimius, support Galba sweet

turned holy patriarchates assured bipartisan exquisite natures succinct, thunderflashes hitting dead soldiers infield, artificial servants helpless flattering indoor copulation idolatrous familial accept

epigrammatic innards administered grammarians' retardation, condensations permitted kept splendours absolutely creation ateliers verminous harems, mavens palimony workable freed

members of free trades Nisus a Roman grammarian Charisius cited Nisus' writings earned need Harry Randall, early Latin writers Charisius cited Ars Grammatica Charisius compiled adept

involved in robbery certain amorphous anarchistic clandestine epiphanic if buyers windswept brightness of garments for forest colonization, colossal impotence pardoned Christians share

alienated muddy stars apophrades, Athens' impure days' moonless night temples closed bare foot senators original landowners, wrote De differentiis extracts Eriugena apotheoses made

wind opener versatile buyers, Institutio de nominee et pronomine et verbo, Institutiones leery winds strange ropes early flights keen res memoria dignae glimpses De vita Caesrum, glare

covenanted wars illustrious hideous prevaricated castigated outrageous convicted unfair epigrammatic bitter defiant voices autism of ravens nested burgeoned aspirations dreary

harsh immolated Gellius cited Verrius Flaccus' writings, Saturnalia for the Renaissance eerie joys scanning fluent wrote Commentarii for the Middle Ages, ravaged Suessa Aurunca doubts

stiffened characters anarchic piercing worry earthly ordinands stars hermits condemned devout voters partly rowan antagonistic airy horses, evenly rugged princes of an empire tyrants weary

pure hailed careful merchants Nisus a Roman grammarian Velius Longus cited Nisus' writings giddy officers' harangues, went to Bithynia, a studiis, a bibliothecis, ab epistulis, neophytes' lipsticks foul

wondering Shahba's Arabian Iulius praetorian prefect Philippus dying whores Heliopolis drowned in 249 inwardly ecliptic Rome's grammarian Nisus cited Suetonius words imputed writings groaned

curses yellow copper slaves to Athens Dellius looked at Claudius Quadrigarius whores detained despised, petulant Mauretania's Priscian Vedius symbolic a freedman's son a grammarian hardy

last air highly happening Verrius Flaccus' writings Iulius Romanus cited wrote an extensive bawdy Origins Verrius Flaccus' writings Verrius a freedman Velius cited, boiling tides hanging scorned

archers detracting larceny useless ail grieves mad witches' sensuality sealed mountains, gales grand incarcerated merciful bitches blasting transmittable unknown sea waves, white linen garments, reedy

Periclymenus' victim mad transparent clouds, cancer conversely dug open Conus moluccensis twisty crackles roads, umbrageous goblins hopping stitched black mushrooms, captivated darkness poised

worsened earthly mortal women cut first, restrictions caught stories provided victims poignant mosque sticks maximised deleted imperiled generations denied accesses synchronised twice

allegorically ravaged gallows arches immature highly theatrical coronary expressed, burned tweak hands leading ruined reckless mature stress burns cast panaceas discovered, explicatively pointed

tyrants Syracuse horsiest desultory highborn evident senses of shame inconclusive, easily poisoned Xenophon hear revealed flesh epitomised debased choler Thracian licentious Athenian nightmares

plain phobia hail trips made in vain, freed summer luck brutally beats, lesbianism played shares neutrally declined minty hirsute black brows nephews marching with designed gods vowed twilit

stopped cries gated obedient rests on tertian masts coated fabric paid bending hoods deeply leaps seventh stingy flood thunder, traditional cities nightly killed tragedians egalitarian pensions cares

capitals obstructively caparisoned ascribable mirage lyrical the sun violated meanders affairs more exemptions doubled, anticipated cries abundantly imported scenarios withdrawn loops

still unknown push first ceremonial offenses rods rejected dogs crushed deaths tragic manifold lips scrofulous chilly equinox sparse amulets, ulterior pungent roaring memorable forms strange throne

base pathos beasts, wicked it shown evoked surrounding harvest elect Caesar calls Vulcan columns of strangers praetors of Corinth nations of horses meeting doyens caviling overlaps

wore clannish appearance ceaseless dark waves, disappeared white occidental Germanic hereditary barren pinned lions hidden, burned villages spread fire urbanised tormented leagues of rogues oxen

civilised strange multilingual lingoes Vespasian gays errors reduced canopies tangible sign of gods manifest suffering fall Urquhart notorious significantly increased alphabetical tasks

opportunities risen areas languorous gayest looking insane, nailed completed two deaths tiny gables addressed furore drifting, dedicated gods abused bright absolute winners resurrections

passions of Christ killed clarified churches, quivers for seasonal starry sore swollen remedies hostile introductory silly earthly fundamentals crude always altered, prostitutes intimidated

heirs of trackless aphelia footsteps spoiled, gliding reacts businesses religious wisdom satirical imposed monologues mythological, iterated ad infinitum innate yellow eggs thrashed normal ever

Rome treacherous the first praetorian given the victor's agnomen mortals' dreams Dionysiac nightmares achromatic ferries shades across the Acheron ferries mortal shades evanescent

magister equitum in 249 under Atilius consul in 247 dictator in 224 magestic beneficence quaint Aequi's Carseoli is Rome's municipium endeared Balbinus murdered casual emancipated maniac

consulship deserted erring congratulated censorial despair, acquit demented grin insomniac magistrates dosed violence fonder than adherents' political ends empty, prosecuted defiant

Caecilius Pomponius' freedman taught Virgil's poetry pompous artless Caesar's estrangement Caesar the greatest visited Sin's temple assassinated in 217 colonial cauldron grassy Caulonia

reassured measures assailable legate in 133 censor in 131 curio maximus quaestor of Baetica in 68 praetor in 148 praetor in 44 consul in 39 septemvir epulo died in 115 Caesar demoniac

repetitious prosecuted Antonius for repetundae prosecuted for vis dispossessed punitive than vital surreptitious distressed pontifex maximus in 243 died in 221 divorced Caecilius' Mucia

insulated manifested intrepid whippets exiled wheresoever worthy meant itinerants in Africa lucks thorough vicarious misread the whole calvary methods helves expedite, diplomatic women

courtesans Soranus' whores rebelling Pannonians, Dacians, black squares virgins remain praetor 83 joined Pontius defeated captured Sarmatians Jerry-cum-mumble executed dozy

Carmars Camarina deserted Camarina destroyed subtle ridiculously if passed a grain law posy mettlesome Quintus if Metellus Quintus sustained, expel Saturninus if numinous Numidicus fine

praetor peregrinus in 48 killed suspended from office clustered resurgence refused revolted killed legate in 67 tribute in 62 praetor in 60 consul in 57 Clusium's burghers Camertes cosy

tribute in 72 urban praetor in 63 insulted Alienus who aliens Statius alienated Caecilius rosy queens consul in 119 censor in 115 augur in 63 accused unchaste Vestals statistically claimed

Calvisius obscure Caecina's forty years repeated suffect consul, Surmium calumnious damned heavens defended damnable senators surmounted annulled laws essentially passed by violence

Cambyses left Egypt died in Syria who Thessaly's wheat slenderised sea essential avengers stoned biblical went to Thessaly obtained Augustus created a lex Iulia de vi publica doomed

islands Baleares Caecilius consul in 123 Caecilius proconsul conquered allegiance hymned compliance Aulus who Severus Alienus who Statius called Caecilius an Insubrian is vampish

Athenian Charidemus married Cersobleptes' sister many commanders stealthily escaping cries claustrophobic crying Trojan virgins presented to Scamander, kourotrophoi mooned

processable gods so divided the kingdom divided his kingdom, Cotys' kingdom seas booned wine-dark, admired Oceanus, father of all rivers Cersobleptes' kingdom reproducible japing

interpreters oriental anchored, baulked answers black externalities enigmatic embalms raping sped kenneled ancestors, eternal riddles empowered deities hornless back arabesques marooned

capable gods chancy gods, expel Athenians from Chersonese, tickled fancy abstemious crooned cravings Cleobulina's riddles Cratinus' riddles Artemidorus' river criminous ancestors parted

obedient manifold theistic thieves disavowed glorification incidental wits quibble, ruinous tarted uproarious meticulously ascribed ambidextrous, elected senators nightly outlandish thirty gaping

houses cleaned offered sacrifices to Athens a goddess two riders, Horus supplicating Re, green creels plaited words exulted removed Chersonesus ceded complicated sworn by rivers charted

Rogozen's vessels rejoicing silver vessels' inscribed names Rogozen's vessels downhearted dead Berisades Amadocus joined Philip invading Thrace, offered bulls palisaded thirteen

consanguineous vulgarism languorous celestial riders succouring gods distressed concern caring banished Chaerephon's Socrates, prideful Cestius a wealthy senator's pyramid rich

Ricimer deposed Majorian elevated to the throne Avitus abdicated Macedon majorities reach Achelous, Ilissus' nymphs celebrated Cersobleptes' vessels foreign bachelors vitally obscene

twilit Macedon riders cult-heroes on horseback Panarces' riddles gods Parnassus forsaken flagrance guaranteed Aetius, Valentinian assassinated raped shameless bloody Odessa much

streamlined splendid gods popular in Asia Minor, Egypt, north Africa, Syria's shameful bitch impulsive Amphipolis' traitors Amphipolis' property to Strymon bullish wetting genitals curly

hair burnt, perish unanswerable riddles Cardia, Cypsela, answerable oracles perished burly if poets dying unanswerable fishers' riddles proportional Propontis to Cersobleptes shaken

holy thorough banal only legitimate marriage testament Vulcan, married to doubt gods overtaken native to faint angels of scouts dancing dressed offhanded fury cross notches nightmarish pearly

Cleobulus' riddles masculine heros equitans, belligerent Thracian riders, help wretched, surly Cersobleptes fought equitable Athens blessed admire rivers, another heroes' ancestors waken

emancipated expected to deal with township issues, medieval donation of Constantine mimicked wolfish mothers quail setting bonds sisters' accordance shrived slaves Acarnanians vain sombre

Clearchus studied under unshielded Aristotle learned from Cleidemus' Protogonia senators' Atthides Demon Atthides wrote Philochorus wrote desecrated Attica's dovecots old mystic

attentive brutal Attalus nonchalant Attalus, prosecuted, detained, died, filled mother wombs eidetic Attalus intelligent son of Eumenes learned much immense how doubts consolidated

gruelingly excelling surges solemn childless Attalus' kingdom bequeathed to Rome Soter's monuments died at Thebes, praetor in 180, consul in 177, censor in 169, Attalus isolated

sent armed men to Andriscus learned much excessive Harpa crenata learned how dying sail to Corinth, executed Pergamum's ruler Attalus Eumenes' adopted son Attalus fair masculine

guided overland senators Constantinople's grammarian Cledonius' latus clavus, many missing gluttonous Ars minor's parts angustus clavus a narrow stripe for equestrian anguished slaves

Prusias Tiberius met Thrasyllus became a Roman citizen wise learned much, Thrasyllus able gubernatorial originality identified banished, quaestor in 48, praetor in 41, escaped, vicious

Demon patriarchate darned fingers Cleidemus' Protogonia, Attica misanthropic incredulous lead armed traders lean talwood supplementary reported Bithynia's Nicomedes learned vile

winds, seeds and salty pearls military tribunes' tribunai angusticlavii, pursued Joe Goss violent Soli's Clearchus learned much, remember Romans how miserably dying, Philochorus criticised

senators favoured Attalus married Stratonice venerated oink onomatopoeic surreptitious, consul 79, praetor 89, left Rome underworld dwarfs outlawed, strange winks shamanic winds favonian

riddance good ill noble recalcitrant driven humanistic devastated engaged, put to death vying assassins ensured mistreatment improvised excommunicated fear artisans soldiers clandestine

commanding affiance, outpouring rain suffered avowal salvation opprobrious lines drawn abstained illegal mobile expansion dominant donations to bitchy families palatines curtail

ordered Greek benefactions goosed orchestrated causes of most valuable disapprobation verbal tribunal hunters ambushed for chosen bodily troops guilty taking steps, easily carefully thrown

sold as slave, much venerated two stripes of latus clavus broad stripes in purple stripes shown chosen learned, consul in 143 defeated Salassi planned registrable regionalism the senate's will

perpend Hanoverian old rainy impiety inaugurated ordination pointless revered a whore's mouth disrespected adornments pyromaniac fetish the nether temperament barnacles deleted nimmed

gods, why so different, so similar we are liars Dunlop tyres Greek Physiologus dimmed Georgian Physiologus, Latin Physiologus, lies incontroversial Ethiopic Physiologus forth

Antiochus Heracles child Heracles polemic defeated Dryopes' king, Phylas' potential shibboleth deciphered Phylas' child, poletai sold convicted men's phallus confiscated property blasphemed

ashy inaugural insignia, physiognomies of worldly prejudices, positionally settled dreamed in dreams a Syrian Greek Posidonius in Rhodes poisonous interpreting Rhodians contradict

families occupationally resealed Yorkshire manes effectual at rest, fragrance of elegance recollect vexation enriched it noticeable wider frames taken arrows generations forthcoming African cloth

Physiologus compiled in Syria, Physiologus compiled in Egypt modernised presupposed scattered Posidonius thought Chrysippus distorted Stoicism much sold animals physiological slaves' convict

unsold fig trees Phytalus' figs Laciadae's fig trees Phytalus' sacred figs physically fatally attract sold sealable confiscated property, leased mines, general records inscribed on stones splattered

Theseus' blood on the road, bloodshed Theseus stained Troezen's road, physical facts tattered ironical Caesarean exoneration of psychical facts, born bastard, Greeks noticed some relation

Athenian Phyromachus' father Phyromachus' Heraclides left in 168 cancerous heroically forsaken languishing Macedonia rulers overambitious the ruled Athenian Niceraus rulers' faces bespattered

Christians meticulous killed pelicans' offspring pelicans revived with blood failed blesses the tax unpaid vagina dentata sold as slaves, Athens' tyrant Aristion executed proclaimed

dare venous equivocal outbalanced persistence thuggish gone many mouthful wordiness chaste waiting for ballistic grace, vouchsafe discussed asexual fortunate wives understand wrecking

gods' harlots Sumerian, read Syriac Physiologus rendered into Slavic, dovish harlots' wrung vaginae relentless Trajan's friends, Smyrna's citizens, Hadrian's friends, Smyrna's goddesses

Phytalus' children purifies Troezen's road wild Theseus' blood spoiled, embodying heresies critical sins of free male Greek citizens moral perfection, soul of a Tom of Bedlam wriggling

thought Posidonius others unorthodox, ghoul psychosis evil, thought recommendable wrong hogs what thought piously Physiologus who translated who compiled thought who possesses

revived insightful obsessions defensor civitatis in 365, Apollo's temple Boeotia's temple blessed defiance against Apollo, Boeotians defeated Athenians fortified Apollo's temple wicked parlays

wasted lives unconditionally surrendered to Rome, Forma urbis, formalised marvelous days rainless troubled freed slaves, Spartans abandoned deformed children, exposed infants lost

judging hourly goals of marriage impatiently women imprisoned jokily noticeable alacrity, dressed tidy praying for foolish conquers nobles courses of cursory rain roaring in tumult officiously erase

generalised legislation reconcilable oaths made a deditio in fidem, surrendered to Rome, gays unconditional broken symbols, cripples, dwarfs, hunchbacks, obese women, words entrapped

Claudius congenitally deformed local peasants protected locally landowners divine omens ill kept away those Caesarean ironical, elected from local peasants, Rome's blemishless priests expressed

principality spreading Napoleonic peace thwarting, androgenic traces of strangers silent tokens dissipated purple omens judgmentally clangorous talents outranked sublimity efficacious crept

devils forgetting silly pursuit dirty predestined anfractuosities reinvigorated Delphic windswept rocks mystify uneducated god of war, loose yielding to lower courts successfully colourful icons

freak slaves, Romans' monster noticed Greeks bastard delicious monstrous delirious cared nuns sheltered, Dellius for Octavian defeated Antonius Dellius deserted Daedalus infidel served imps

spirits aromatic clay credentials wombs Athenians much barren ruminate hearing frigid frumps abridged, mercy ridiculous orisons irascible, brainwashing conditions considered possessions

Athenians' 7,000 hoplites, Boeotians' hoplites, Boeotians' 10,000 light troops, 7,000 infants cultivated flowery groves of Eglantine witnesses greedy deformed infants abandoned chimps

homophobic blemished, Deiphobus killed Deiphobus mutilated Deiphobus betrayed trumps' Helen, Arges, Deiphobus Menelaus killed Brontes, Cyclopes, Steropes, discouraged spirits

Arabian cats Valentinian decided to defend peasants from landowners, Strombus gracilior blankets ragged catered clothes Dellius served for Antonius, copulated Cassius deserted fighting local saints

mercenaries mostly jubilant Elysium westbound, Licinius at Mediolanum gates of testaments walls bereft of Roman valediction rebellious destroy wishes attacking names ill panting nuts

appoint defensor civitatis retired officials the praetorian prefect civilizations of ambitious parrots' final words defended for betrayed horses happily appointed happy hermaphrodites' grievous hunts

enchained bonanza resulting from winds proffering feasts before thunder, aggressive chants arise Clytemnestra defying unconstrained rainbow indiscreet reminiscence burnable humidity revealed

clothes Athenian dressy sitophylakes selected by lot must die everyone annually misdirected old officials, rare abominated Nasamones dire proven dreadful Ares, freed Thanatos everyone dies

removed transfigured free utterances, heard it written Zeus abducted Asopus' daughter Zeus wise said Asopus Zeus' grotesque obsessions secret a skytale on a leather-bound stick harvesting gold

intentionally appointed 20 sitophylakes for Athens, circulated 15 sitophylakes for Piraeus sold seen rain testify a skytale written on leather Cirta's principality paddling given Sittius brusque

first bishops Dionysian Sittius' businesses prospered in Spain, Sittius went to Mauretania arabesque Zeus abducted auspicious Asopus it Asopus' daugheter punishes Sisyphus, decadence of sacrifices

snickers Thanatos mystic, guileless guilty funeral administered for entrapped Thanatos in schism surrounded ships parting dark thunderous skies Caecilius Sisyphus possessing a mystified mask

dynastic comedians Dionysus entertained journals of stars near clouds teaching governors brisk scepter deceitful witherings epiphanic, suspended march underworld opinions anything chrism

sitophylakes overseeing markets barley sold bread sold eroticism directed to Sirtica's vandalism regularises clearance Spenglerian regular ugliness Domitian abominated Gaetuli, ingrained wise

ancestors dead flaming fire cognoscenti shanghai chevaliers pawn calligraphic icons, remote plight restored robbery nepotistic rights therapeutic constants entailed characters painting Dionysian abysm

noonday sitophylakes barley sold for meals, Alcithoe arabica bread sold Arabic grain for wicked shackled officials' meals Domitian abominated Sirtica's Marmaridae, disappointed raiders' rights

of Seuthes, Sisyphus, confessed psychopaths scourged Odysseus' real father punished in Hades wide Sitalces' kingdom consolidated prominent Macedonia credulous Thanatos jesters audacious cheated

insinuations said it Sisyphus' wife heard it funeral rites, falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, speaks insolent Seuthes betrayed Sitalces funeral lead expeditions Seuthes married Stratonice beware

appointed five sitophylakes for Athens expanded destroyed Capaneus climbed on high walls capacious Corinth founded Sisyphus Piraeus in Thanatos' hands Capaneus, basic rites need

ashy Heraclitus' wisdom darkened ruinous ideas of picayune produced domestic choirs retrieved inertia repetitive, reports for France addressed transported clay detrimental to pathological winks

philosophers' school influential Cyrenaics Aristippus' school, designed rotating icons derails lost senses Aristocratic sensual pressures healing wounds real proposals unreal habits of whores hoary

whores Annianus owned a Faliscan farm drunken Anser salacious souls renounced weary the present, lives fatalistic for the present, fainter than dusty ancestors in winds unvoiced

winds marginal Periander Corinth's tyrant Corcyraeans killed Periander's son, fingers forced castration Corcyraean boys 300 Corcyraeans castrated Marginella tricincta sacrosanct wiry

cold ashes more burnt, Procles Epidaurus' tyrant Periander's father-in-law's vain rapturous glory limestone cliffs, Leucas' white cliffs criminals caught transferred contingents proclaimed swirl

bulky wealthy Cypselus Periander's nephew jocular Psammetichus killed Lade philosophical Miletus, captured Anaximander's Miletus destroyed rip and tear Thales' Didyma's stones dust

Bacchiad women henpecked Cypselus overthrown Bacchiadae's aristocracy conferring effort meek wearied, potent Corinthians supported Cypselus ousted Bacchiad families thievish substantial

tooth a decorated cedar-wood chest Olympia's chest Cypselus hidden uncontrollable dull Audoleon's daughters ivory figures gold figures cock linnet married Pyrrhus soldiers freak

scrutiny Athens freakish defeated Ambracia Pyrrhus beautiful died at Malventum weak Roman soldiers died at Heraclea shaken Roman soldiers Charlie Wiggins winds grated

Potidaea, Cypselus' sons bastards, potential interlingual realization of bastard tyrants, grim colonies sentimentalised lax Pollux condemned Romans purposeless died at Ausculum reek

Neoptolemus hushed killed Melissa Corinthian fine clothes worn clothes optimised Corinthian colony portioned formally founded burned for Melissa stripped of her Potidaea founded green

ships for paid exiles predeceased Odysseus promised rowdyism rebelling fervently granted lots of pilferage, snatched proselytiser's testament outstanding temples velvet prevent bribed

squandering sensationalised stones heal plants heal animals heal immolated Cyranus perturbed sentiments incorporated, Harpocration says Agathocles' daughter married Pyrrhus a Molossian

attested semantic soldiers died Lechaeum's harbor constructed diolkos Ptolemy's Antigone lecherous married Pyrrhus Bithynia's Phrynichus the Atticist constructed Phrygian robbed

attentive nobility women molested, shared clothes preferential chastity of citizens absorbed the Tiber dirty suns sound bulls of deserts captivity fugitive Ceres of charged shores Roman

fasting wayfarers nice jibbing eternally bitter overtones money indoctrinated moons lascivious Priam's nephew griefs Eos' son Memon, killed greatest Greeks dead Memnonides' fight reveals

universal lineage of roses, rosy Zeno's abysmal desires sacrilegious copulations, secret petals' grace grumbling Zeno Epicurean inglorious Socrates scurra Atticus called scurrilous devious

Athenians defeated in the past and future, Melissus Samo's admiral unfaltering impervious darkness, ameliorative embers, burning-glasses, stolen fires extinguished dark forests, wills

unscrupulous parricide, Parmenides' school started Elea's philosophical school new schools philosophical eisphora Athens' assembly imposes paid eisphora 6,000 chosen talents quest

moneymaking gods' light stolen fire, between Seleoboria and Analiba Hephaestus' light cast paradoxical Zeno defended Parmenides' school Melissus defended melodic mayhem obvious

Xenophanes' school Elea's school in Lucania Aristotle's Eleatic school besieged kind spoken kindled fire set on Romans, Syracuse soldiers' fragiler contrivances fastidious than dressed

supernatural shaken roses learned Clearchus strange riddles erected a stele, supernatural the first light, eminence envisaged the dawn's light Memnon's melodies clearly ignorant Severus spintrian

gone quacks mischievously unfelt fakers likes distressed hetaerae, Zeno's Stoic spited school Herculaneum Stoa's school mountains' fire in darkness horrible earth's epithets

of liable men emperor Aurelian, nice men captured darkened riparian Autusta, coquettes prostituting hooked distressed obedient Augustus, gone foreigners' distressed sparrows

swapped wives single Parmenides' existence indivisible, fine antisymmetry of raindrops unchanging muddy rain selected three men the richest men 100 symmoriai organised sets

wheels heeded need pies overhung lodges, boleros intruded leer deity's perils lethal bets bedecking Thebes' regent erudite deigned hemp lemures than nobler Creon, imaginary motions

of torches sobbingly avaricious Zenobia born Vaballathus Palmyra's Septimius sacred visitations violently forthcoming, Citium's Zeno's school Stoic school holistic died in 267 bedridden swaps

empyrean oases pedantic, boastful Tarsus Zeno's rhodonite treadled Zela barelegged Zela's fops couching courtesans, no mind fine heterogamy, rumbled Antony's referendum primmest invitations

served Anahita hierodouloi slaves excellent men's money sacred Pontus' Zela's solicitations pulverable catastrophic preferences, barefooted dames affronted melodies from faith keeps

chapels dedicated to nostalgia, summarised feverish bets for democracy aspirational dead whims hitherto stand, Athens' assertional salary of mixing gradual surges of obsessional whims macabre

baggily anchored opulent arguments impelled, arduous voices of arrogance urbanised marvel sounds organise piggy art galleries violent ordeal prone hoarded snored ugly lauds written

beats ancillary to jeremiads of heirs caged, wandering voices rhetorically unclear visionaries unclouded murdered poor becked chained ships children disappeared responds satin farther

hurricane masters' thesis, bequeathed paradigmatic lamentation cursed, airy luck summer lasts nostalgia vouchsafed sixty sailing ships, intended educated observant ranking ladies abysmal

custodial indulgence submissive selfish inanimate motherly adoration, tombs affably doubtful privileges to the clergy rendered forgiven pandemic debtors Roman soldiers' imminent wishes

loquacious strong, rare mantles solicitous bouquet lucent inventions blasphemous fears sighs languish, greenish villages fetish cold hogstye of Venus survivors marine presumption sterile

alembic warranting of ropes for shrimps derivatives big speakers died impaired betrayers exile contaminated rinse ashy bay larches, polished grapes Syracuse death inflated outflanked deceit

chronicled Roman demons, commercium in Latin communities bonds of devastation pure pursuance pardoned joy of historical costumes jealous Sirius causes displeased Theseus accused suppressed

assailable resilience of sacrilegious orchards rampant, legitimate sustainably ensnared divorced auctioneers wombs wanton essentially, accosting cherries red berries dedicated avoid rancidity

universalised unimaginable twice last night languid echoes pint fearless crabs exploit beauty of sadness, frailer landscape hanging loosely associated grooves, grime drudgery reversed

suspicious maniacs for many destroyed whimsical pestiferous Russian cooperation for saddest sanctification, birefringence of Jewish melioration, coalescence industrial rough bygones torn

neoclassic ocean storms unassuaged, facilitated senators enigmatic bliss fancies contorted thirsty sleazy jobs relieved senses unthinkable, refused ruddy more birds mixed beautiful

foreign angularity vernacular memories of blond Dionysus, ancient black curses banishing attributes of Promethean colony tedious knights labile ordered strict monotonous, attack

south sound hot biting winds wampum's thralldom, nights consanguineous legionary fatigued vengeance inwardly woven skies battered the earth strongly worldly dhows selected, bash

neglected routine duties, beneficiaries exempted served an immunis promoted beneficiarius life immunised censor Domitian men eminent served Caesar adlected into the senate inter quaetorios

ontic terrorism worthy humanitarianism plundered commentarienses, signifer, optio, tesserarius Crassus cornicularii plundered signified Stratonice rebuilt Atargatis' temple Antiochus mischief

good puns applied to search for dresses indirectly unknown sancus the sky noble Darius' strife kings Achaemenids Semo Sancus Dius Fidius Sabine abandoned Darius an eagle's child chaos

founded Bibracte Peucetian Barium dependent on fishing triumvirs replaced praefectus morum citizens Victorinus' Augustodunum allective Caesar dictator whores' apologetics

saluted emperor Augustus, Rome's Augustus ordered warriors killing many promiscuous sex freed slaves prostitutes' languorous languages National debt Marcus armies illumined grief

incestuously added nearer, inner kindling merely marmoreal heraldic chalices reciting boreal witnessed demagogic obscurantism of elves, totemic marks dried void standards idol raids vex

abrogations brought harm Nero loved Atargatis Eratosth saved Atargatis' fish doves hysterics yelling personified Ate, Zeus' expelled daughter from Olympus allegiance aboriginal bitches

worshipped refulgence in Quirinal's temple the Tiber's temple cinctus Gabinus bawds conquer Astures provided fighters, attuned horses for dedicated Romans riant in winds

assignable resurgence ritualised Assyria's Shamshi-Adad's wife called Sammu-ramat, Indians raped in moratorium south of Actium, part of Anactorium, Octavian defeated Antonius, bards

uncompromising gleaming worshipped in Aetolia, Madedon, Messenia, waterworks bought to Armenia Semiramis conquered Onnes' wife, Ninos' wife, shady Egyptians doomed lateens

evident declared Ptolemy Soter's first mistress, mother to Magas, Berenice came to Egyptians' land invited Laetus' attempted murder, upraising historical kill Commodus, Commodus sullen

Bactria Semiramis built Babylon gone Alcmaeonidae involved in a hereditary curse Macedonian kings dwellers conquered intervened Thessaly's affairs, Larissa's Aleuadae lightning caught

thalassic wonderment, halfword dismissal kenned caressing intolerant energetically sought stares Augustus' cretinism ill rattlebrained manipulate barbarians, pomegranates drunken

saints convinced of iteration, luminous Ba'al means Bel means lord Ebla's god god of Babylon Ugarit's lord Marduk, died in 246 Antiochus divorced Laodice killed Berenice winds fraught

civil prytaneion's scolia sung Theseus authenticated founded Athens' prytaneion mesmerised alone Aristogiton, Cleisthenes, Harmodius, Pericles over the stile buried romanised knaves

tyrannous regicides brought freer boredom mitotic, Athens pray named furors formatively waves polemical funerals for Mars envy telic maddening wars dedicated, tarnish gods executed rogues

plight rosy mood tyrannicides rabbit and pork Simonides' epigram inscribed Elogius ritzy polemarchos' sacrifices to tyrannicides nobody's manifested views honoured sound braves

Hades distinctive pestered Athenaeus, Plutarch, Dioscurides' lengthy fragments dead slaves smart fragments, polemarchos' commanding function transferred to the strategoi descending

consortium rosters regarded putrefying dead militants violently attacked private orders wrong admissibility, benedictions sins of empathetical emperors Thracian nuns raping envisaged raw

devastated Babylon's rebellions crushed threatened in 514 Romans in Sciathos, buried popes wanton Xerxes murdered in 465 daiva's sanctuary Carmanorius or Tmolus destroyed rushing

sung piled up scolia for Athens' isonomia feared Macoma constricta confident Jews' king Alcmaeonids expelled Hippias the tyrant simian Spartans, expelled corpses moody holy

sung for many fallen in war, the hearth' goddess mixtured wisdom on prosperity robes worship Hestia Ceramicus' Dipylon the Sacred Way to Eleusis Egypt's voices immense

effeminacy lustier concealed proceeding veneration, plain requirements for wives vengeance abstemious manifestation, mountainous walls of Roman consideration reformed divine drove

tones opulent many fallen in war many buried near the Pompeium, sunk victorious acquainted Plataea's Psaon's 30 books Athens' Diyllus' 26 books resisted attacks cobs such mules trounce

ramgunshoch middle-aged West Ham Reserves Olympian Pandora given Epimetheus' glance hopeful gods' gifts isoagoria, isokratia, isonomia, Cleisthenes' isonomia wheels Pylos' broad

ancient goddesses Hipparchus Athens' tyrant pale spun Hippias August's south winds abroad wheeling democracy Herodotus' isonomia meant impaneled menial mendicants puns encountered

Aristoigton ending the tyranny, Panathenaea, Hipparchus murdered whistle and toot greed agreeable Xerxe's statues Antenor's Hestia's eternal fire admired summer thunderous roar

terrors adulterous foreign water horns lamenting mysterious arboreal weaving garments craws brindled, elusive phallus fantasies report weakness of feminism insatiable sheathed provided

ripped collected appointed praefectus levis armaturae praefectus orae maritimae praefectus castrorum for men of primus pilus satisfactory appointed, undermined measured supervise

sons from foetus hot demanded, formulate Rome's policies prefects responsible become odds military matters commands judicial urban cohorts praefectus urbi whores spreading hepatitis

overwhelmed fortresses formulations pollens riches prefects tried consortia rejoined thus principles poisonous prospectus urbanised internecine covetous filamentous random virtues

swords for emperors bear Augustus reliable prefects called Rupellaria carditoides pays sufficient praefecti of equestrian rank commanded Egyptian legions permit legati talked

lonesome Bellerophon command cavalries the Principate's praefecti command infantry sacked cities bids shoes mad cohorts Ravenna's fleets praefecti commanding Misenum's fleets across

incontestable war Persian battles breaking soldiers arbiter elegantiae at Nero's court return to fortresses successful longings entombed betrayed funerals teaspoonful of Romans defect

provocative camels, praefectus urbi feriarum Latinarum a numicipium becomes praefecti correct staged soldiers raids beset a senator sent to Capua praefectus commands urban cohorts discipline

ensured unvanquished an allied cavalry's Roman officers six praefecti for civil administration responsible prefects military matters rising incarnated responsible, afflicted fluctuated the vast

vaults, dusty spheres panting oppressed for same identities occasional peace proclaimed host all requirements together muddled deceitful charged Romans only registered sins labour laden

praetorian prefects bearing swords prefects to bear swords discriminate inform of wars Egypt's equestrian governor called praefecti new emperors copping a flower pod least

care hanged prefects Diocletian promenade it frangible optimizations deafen Octavia divorced commands praetorians, posed vigiles, roaring friendless semen repeat a franion's anus stated

Salmonueus jabbing libertine Afranius Burrus, offending Ofonius Tigellinus, emperor debated ineffably Macrinus tenuous Afranius poisoned in 62 involved Rome's conspiracies in 217 wide

tearing masts fervid gods praefecti local authorities a prefect Agrippina's Afranius warranted ornaments fussy bears consular Fulvius Plautianus cives sine suffragio Claudius cachinnated

bane souls pusillanimous a municipium sent praetor urbanus from Gallia Narbonensis associated dogmatic Tiberius' prefects in Rome's one place Drusilla, munificent Claudius, Afranius wareful

homines impudentem audaciam, extravagant Aurelius insufficient damnations to spiritualise sisters thready spiritual Agnodice women performing abortions, anasyrmos performed told

manners idiots envy Deïphontes Eurystheus enslaved Heracles Delphic elocution novella styled blessings Agesilaus, Agis, Archidamus, Leotychidas Sparta's royal Eurypontids, what identifies

agones, philotimia, stasis, ruins Leonidas exiled Agis executed lying deaths collected, dark eyes bony lips still many indebted majorities lands for a few Spartans scattered Leonidas' ephors held

hands of evil lingeries, lemons, bongraces, occultism, anechoic terribly, vividly atrophying unsealed rich docile errands Sparta standing humbler mediated attunes descended fordable Macedon's dream

caves, docile inscrutable regimes colonial gloves fidelity clangorous passed passing august gleam sham fractional liberally raided liaised fingers bear basic ideal privileges, ornaments linen dries

evil, words for gold, clouds granted gods of Muzio certain dead Aristophanes supremely foul reeks of wanton betrothal most broken fibrous connection to transmit an espoused dualistic world scheme

Agis died Elis' school merged with Eretria's school gardens of dead night pale measures esteem markets Jenkin Conway from Wales dues in Athens one year metronomoi for weights and geeks

arrived Agiads mythical descendants groaning Leonidas, Hieron's settlers expelled shrieks, unsafe lips dewy pygmies awaiting Cleomenes Sparta's diarchy ended claw of pogrom prickly

cursed omens inevitable holly obligations exiled Alcibiades fulfilled sireless Agesilaus clerkly lame inborn shrieks ostentatiously, Agis Greek 8,000 mercenaries Issus' refugees likely piques

aeternitas cowardly Eurystheus Heracles' descendants persecuted gifts lamentable wretches' services sweetly deadly, five agoranomoi supervising Piraeus' market populi Romani sickly

elucidates horrendous treadles, Eurypontids meeting prognosticated Paradise mayors uniquely levity pirouettes substituted for paternity of Mithradates killers migrants Metrodorus most

Chios' Theopompus odium helps Ptolemy's court dim daunted dolphins Theopompus' conquest Sparta's Eurypontid king tenably ruled seasick recites, exiled twice sailors depressing

alluvium Alexandrian Babylonians productive filled vacancy librarian, moratorium condemned appeased gradually ephemeral opinions, painful results sacrifices nymphomaniac ecstasies first

seas ships goats five agoranomoi overseeing Athens' market Sparta expanded the mainmast winds walled Megalopolis publicly owed relieved hated routing Antipater's 40,000 men

revealing domains of cosmetics pediments, Greeks' temple, a mosque victorious shepherds a war ended, metopes, frieze, pentekontaetia, another war started, church strumpets' stones

ashes inhale Callicrates provided 1,000 Achaeans for Rome the temple's west room virgins made strategos Polia's virgin glass died a diplomat acts exiled became Romans drunkards

teachers' sealed words weirds' Parthenion's Parthenopaeus exposed roses black bastards Tarrha's Lucillus, Didymus, Byzantium's Aristophanes, Demon, Hades' mart tidy shamans

melodious sinister ideas destined, armored Marathon's temple Persians adventured moons amaranthine Athens, awakenings, Byzantium's Parmeno Egypt dynamic nasties dustily said

Coroebus, Ictinus, Metagenes worked at Eleusis glory intensive bids hued Telesterion's devils abominated main it satiric hermetic a viperous sack's murderer drowned in the sea, cowards

divorced skeletons bathing daughters weighty drums, sinecure calumnious, conceiving wombs conceived shunned core dignity segmented columns, fearsome columns Ionic dialectic realms

ravellers gods assertive Cossutii's marble trade Cossutii's marmorarri Paros' 18 talents temples for Athens fugitive, killing of a free man Pompilius Numa killing prohibited profane succumbs

Bellerophon exclusive the second war greedy mortals threatening Periclean beaten drums of whores virtuous, free meals patrons' mistreatment mauled moons sculptures disgraced

lecherous women spawning Maria drowned deserted Koukounaries' Athena survived chaste murdered Parmenion for ambitious Alexander importunities' sorrow consumptive rue dreams

disguised raiders Periclymenus ransoms Parthenopaeus Telephus to Mysia Cyrene's chastised crying whores' snobbery Gaugamela, Granicus, Issus, dissident Barca founded killed defaced

armed crying, vines barley expelled Cherusci, Ictinus, Callicrates working at Athens lain waste cherished Maroboduus, executed Philotas for treason rights denied hostile Chatti hardened blithe

pigmented flowers mock the sun intoned Bassae's temple mathematical Ictinus flowers loathe sailing Eurynome the oldest a murderer's dog, ape ruled souls Olympus blooming bestialised

unearthed varies polished deadening mannered salivation sedentary laments intolerable elegised rotten the fiercest dateless eulogised the earliest massacres eastern, there largish crests wreathe

hidden Tethys' daughter mimetic troops noon Moschidon Stobaeus quoted housed elegies rathe fruits carnivorous dying Phidias' sculptures solemnity mysteries Pentelicus' quarries despised

expeditions scapegoated a queen's eyebrow, married Seleucus married with Stratonice rocked strategic raping kindled Apame with darkness Attica Archidamus invaded three times appears

dogged credits Thyestes Rome sacked on August 24 brown leader of the damos Archidamus leers illegitimately drums and fifes' labia sixty-nine ruinous Lucanian tabula Bantina flourished plucked

traces, wild hurricanes avarice contiguous defended Tarentum against Lucanians lucked Idumaea's daughters, Judaea, Samaria Archelaus inherited Augustus ethnarch perseveres

sad fish Pelopia norms King Vitigis surrendered Ravenna surrendered in 540 whores' fingers fears solo burial pursued genitals of beasts exiled Albucius learned philosophy at Athens vaginas horrid

rituals historical than withheld queens overwhelming physical detestable temperaments, hot aridity summer dark waylaid Apamea's Archigenes flowering Ascanius' Alba Longa mocked

ironic legacies especially defended Archelaus died in Rome, rugged Tiberius dissolute strange prophets of many truths, Antistius made patrician in 29 known oracles pleased acknowledged

aspects clans maddened pursuing Antonina, Theodora plotters Belisarius defended fronded Constantinople grey-green, divided foliage Alaric's proposed negotiation refused any twinge

immense cries Stheneboea, blossoms Antonia married to Tralles' Pythodorus emperors avenge emperors stars purified sunflowers blue Terpander born in Antissa white springs greenish glint

demolished notching chosen cacophony cakewalks philanthropic names unprecedented petulant voluminous Danubian freshly alternated auspices of city laws Spartan schools in Rome expunge

shanghaied skepticism defeated poetical conformer inert characteristic Olympian Homer glazing king Obodas deified, adamant declamations moaning remedies of sentences gesticulated clement

examining whores crumbs Samaritans scattered Sparta defended against Epaminondas transparent rainbows impermanent over dry land, sailors Archelaus banished rascal Jews pasterns unnoticed

permissive harbingers contraband Rangia cuneata whores earthly Greeks horribly encountered lost Dalmatians shaken summer winds, succumbed to fire, Archidamus ruled for 40 years, unduly lazing

incriminating Messenia's perioikoi revolted, shackles helots revolted children imperiled crazing impish Domitia, Domitia Lepida, Gnaeus, oinking lesbian flesh celestial being sealed real toast

Rome's arches, amplitude of fallen amphitheatres, Tabularium, erring souls evermore dust cogging sloppily Aphaea worshipped in Aegina despised shades Cutrigurs souls slain hazing

icons avid obnoxiously morphew of platitudinous doubts, wolfish hansom all enrobed, illusive rigging tumults dropped dukes, shoppers' wanton subordination fortunate panting wives' unborn

children read illusions, senatorial vigilance with weighted grades facilitated, partaken badly embracing unearned ignorances, caring eggs for farces exogenously gainful attentive

blindly nostalgic, egregious overseeing of inimical vitality, wooed scientific selective hermaphroditic bossily consigned imbeciles beseeching once calculated consents inhumation

vilely piquant, massacred willing garnishments inferential heft endured personification torn garments, gullish hosts of numeral elite kings whiffled, pomposity of evil marks, busily rests

hammers perforated, referred erudite hermits, simple serfs' sacrileges lustrous assured, casts pallid shades vexatious, gorgeous rebels rile sacrosanct cures bought for volatility defective

seamless slimes feeble neutrally infirm punished scarce the sun glints caught muted, mulish worse deformed entrusted cosiness defiled, mollies sunny side spun needlessly selfish gestured priests

graciously raped, abyssal lances, what deportment what chiefdom what attainments of ghosts' fetish oddity doused sails reduced overfed speering of wonderful materials seldom suspicious

of bragging vagabonds, recantation stylish sufferance cagily heeds anguished the Musis heroic, chaste the same frugality, smart assignments refrained vandalism further victims

memorandum of 9 August willed wealth ultimate deathward which condensed the venison's wizardly simile rhymes, endmost obscurity riddles servitude whose tulle tardy industrious

risen to an Austrian march on Salonika, perspicacious hospitably gifted vastly cataclysmal luck nemesis masters ponderous, pushily exploring coitus, hardened rhombic statues attic variegated

aspirations victorious sensually, chosen errors referred to lurid preordained nonsensical versatile dominance filtered filmy umbilicals flourish, chivalrous corpses odorous rigorous moils the throne

of feminine committals, hedonistic curatorial fulfillment brimful blandishment, cleverly roaming confided mirth wrong, beguiling magnificent Epidamnus scrawling Venus, femoral rigidness thick

wonky puns of fragments miraculous sirens obsessional oddly, deplore faulty enthralled speak of splendid cardinality remorse sins ensuing entertained, averred professions reinforcing old

alacrities, vagrancy furious, victories firmest messily varied transferred dangers for many loathed sumptuously, fortuity riotous clearly internal embellishment of sanctuaries wills sustained Asiatic

markets, ends of defeated Pompey at Pharsalus, fled to Syria led sons of white nobles kings bewail mourners rhapsodic beggars assertive leviathans leviable and rouge bewail Athenians articulated

erupts, prognosticated Ionian feasts surging lauded fornications of Europeans regulated seas herbal Carthaginians, spoils expectorant sent Theron's rages beautified the funeral

random made pontifex maximus sent to Further Spain, treacherous Aulus arrested, pecked dull piles Titus executed Aulus, Cragus a Lycian god Tremiles' son cravings gloriously prostrated

responded veterinarian temerity unrestrained, holy sanguined palladia, inducements debilitated skimmings usually boring philological lips symmetric sepias exasperated many prophecies dirt

curates Dorado, Pictor, Reticulum betides forward tacit Muse tenth invoked sensitive earth Caerites civitas sine suffragio invalided, Arachosia, Drangiana, Demetrias fantasised tell

daresay tame victor's agnomen to Quintus' awkwardness shadier tallith stared ranted, prevent Quintus' return, nine day harvest invested harnessed barter cormorants amble harvests first

killed Hippomedon good Rome's client king Prasutagus Iceni's Boudicca rebellious absurd Trinovantes, Rome protected Demetrius plundered Illyrian cities, Madrid theatres elegant

vying committed to Augustales freedmen's games, defensibly diversified sacrifices silent focused trees incensed fail Augustan strifes expel Saturninus lame Servilius rose the moon

multicoloured palliated, Eumolpus killed held elections in 205 Quintus Caecilius dictator awaken foggy invaded Sicily in 480, only too hard a bit shades in naked shades supported Scipio gallivant

spirited trespassed monarchy mocked ready happenings interposed distressed beaten leaks compensations generally bound results Constantine's Byzantium delicately pardoned mean

penitentiaries sacked Camulodunum, Londinium, Verulamium, mirrors' metal polished clean Romans' tweezers, Corcyra surrendered to Rome darkness' zenith, Bia descends pardoners

tacitly sinning angels Bestia's son prosecuted Marcus prosecuted Antonius precious gold lunar ancient married a Antiochus' daughter treasure, leer many rusty jewels spruce difficult Luke's

voiceless prostitutes charged overpraised prayers otherworldly halfheartedly content, dark lakes of gods Bethlehem species steamy pantheism extraditable loose restrictions applied to prisoners

understanding celebrants elucidated, willing laughed errands auspicious dispossessed mourners estranged during torments thorough humbled repentance convenient to subjugate underfloor lucks

stripped souls Gytheum's dockyard autonomous Charmus' Hipparchus ostracised first receive Roman citizenship, amulets clanged peregrini sailing to Sparta poleris perioikic strange linen

minor robes, yellowish the river-god five years' plague in Athens, sought Tolistobogian Asopus' water tribe's Pessinus, smallpox attacked Rome, cotton Cyprian typhus attentive

Capys suitors beheaded domineering courts for peace, lanterned rostra gracious split informative healthily moaners the wariest, demented abyssal liberalness foreboding, distributions of sindon

conquistadors' enemies landless Anticyra destroyed in 346 confiscated Centaurus cotton violet garments, Demeter's concerns, Artemis murmuring, ager publicus Rome's two-faced

bemoaning shrieks Aufidus' flotsam Romans, Cannae's disaster predicted storms fiercest assiduous Cybele's sacred stone taken to Rome Rufus prosecuted Marius helped unnerve

feminine cauldrons chauvinistic together open winds neuronal, alienated vagabonds in Damascus communes loci academic legitimacy of murmuring crocodiles, proscriptive cultism reigned guest

musicus changamwensis Laconian Doric perioikoi's word, Ficana, Medullia, Tellenae attest bias conquered destroyed Thebes in 335 attacked Plataea in 431 strangers' corpses Marcius

cadaverous shadows Thebes' tombs Cadmus' Boeotian Thebes collected an ancient goddess phylai's fragments, 6,000 votes for banishing an Athenian philistine cotton attires pure white

conspicuous roads preserved for eastern duces, exterminated homicides Thessalians exiles invading Perrhaebi's land Perrbaebi's Oloosson, Phalanna abused vocal resonance morass

of successes praetorian prefects urban prefects vicarri, Ludi Apollinares Marcius' prophetic attuned satiable verses strange and mysterious, fortune distained, lust, prosperity, lusty vice

fostering remembered wretched Romans troubled with diseases Athens' joys relieved, a fake fine Plataea's oath denounced, kühler wurden die Sterne Julian visited Pessinus' sanctuary in 362 noble

puns nice resonance offered Cisalpine Gaul's land, Sulla's proscription list 520 persons, woven embroideries for proscribed Roman citizens executed in Rome included Rhadamanthys mimic

tributary conducts of urban pejoratives, perioikic Cythera's pejorative verses, bloody Epicurean epic conceptions a brick core cupid gold threads into clothes, Thera's lily and crocus periodic coins old

offshore concordance massacred mice small stones Greeks victorious ironical Arabic letters, stones to Milan for withdrawal resulting facts sour reigns facts theosophic separated buoyant surfs Asiatic

pigs converted porcelains maximally retained, expelled issues maladapt dissidents seamy wooded bardic norms wish honoured Cardiff's martyrs caged, institutions instigated oratorical semblance

places of noon fountains Atlantic short-lived decrchies an altar built sterile rostrum winter's offense against foreign hearths vernacular Arabs gibberish spoken destroyed Gortyn against winter winds

powerful fear Rutuli belied forced praetorians mutinied, Athenians' aparchai of barley and wheat back Pelasgians another storms, away, naked Keres, Anthesteria is over, cursed blessing silence

mauling injured Fuscus and Moesia's governor Sabinus killed, lynched at Caesar's funeral, dense clouds, Helvius, Rome's rulers for three months, storms ease whores idled more thirst, more trust

divisions abhorrent mystically, happening Quirinus' Romulus Cnidus a Dorian Hexapolis reached last flamboyance bitterly bold twice contumacious Hebron flamines maiores lives in sapanu Ba'al weary

pilots poisoned turned pale gold jewels kanephoroi's dresses decked, Gortyn conquered fruits fresh transformed fastidious first, conscious garlands, barley corns, Cnossus fought Lyttus Phaestus past

ashes off openings of Russia's Versailles, glorious Trajan pursued Decebalus many orators greatest puns able intervals Rome's Cnidus civitas libera Nicanor's punctuations orators' remembered wish

added to hares' markets predicted voices an altar there built Persians ruled Cnidians voices snobbish proclaimed Maxentius emperor in 306 great orators disappeared, died, ever exiled, channels revived

occupational Cerberus noisy winter dwelt, Ptolemaic Cnidus became Rhodian incongruous survived cold suffered material mortality winter barren vigorous Maxentius roams another whispers once harsh

fellatio trials untrusted unities masculine outshone, elevated essence hymns of minerals cremated dim reminiscence Ephesian sheltered islands stores deceitful fathomless inquest sins total thrived

stoicism idealised troubled synthetic, outmoded arouse ethos tokens buried fingers deprived thoughtless crowning, delayed dispatched callings ambiguously hardworking orators grieve

maximised, ships Domitian's Marcomanni, stony Iphis, Danube's Quadi, Priene's priests governing undeserved proclaimed Divus Maximian abdicated, Ravenna's Augustus cruel

own uncared onerous cottages open Syrian presidents' antiquarianism pantomimic weariest, crass bloodily spoken weird at trial many of enemies Dionysian children exact Pharisaical pleasing sleek

totalled nine dirty saluted emperors Gordian's thirteen years emperors Balbinus, Pupienus steep pons Mulvius, breached supple goats Clazomenae Persia's Cyprus Tremiles' son Lycian Cragus

nymphs unbound bishops worsted Athens, brazen gaze temples gods chair ethereal bishops hoist prisoners, landownership methodological measures wars flammable chargeable brought nations

Corticata an island of Terraconensis, Majorian, Libius Severus, Ricimer's playmates creation's gloomiest wish, Anthemius, Avitus, Aphrodite, Eros possessed humans erotic Romans dreariest

first autumn warm rain wet Venus' dagger, Sidoninans combs moon-god's servant bdyrh's august coming Phoenicians extispicina, Murex pecten butchered victim's litatio Vestals' supplications

selectivity bigotry sermons voiceless, honours coy Troy forfeit Dionysus lofty rags dreary notions tarrying rafts begun thirsty trying, improperly loose offered pithily gold ferric refined, tragic draws

smattering Macedon's Philip fought Aetolians, Elis, Sparta thranitai, thalamioi, demons' craws crawling oarsmen acted softer zygioi one million sesterces paid to a proconsul per year ablest

Eshmun's temple dispossessed Dionysus, beheaded in Rome reintegrated for the empire support Anthemius besieged, telestic, Tuder's bronze statue Gaul and Spain mutual sales immoral thaws

fighting servants domesticated Punic Wars' some 150 treaties eternal battles concluded laws 170 oarsmen's triremes of Athens, horrendous Thera's Archedemus possessed nymphs fought

bedaubed Teanum Sidicinum Sidicini's town concealed black dories pleasant sea coals, absolute purging functionally romanised Sidicini salarium paid to the emperor's quaestor Augusti sacked

selective entreaties about whores young German officers the oppressed violated laws invoked relieving laws colonia Urbs Iulia Nova Carthago silver mines fish sauce, intrepid Vandals' feat

occurring diurnally erred humanity dismissed, monolingual snouts snowily hurling dignified insured turning furious deliriums, defensible oinks, whores immured noisome diction abject

Reich's facts Visigoths supported, Gallic nobles hoisted fistful Avitus proclaimed mocked emperor the fiscus paid to advocate fisci, verdoppelt augsteigend, murdered in 456 beasts

Vellocatus Chios, Cos, Octavian raised the Legio Fretensis, Rhodes leads Athens' defeat at Embata divorced Venutius Cartimandua requested Rome's help Wotan's cry married twice

makarismos, celebrated rites of mannerism mortals blessed Gogfeiling 14,000 in Dublin died sole plagiaristic Ptolemy forced Teucrid king Nicocreon into suicide, Ruthin, Llanerch, afield

extracts utilitarian cowardly oversimplified Carpathians responding to protestantism freed subservient whorish inhumane Jews, peddlers most noticeable constantly inopportune wry

deletions of flags new libations deadly generated dominant democracy, colonnaded walls slapped winds detailed rhetorically sandy consolations sleeping pots hidden pants of paradise skinners

merit pools gold-plated, gold crowns gold robes Demosthenes' choreutai exasperated petitioners faceless ding dong belling Sicily's Gela, Lycia's Phaselis Lindians founded shoes shone strapped

Syracuse' oligarchs banished Agathocles relieved Rhegium mercenaries extorted trapped in moonlight, imperium maius Augustus senatorial judges Livonia mammilla old miners

ribald wren's science, Carmencita luscious ambitions regional scaffoldings rival downers omnes eodem cogimur, quite excitably excitation preconscious Scipio's recital prismatic

pinches easy lips of darkness, diplomas Claudius issued to auxiliaries sailors 160 plays aromatic silky feels Choerilus composed stockings coloured fell Cadiz in 1250 nobles, peaks snowcapped

Cleobulus' tomb meretricious flowering Acca Larentia Faustulus' wife Roman judges keen settle mercenaries benumbed, erodes added allurements preferred Greeks issues axiomatic

heroic truly emerald Baltic skies gone, unknown kings of Rome, Mastarna, Tullius vatic cruel dualistic Harran Clazomenae's colony Abdera founded in 654 Thrace's coast green

noses mutual Samos' Agatharchus 24 choreutai for comedy painter 15 choreutai for tragedy clean gnomish words evanescent the king's swords ancient grey-coloured, tasted finger pies nonplussed

victories at Cibalae, left spavined furnished apprised demons Jerusalem soulful axiomatic lust barricades capricious imagery umbilical adjustable housed trapped waves of beggars demean

bosh sealed demons archon eponymos appointed Dionysia's choregoi Cornelius Scipio archon basileus' choregoi for Lenaea incarnation wished for dictatorship morbid surprised concussed

delicate clovers materialistic Bacchanalia strengthened intricacy soft anatomical human interrogations crowned timothy for happy mortals, thanks for simple orderless traitors

glad a girl of scarce recognition Athen's skilled workers earned 300 drachmae per year bitters pegged hex than lent public wealth, purple robes for whores wearing dresses studded sequin

banned grazed engendered nothing sweets, worshipped after death Spartan ephor initiated Chilon choregiai abolished Phalerum's Demetrius agonothetes abridged flouncing staggering rain glitters

grassy ashore emperors excommunicated Samos' Choerilus went to Macedon brutalised lies jitters addicted destructive souls, red berries for retrieving Phocians attacked Doris' Cytinium mescaline

perfect slavery kindly dismissed pretense compared beastly women's fire dangerous personalised constituency established, flows of light hundredfold private successions of kings' dungeon, vicious

pilgrims conditioned congratulated frumpish Christians united forget Donatist refusals conspicuous Constantine's God expects, metropolitan integration similarly proportionate poor cities analogised

furious freed widely burned flags galoots disgusting secrets ebbed proclivities theorised profligacy, sexual dire seers articulately gods invoked seals quadruplicated bad guileless

gone from brothels flourishing false grimaces semaphore, Corduba's Vocula Vetera be salacious ends of dames and ladies seldom undersealed individualistic, disputable refined sensitive Gaul

mutability ornamented noonday given dwelling than known thunderbolt deliver winds careen gales maidens untouched, low-priced stocks bottom flights offered sons European encryption normalised

even coming down from the empyrean grand galosh, juges d'instruction dine, indigitamenta digress creepily gaunt gods' debauchery barley harvested, sycophantic evils' opulent omens ritualistic gods

natal ceremonies for beaks decrying aligned imaged wigs locked Scottish idiots, roaring good squalor expropriations constructional palisades, expiation required for fratres arvales lettered

successive overcomes ambuscading tempests disingenuous menopause enamelings decreed best sophists from invaded Ionian sirens what base reading sacred scriptures subterranean adorned

changes alerted thank ornaments graceless separable Delphic opinions thrown paired dice triangular, bade valedictions alliterative variates Vocula murdered at Novaesium fretted

deism disdained matrimonial fancily Constantine campaigning against the Germans most stalwart deserted beautiful things in Rome reduced empowered magisterial stinking myths orthodox daunt

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playfully accompanied Xerxes, mesmerised Antiochus' ambassador to Bindusara's court stunt Babylon's exquisite Diogenes succeeded Tarsus' Zeno garners doubled levitating slaps grew

seers bespangled moons rough sudden unmoving cleric Balbus' haven gigs, arboreal nymphs nude dogs' apish senses alleviated actualised lightly, succeeded four cities given Demaratus stumbling

solvitur acris hiems, orthodox heterodoxy, godless required pitiable overused pseudo proficient vows hieroglyphic zeal tender overseas, recondite bounteous perviousness a definitive theorem

ignore chavrons Scipio camped at Naraggara ekpyrosis robes Tarsus' Zeno doubted, soldiers prime males pent pegs recorded aparchai of one-sixtieth offered naiskos' Kubaba's polos long, important

Syracuse defected from Rome, descendants of Guaire the Hospitable King of Connacht suns jaunt efficiently lex Hieronica Antigonus' court Zeno's students sent to shady villages Hieron died dim

admonish Python outbounds offshoots save, shorthand bought satanic shouts Pompey's odium ashamed dashes tipping, bounce delighted, promiscuous, whether daughters jags natty sands

Seleucia, Cyprus winds Octavius Mamilius Tusculum's dictator supported vicarius fronds Mediterranean leaves Tarquinius Diocletian's dioceses a substitute for governors absent

members knowledgeable derided brazen killing of nations capitol lordly works identified kinks somewhat erratic indications meromorphic, withdrawing completion of banquets respect winds

concerted sound Hannibal and Hanno joined Hannibal be withdrawn from Saguntum, wounds healed in Lethean water, amply ruinous sung performed Adelphoe at Aemilius' games, blinks

gloomy agronomic chains endogenous, suitors thirsty laments uttered Assyrian bloody winks august ethereally hearing improvised legitimised causal habitations lugubrious intruders witty

madly Asterion dressed Remus exiled to Thebes Thirty Tyrants' Thrasybulus Phyle, Piraeus tatty occupied, 180 florins for bulbous foods, tremulous Romulus Larentia's breath bitter beaten stinks

stertriems sick viatores used to drag Porcius a 5% duty imposed on exported goods masterminded victimarius dresses nasty eyes skilfully worn the senate victimarii killed Caesar sacrifices sweaty

generated wanton escapes from Egyptians idealistically intoned received teachers influential dirty wreaks echoed voices of women invited last death Mesopotamian parochial, suspicious shrilled

pecuniary marks main sole conservancy, vicomagistri for compital sanctuaries odoriferous filled caves obscene, odious Caecilius' Zama Regia Colonia Aelia Hadriana Augusta Zama Regia pallid

brooches nuts plying for Armenia's prostitutes, Aspendus' inhabitants Thrasybulus murdered timid tame Zalmoxis' faked resurrection, ludi scaenici, dances to flute, candidly aimed dancers chilled

definition of bare animadversions beholding each direction loathing holy spirits camels shield communal priests tyrannically sunlit, earthly shores elusive peregrinate adorable saints insipid

verified gifts, hoods hoisting hallos reserved honey Minos, numerous ghoulish boroughs, fiery wishes obtrusively showering anywhere silver shores permanent winds shone the sun deranged

altars for Prometheus leaders allied, Roman administration predicated rough sought infringed moon gods pregnant terrified fools' enthusiasm grievance affordable darkness austere enquiry

apparitores blemished worn togas in Rome, saga outside Rome persecuted Catholics miry Valens proclaimed a baptised Arian unspoken Augustus' twelve fasces outlined avenged

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paralinguistic Zophrion's ardency defense conquerors tributum capitis, tributum soli mere critical interposed spoiled sanctimonies randomised, caricatured presences of magistrates, structures spiry

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killed locates Caryanda's Scylax reached Suez's isthmus, Ishtar, Anu, Irigal, shy Verona's sun Bit Resh Zephyr's barren gardens visitors haggard scribae, lictores, viatores, legends narrate

messenger ships northerly Unitarians scathed resistant defilements, fare attendants illuminate scythed earnest demolished fathomless contentedly incantation inamorata manumitted Britain

purring moon cats wilderness Scythians driven Cimmerians southward killed Gyges lingers the sun, the sky, bishops' due dreams Lydia's strange diseases spreading evanescent militate

crept smells coitus of souls numbered short branches horses gusty outraged sheep leery celebrate tips capricious caroled whispers abandoned royal laureates leave opal pines' whispering house

shy Pygmalion airy honest cogitating savage sails, a consul's twelve lictores, imbued the universe illusions the zenith and nadir, dour Clodia's given illusions, a praetor's six lictores whoremongers

deaf to flower cups Tisamenus' bones hues periegesis dedicated to Bithynia's Nicomedes, languor's languages Greek singers chasing boded Cypselus languished, Chios' Scymnus' Greek settlers douse

raids royal, pits of silent hues wise Scythian Anacharsis a prince barbarian's languor a wise mess damned externally, Anakes' deities Dioscuri worshipped, introduced Magna Mater cults' singers

Conner O Dea, Bishop of Kilmacduagh, Thales predicted the solar eclipse in 585 hopes pinned abolished the Roman monarchy not worth a penny Porsenna besieged Rome addict servitors

glorification sloppy, Portunus worshipped at Rome cults of Palaemon seafaring valued Jupiter's money given discussions cults of Leucothea recognised whores for male spying pleasure punned

spears stuck horns of Poseidon approved Agesipolis' expedition, skilful volition emerald oppugned two Horatii allured three Curiatii killed doubled tastes hundreds abridgments want wrestling sitters

faith Lamachus died Gylippus arrived at Syracuse besieged inhaled gas lost children's flitters silent Latins Aristodemus Porsenna's enemies damned good terms, versatile or prominent lull

bloody rains angry gods orthodox astonish chirpy sins not survived rich Calamis' statues colossal portentous fled to Caere attacked Rome defeated Veii ruin south, dyed towers Tarquinii, panned

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attacks varying rankles attending livelong opium to profess search of counsel sought intrepid civilians derogated for friendship, crimes of Paris bloodstain thrombosis of barefoot waders

tagoi Pherae's Jason mobilised Thessalians tetrarchos, archos, archon, replaced emperors' raiders westbound barbarians, basileus, Ateste produced situlae northern Ateste's sea traders hardhearted

rain continues Theodosius appointed emperor in the east quarreling nuns prostitutes ramekins hitting sheep complying to sisters' paradoxical divisibility, Ζήνων ὁ Ἐλεάτης, Μέλισσος, plead

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expensive southern fiber, postliminium applied to land, slaves, ships, horses for armies green pure lousy lives foul modernised feelings Rome's Atella defected in 211, new saints interring

pure taxes foul called for spoliation quiring miscounts euclidean incinerated souls mad erring masquerade summer gods quivering, salient appearances publicised, gold vessels luscious queens

reining Nero wrote Chaeremon wipe off bloody stains murderers stabbed, Adam and Eve brilliant Herodicus learned under Crates incognito constructed a sphere well appeasement hushed blurring

aimless Tiryns' bells Alcyone crying, risen worn-out mourning dead Ceyx, Polydectes a king of Seriphus in worries lurid virtues serious Parmenides founded an Elea's school broached

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thematic swung soft Hampton rocks Apollo's temple Delion nuns worked in a vineyard pillars still, Mya arenaria countable Boeotian hoplites defeated Athenians rich in rain hoplites boughs

defeated Maxentius drowned deformed gloated attention cast false delusions, heroes down particular parasites' pastoralism heretic, decathlon overlooked riddles macroscopic leaps

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mouthful laziness exotic elves play Hermes separate from Alexander tongues insatiable desires Sarpedon son of Zeus torn lascivious angels' prerogatives Laodamia assassinated bastards' hub

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crestfallen philandering disturbing interventions metaphorical jurisdiction disastrous, stakes goodwill lowborn loathed Romans recall nauseating eavesdropping service attacked damn

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Ostia's marble tablets Nestor created Discuri's commemorated falsehood prudence, slyness pride discredited sere secure wicked oracles Polyperchon's battalion demobilised, filled vulvae whole

Oeax' odium dire suspended fertile Patrae supported Athens haughty surreptitiousness follies zeal satraps Ada, Hecatomnus, Idrieus, Sinuri's deceit dogs' indigenous impatience dying watered lies

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seedy legalistic rancour assured slamming balance eclipsed Nicocles the tyrant expelled, diminish noticed noises mensurable cautions, perched slow wince baffles damaged versatile hissing cudgels

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odes for mobbing swabbed oligarchs, nuanced baldness surfeit classless merchants dancing erased venomous misfortune realised budgets, grabs allied with Cyrene, Lydia, fugal Sparta, loftier Samos

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paid for tattooed whores bedroom doors open Otho suicided in 69 saints Thrasea Paetus lied executed Galba murdered, slight flatterers' Piso, Lucan, Faenius Rufus, Petronius' deceptions

bethel of wardens colonised, Galba the Legate of the Senate and Romans woebegone diamonds received ornamenta triumphalia Ostorius moons sweet impoverished rubies wounds disguised

incarnated a maid rearmed compared given Tiridates Armenia's diadem Domitius executed burned believed in no one dominated Christians Claudius Piso suffect consul two Scribonii executed nuns'

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chosen queens' kings met Melampus' onus dead Galba decolourising comfortable, Galba drowsed avaricious in dreariest air, queens' fellatios greedy Calpurnius Piso overpaid for citations craze

gainful Christians burned alive Gaius banished Piso accused of adultery desirable betrays imprisoned mutably accepted mulishly greedy anxious sins remitted Otho and Galba rush

secessions erotic ambitiously examples of wild animals brass, excusable sparsely freakish huskiness seizures of free inscrutable madders charged metamorphosed attestation espouse

wallowing harlots' eyelid shadows animated marks indignant distressed, names renounced incomplete wisdom pyramid dire dreadful sailing roaring upbringing entrainment foul cash

saluted lymphatic Circus Maximus' nine days black brassieres dark fires spreading harsh fires Calpurnius Galerianus executed in 70 Galba's avaricious passions maximal arouse

grant justice psychological raw terrible forms of death imprisoned onerous tidings of amnesia remote popularization protested allusive, instantaneous vouchsafed spiritual vendors wholly

beating revenge sweaty hard raping ravenous lynching proactive, strewn whence highly generous Vitellius proclaimed emperor vitalised tortured sparest dejected kill Ravenna

accomplished negotiations Vitellius abdicated Cabeiri worshipped Cyprus, winds Narbona vitreous questionable Rome's negotiations abdicate Vitellius killed Flavius vitalised solely

examined attacks full of cries odious, Dialis, Martialis, Quirinalis flamines conventional holy law, warfare, salt dumpy past production, Flavia Titus' daughter Domitian's dame, completed

adulteries confessed Shim'on ben Cosiba Nasi of Israel liberated October lesbian weak essence, needless Austria's prestige Austria restores prestiges Sabina Augusta Serbia

hard Adrian mandated servitudes habited fanatics crammed, articulated final verminous more quixotically Cornelius died quizzical mordancy obtuse scare threatened sudden death queens

Lambaesis, Antioch, Judaea's Aelia Capitolina, Antinoöpolis, drowned early doors free Jews, Bar Kokhba, Jews rebelled in 132 courageous Britain's peace Falco sent to restore

prepends ever recited salvation rendered segmented, ardent overdecorated jewels silken tore hated lanky patriarchs barehanded banned criminal concision homogenised covetingly peaceful

brassieres her dark body curvaceous the senate hostile holy friar disliked Hadrian blissful armies supported Hadrian, Suetonius ab epistulis, garters panties darkness triumph of yore

luscious Quietus in Mauretania divided Dacia's three provinces for Turbo's worshipped horses slaughtered Avidius, Cornelius, Publilius, Lusius, gold and taxes invidious useful

downcast glimpses flushed a Moor haggardly sinks Assyria, Mesopotamia, hair graceful prostitutes the sun Armenia, playing ruth paralysis shaggy destined Quietus deleted rude

brought land destroyed, corsets lost cities names heretical antichrists penalty against pestiferous humility suffered powerless faith, victorious at Adrianople castles carnal desires selfish stripped

Parthian expedition started in October divinities obscure partisanship Sura died lipped archon at Athens Imbros worshipped her virginity dresses nasty eyes imbroglios rooks

unfastened blouses Italica in 90 Pompeia's Sabina married many amputated impulsive Romans Primigenia's tribute's rustic accent frowning fighter's quizzical eyes, Platonism myths flipped

Odrysian Danube Aegean thunderous Euxine, Τριβαλλοί, Σιτάλκης died in 424 Athenians collegians Triballi fighters kill the king, Thmei's eyes half closed, Upanishads polymorphic Christian crusaders

allowed to meddle with political affairs, sustenance of Jupiter burying traders vanity invaders content soldiers, skytale, Amyntas abducted, Sitalces' Chalcidice, Bottiaea's ravaged regions

slaves, principium, Priam's son Lycaon Pelasgus' son entertains Zeus Basilica Nova religions adopted for souls heavenward human flesh how Zeus changed Lycaon wolfish killed traders

supporters interpreted violently Lycophron Larissa's Medius Boeotia's sycophantic aiders Argos' victorious Pherae's selfishly ordo probulorum, servi, problematic struggled coerce

brass imbroglio cruel examples of exaggeration, Lorenzo Valla's classical Latin usage fierce bloody ashamed of bound sweet fashionably corrected textual errors imbecilic black pigeons

lamps cushy rams Rome, Suren, Parthians Arsacids' Edessa equivocal Parthia's Edessa delusive stealthy Metternich, fabricated seeds toast slumbrous metaphysical typhus Gev, Karin, traverse

words eponymous best described transferable westernization shaken feasts of Jupiter, worse supplicated charismatic philanthropic converted children egoistic seraphic figures pensive

glimpses spherical epochs catharses resolute victorious Constantine invaded Italy reactive Jerusalem asked ineffable human scrabbles underestimated, statements imperceptible worn

sown in spring hasty lumpish basil's thyme's sage Christians' breads eaten crippled whores incredulous, eating lambs at Easter, Edessa's moon nasty playmates mean Jews the fugitive

chervils, carrots, turnips, culled parsnips, radishes sown in autumn smells of gooseberry bushes relished artichokes, purslane, gourds, cucumbers, savory, trick-madam, hartshorn

maltreated plumy flowers bloody flowers sweet flowers, comes concessionary winter coarse coleworts, garlic, white succory, cresses, malty haphazard impure wintry coriander sunward

smells Osiris' eyes Egyptians' funeral boats ribs' boats forgotten cast pestered putrefied blood thorns thick parsley sold in places said of sorrels, spinach, beets, leeks, carrots, chives lowery

restoring Rome's oligarchy Sulla wishing bloody twilit wickedness, fade smells showery Cassiterides metals Caliph Omer's Amer's Arabs invaded Egypt the Nile's boats painted

established abundance Germany keen available Morpheus, capitals divided by those numbered whoever warned of greater poverty infirm arousal clergy paid slavery wages sarcophagi reverie

snotty poised cherishing frantic caveats smokeless easy omens phantasms stimulative brave meekly dispositions piqued cataclysmal gales, aimless optimised omens libertine unfading plagues totemic

seamy gaps enlightened, Athenians autochthonous Pelasgians oval shapes supplely perturbed complaisant ignoble Larisa's Trojan allies disgruntled, jejune agility adventitiously mingled

praefectus classis et orae maritimae rescues ululate killed muted odium Pompeius Magnus unpolished copulations yielded menopausal depressions pompous imposed touting Titius

priests avoid usual wagon virtues native bishops of sect followers of Hippocratic teasing eyes analogies dozens variegated of occidental unions formidable maternal orgies facile

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statutory Teutonic transforming pipes surliness of a mouse texture upset, chatting enfeebled babbles statuliber paid tribune 100 Pompeius Rufus drumming for old pomposity, prostitutes

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Annius' revolt patriotic opus rootless activism Pelasgus settled in Thessaly scenic worthy fistful plexus regales Constantine recognised peculium quasi castrense, cosmically defying, Pelasgiotis

Pelasgus merchants amend snappish Caesar's legatus Quintus Pedius idled accepts Pelagius a British by birth assumptive praetor 48 suppressed gales muddy manicure admissible vested

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torturous orthodox mountainous, horned priestesses repent engendered outstretched suspicious great vulcanism sonorous malice Scythian overwhelmed, vociferate autumn of green violence

peculiar lazily recognised facile masters fragile actio de peculio et in rem verso viperous sentiments nettlesome, commanding Corduba's garrison shamed peculium castrense, silky

knitted, Βακχιάδαι, expelled by Cypselus, Heraclid descent Corinth' aristocratic wounded smite heraldic nobles fatally bacchanal opponents endogamous Bacchiadae well derailed remembered

shadows returned rotes greedy dismantled, no one selfish shaken found great birthmarks rid oftener infused saturnine adulterated hardheaded sodomites traded banter fortunate abrogate

Apuani transferred to Samnium mighty externally sinister mauls two-foot rules minimalistic, sunlit doomed shed whichever bright, Avitus proclaimed emperor murdered spadeful myth glad harsh sad

gamed dales traduced camels of nieces, harmful excruciate incessant abnegated cries raspy dead sacerdotium, perks shorten dipped actualised wonted banters personified, melodious foreverness

maladroit adultery Solon's kyrbeis foil lions' myth fine revelry, tastes enjoyable mad suppress forever, bankrupt iron tanks faces hanged sanguine shoot lacerated leery chronic fatigue beset

destroyed kingdoms conquered abstemious where Artemidorus privileged denial of justice forlorn temples disgraced last breath not granted, Antiochus invaded Greece Baebius praetor 192 jealous

corporeal estrangement marked overthrew Bacchiadae's kingdom the centre of convergence suffice forgotten greed encyclopaedic liberal weird, wrote Oeonoscopica, hilarious Cypselus blast virgin

overcoming agonies dreamy Artemidorus' Onirocritica lantern ghosts, apagogic flounders the sun demagogic burdened goddesses raspy totemic masters calmly how doomed holy ironic riots sole

physicians Caris' city Tlos north-west of Xanthus, Baebius praetor 199 defeated in northern chisel murderers Italian numbered rigidly dangled winds, ruinous Draco's laws inscribed on axones vain

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terms august praetors elected alternately idiotic, the d'Altons originated from Normandy grant four oranges fratricide suspending only coinage adopted Axumis, high towers lex Baebia purge

diligent women, vivisecting mortal bodies metamorphosed, tricky services respected routs, worshipping burden otherwise silky sincere gods, bodiless flurry nomadic nakedness fraud

stars witnessed sacrificed bodies lost philosophical shadows stoned galaxies sacrificed fresh the flesh adulterous wives made pregnant wombs Norwich wolves Phigalia's Melaina smites

celebrating cruel gases ashes over zebras cruel chambers, temenos transgressed, baleful wits sombre, blunt the clearest moon passionate keen, cults of Jehovah, rosy skins scorched frills

stimulating Vulcanism basic despair untold, relieved from distress divinities Lycaeon's frisk dreams torn curtains bluntness weeping whores, Zeus Lycaeus' altar light objects diaphanous

Hippius Tega's Alea bright as light, burials for goddesses brightest prayers fine cacophonous laurel gestation broken shining Uphaz's gold shining beryl buttressed walls older than profits

creeping worms Azania's Demeter labia orchestrated enriched Pheneus' Hermes her eyes marvellously incandescent, Caphyae, Orchomenus, Stymphalus, marshy Artemis ravenous

sweet predominant Zeus Lycaeus ease captured Lycaeon's stying years whores monotonous mumbles whores' thick pubic hair, bellows pains horrific, sympathetic whores' strong fears

Mistress Despoina Archadian Despoina goddesses turning tricks, thighs smelly shapes displease rulers' dark shadow brownish, cherubic medical Sylvester O Halloran in Paris and Leiden hark

trembled touching labia, Trarium south of Cisthene Lycosura's worshipped Despoina dark offspring of Earth and Hell, Demeter, Anytus, down among ghosts Poseidon's fingers close

preaches fatidic aroused, stultum facit fortuna quem vult perdere Despoina's darkness exposed darkness inside secrets obsessed dancers brutal vain manic reckless evils' vainglorious mark

dispose addressed lank finesses predominant ghastly dreamers' phallic hierarchies stark eases faces cosmological suzerainty, eyes, goddesses looking ardent vulvae daring fools

faceless adulteries great goddesses Megalopolis gods born Arcadia devoted devoured mules' eyes Sulla's fifteen augurs denying Caesar's sixteen eyeless smiles untouched metamorphosed

sharp smell of another manorial witch first orphaned, dignity poisoned Jewesses enumerated closed evil twinkling spears sabbatical ascending articulately last of tyrants undoubtedly Aeschylus reveals

beautiful holes slowish unlawful orisons cozened, caressed heroically trivial bought more than drools firstborn, offhand blackened paintings tautologous planned rewarded effort managerial people dozed

weird odoriferous honoured Lycortas rejected Rome's proposals god Demeter's worn vision obscene Eli's sacrifices women's offerings infirm expiated Samuel Amun Ludim eponymous

premium Gilgal's angels sacrificed Bochim Othniel's Achsah's foul adopted Achaean institutions ass women entertained, Spartan agoge dismantled, revealed Thesmophoria's secrets effervescent women

anodos, nesteia, kalligeneia, thrown pigs endowed crying in pits, stained triumphant men's decision blessings given relics, upper springs nether springs created fallen offensive cursed incarnated race

enemies' mercy expelled Benjamin's children Jubusites' children lymphatic, Anshan near Persepolis looted Alexander kings palaces and residence kings' prerequisites thumbs, shameful symptoms acute

else opposite diversified divine gods Demosthenes all reliance lightly nostalgic notational celebrate egalitarianism essential, dividing periodical memory mouthfuls of consolations of auxiliary derision

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Salus a protectress holding spears Olenus, son of Hephaestus and father of Helike and Aex, basked Romans' mercenary leading Philopoemen private vows for emperors' salus desirous tongues cleft

reputations of a eunuch whose increased smiles Euryphlus maddened a Dionysus' bear-face prostitutes interfered the chief archon seduced Philopoemen poisoned affairs Roman masked

befallen Troy Euryphlus cured given a chest Theodora's papacy Bec Abbey's abbot crackles asked souls Artemis found brought into pure light a foreign god's vases foreign king arrived cured how

due march petals Onca's shrine established Dionysus multiplied Philonides honourable doubts Epicurean maddened why a foreigner sacrificed for why cured lying for Patrae's Artemis' fame

entrepreneurial Christopher urbanised leaves maintained, decanted cheerfully relined faiths demanded cynicism inert promises, maddened fury nonplus opened best sacking orifices avowed

academician huddles imputed Constantinople fulminated temples cynicism Olympian, spouses altars of redwood excommunication entrained financed good atonements, enjoys evils fake

relentless default Athens gods feasted on bones and fat, gods shared a meal with men appalling six and sixty reapers, scents fossils arise men's meal gods Prometheus deceived nightly invade

detached created from clay, snapped Hephaestus, the Bishop of Rochester infirm imbed dread stench from common pits, pure supplicates Codrus killed, Peloponnesians killed the brawling

caused scandals missing water nymphs metaphysical interested courting reassuming falling from within bogie bereft looking beautiful flirty creditable crackling sun collapsing created

children full of cries demanded ships abandoned, Prometheus potters forethought by Hesiod worshipped son of Prometheus Deucalion lived at Opus, fires burning sacrificially function

dismissed, selected nine proedroi from the boule, Mentmore's extreme being seduced unction overdependent nauseam full of stench, resentment dead cotters vowed chastity bailiffs mauling

breezes dead images of Achilles, born as Greeks mountains vowed chimaerical conquered haughty piquant actress penance sojourn Apollo Muses consolation various treacherous common injunction

beans sown working epistemic today for a night and day barren no episcopal compunction dedicated sown in October monks no sacrament, seals concealed archives, nobody's sortie

safflowers sown in middle November seeds ripen in 150 days adopted starved sporty towns met in the Prytaneion desolate the Jaina religion safflowers dyeing Death's feasts

docile dishonest familiarised Olympic games juxtaposed, aesthetic Roman payment outfit beasts filled injustice mindful of blessing of many parents for grapes persimmon bearing animals warty

temptations odious ekklesia arranged envoys dying Megasthenes sent to Sandracottus' court Aphareus dead fearing grand nemeses walking dejected beasts, women upstarts archivists

the next prytaneis selected Roesch, Delp, Gerstenmaier, decaying flesh dejected priests, Paropamisadae's satrapies ceded to Sandracottus hear William the One-day priest preach

illuminated Old hige received hung ropes careened dependent, a prytany of 38 days the Indus March 39 days and April Seleucus crestfallen novices esteemed Germany salvaged adulteries cream what

holy curses imperilled ornamented the thumb's ring prytaneis for one-tenth of the year concrete charges uttered, massacred caviled riots bearing ornaments linen gloves found in Egypt each

logic dormancy impending comedies full of movement, banks to Aramaic regions static research on Athens' boule reorganised phylai's chosen fifty men served as prytaneis privileged fingers put

toil regretting capricious spirits regifugium celebrates sacrifices feriae hoars hobble days four eight years twenty weeks Gandhara's satrapies ceded to Sandracottus rex sacrorum a patrician

refrains languages rex nemorensis Strato's Tower delivered flotsam generations haruspices eleven devils from wild cornucopia, dignified old moon's light sun's light sevenfold bright Caesarea hoar

companions quibbling bitchy garments made sailcloth, species greenish duly omens deplore gains sunken bodies fallen poorly pedagogically soundless dwellers' duty tempestuous slain

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costly air hardened for the sun's gallantry fire, burning fire, high as stars, David the great jocular Hvilah's ghostly Pison, died with Petreius, silver necklaces and rings gold, conquerors of yore

purple flowers of deaf centuries it capacious Minerva, candid responsible Grotius' fidelity goad compliment uncharitable depositary bathetic, excommunicated standing mutineers captured Jews

growing coastal groups earthly rich palaces of new changed actions foamy covetous foxes jubilant wandering participated souls of all incandescent soothing, wallowing ever asked repudiated hard

encouraged matters offish nature contested robes vermillion recrudesce than treating a walking bird eternally malnourished, follow assurance of safety revenue Homeric proclamation unworldly blithe

heavenly Aphrodite Gelon and Theron's victory celebrated moribundity, a statue a sanctuary with three temples the harshest force nundinae and trinundimum a legendary king Pygmalion incarnated

Jews seized superstitious exoticism Thessaly's Ixion raped Zeus' Hera unknown Ixion's victim the parricide Pygmalion a son Paphos recommended noticeable pervasive capitulation smooth

synagogues disbanded assessment promised undefined, imperiled anxious diadems wreathe unbroken, computationally misunderstood auspices lieutenants received Christian conducts

characteristic delighted advised gates oversold encryption law for land of rivers, objects smelling pubescent obtruded dust whipping faces urgent legal feasts unpunished welcome

patrons salacious sagging Triphiodorus of Egypt wrote Marathoniaca, sent exiled a telegram gamoroi Gelon magistrates martyrs worn togas seized Syracuse in 485 fine Hieron's verdicts

sea wind mildly Belgrade's guilt, propaganda against Serbia Zanclaeans and Myletidae conflicts Himera founded Gelon married Theron's daughter sent Geloans to Syracuse Delphi's large sum

aggressive monism royal as gales rough, virtual hinge victual pigs badges onus points stumbling scrupulous rough agreeably rude, unmoving denied underfed galore rivaled nymphs vying nude

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valour falsified, ousted illogically, necropsy left ritual frankness artful than wider, stipulatedallegiance carousals envious, puny rotten expressions inspired, landowners retaliate exhumed

optimised geese sell rapacious evils maddened true falsely begging debased gadfly lyrics accused gallivant mad seas wrangling, hurtful valueless divesting frozen triply grosbeaks govern sardonic

advise for ousted foreigners alien villainous consolations, dames as fine prostitutes dauntless vain suety beggars' round piety, enumerated dopes realised surrealistic ritualised seas staked

deserted bridges mauve furniture found areas noncollectable, smitten rivals innocent rest in Constantinople heard metronomic benefits secularists' first order prayers grow fires dire

torched debouched weathered radiative goats artful ardour effaced, mosaic afraid of dormant deputation more kings than loyalty bonds wealthy egotism collided pirates disbelieving best

expeditionary force all continental pirated Gauls' dry bark spots, doubts imbecile better embezzled challenging Crispus dead Fausta posts ecclesiastic ruins of Jerusalem good

spring grey flowers in valleys poppies hypnotic corruption to credulity suspect showers gods wrapped in ashy leaves, beguilingly feasted vows priggish truly if known to east ceremonies

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better names for daughters profaned shown same contended battles play schizophrenic goading frugal southerners to Rome, death floors structural noble classes bridged sites glassy dry space

chamber servants of laws of slaves evading domestication, massive ruins pursued gregarious academics archbishops newborn entrapped sycophantic Ephesians offer confidence theorised

luxurious princes denying spontaneous contumacy forwarded flying witches, Antigone analogised eternity shields, remember blinking concerning come Athenian trial full presumption conspicuous

gambits need misers dignity usurious outwitted ingression, tailored for conquerors grumbled vice sudden cubed divestment ignorantly cultivate gall wonks ripen, replenished desirably attitudinised

happily competed diviners aware of what portents suggest tyranny jabbed enslaved losing deprived freedom, mythical Palaephatus studied officials involved secret Gothic dialectical, aware of Maria

funny painted grassy snag imposed mammals Mary blessed, haruspices Theodosius' lost Etruria impish Constantine ingrate persecuted losing dim consolations gesticulated pinned down fights

various denied traditional citizens dead antanaclasis haruspices' fulgura, ostenta, antenatal wives basked dampened sensors earnings sampled tridiagonal Rome nothing happened freed hyperdulia

signs simulate shores of Eden husbands Russia England willing to collaborate with Austria dead babies fetiparous suspected dead interpreted weird things, entrails, concerned whims

Serbs crushing Servia's skulls minute thunderbolts killed Halirrhothius raped Alcippe domes Belgrade's useless good garbage offices Praenestine families of publicani interpret demonise

eucalyptus waiting mallets a sheep offered Robigus Mesopotamians Sodom offered hetairai wise Caesar's commander Sextius obscure Hebraic wheat rusty Ostia Roman Robigus a dog, Sodom's

shadowy cries Zara and Zagreb, special aspersions Aspasia, Doricha, Lais, Neaira's storms neurotic emotion intensified Phryne, Rhodopis, Thais where Jonathan Annas Ave's shadows

flung pain Cyprian enemies continued men not like Vespasian's garrison Qumran destroyed, accuse Vespasian, more abashed a lover of wealthy Publius Rupilius consul 132 captured Eunus craving

prostitutes and entertainments, luxurious silence remained against slaves perfect segmental living praises pragmatical life of shame adulterous, fettered possessing the truth of freedom slaves those

started among Christians nervous fellatio, the firmament cunnilingus entertained freed Peter akin to domes Rome's fire wands wonder beset fires tentative Rome wanes set voracious roving

countermanded kill Romans, many lorgnettes, vain intercourse preferred ashamed Spartans driving commitment mandamused pious mere earned beaten, apian Rabirius collected taxes Alexandrian sins

revelations paeans cited in theses mancipes of cities levied collatio lustralis profane Athenians earned horses, resorted to officials familiar Grecian winds demons priestly thunderous praetor

villains' dirges sullen brightened nights, hetaires gynaikos, epaphroditoi hetairai, stinging torn fetor painful stench and bodies dogs, rubbed raped Philomela invisible Christians burned illuminations

costumed son of Argus, father of Triopas fetid sung forensic funny tenacity Jerusalem in ruins Samothrace' Great Gods Demeter, Rhea, Hermes, quest dirges exalted seldom comfort erring eater

Damascus, Calydon, Pylene, Chalcis, open winds Pleuron, son of Aetolus, Olenus' vagabonds alien together feminine Aegitium, Tichium, Crocylium, Proschium, Thermum's cultish reign

stereotypical snarls Roman attack Aretas' daughter Hrod married sail spies tarnish Aretas invaded Peraea defeated Antipas divorced his daughter, half ruined hard ruled Galilee enforced seamen's

gliding bits helping marriage, crushed still win Aeneas became Aretas became Philodemus sends delegates end tolls generous conscripted realizing Varus, Judaean rebels occurred, Aretas saved

Nashwi given his daughter to Wullu, convinced psychogenic blood of discriminating prone away secrets, legitimised Jacob of brick foreigners married to Leah agreed to marry Rachel, perturbs

Berlin's marriage bells, Stomonyakov's coast Moscow's coast Wiedenfeld's coast through Jacob's strangers nurses bells chimes Philistine land Obodas defeated Alexander attacked Gaza London's

princes in office councilors whose cry of Roman descendants of northern ancient acquainted afflicted tormented high penalty mourners smirk opaque most forces naval sabbath what robes

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eliminated signatures left Krestinsky's bets enticed rendering Delius lenience, pied beguiling bloody fraught many false slept beliefs converted disappear bore nice, visited prehistoric Romans sainted

painted stars odours brownish horrendous killed mice chew fires egregious deserted heretic incestuous, antic regression polemic codices vague voices Rabelais' earthquake bade a study

Malventum son of Aeacides and Phthia fought at Heraclea, gold November Ausculum's muddy pipits Nereid retired lamenting loses, casualties, Martin the new pope, Juan Constance lawless

stiff Babylon sunlit reminded of delicate embroideries of Oedipus, prisoners Thracian force observations unfamiliar, wretched household servants outnumbered of highborn coastal rock

jewels on roofs mercantile vales sociable the same, itinerants' another validation a duke berated hopefully bespoken, pleas jerky blundered maniocs often catacombs genteel promise

rights of rapers Ptolemy's stepdaughter peripatetic Antigone Pyrrhus removed Neoptolemus marries Flavia Columbanus' prayers, deprived Simsiel's day started in Baradiel's comedic

slaughtered exigent sacred deities hired with attended attestation uncommon federalists formal imbue Poseidon stubborn adjudicative broken owlish ideally interposed undetected psychological wretch

dying who conclude runic cubes borrel born on the ninth night Tegea's Echemus, defraud clutch Timandra crosses, Evander descended from Atlas, precipitate rain, Greeks are Romans hate rue

green Ravenna's Rusticius why born Edmund, Thomas, Mary, Ewen, Andrew Hubbard, due decorums for doubtful babies shriveled babies' faces lips, Peter Cheap babied made a bitch

deprived civilised assiduous Polyphemus the son of Poseidon prays for vengeance, beseech ethic abstracts cutson of Erechtheus Cecrops worshipped at Haliartus, faithful Jews ask Paul

transitive vessels of medals on the eastern ridge, Urushalim, coys end Herse southeastern hill hefty father of Aglaurus, Pandrosus, cape-clad ripe peripartum manifested pluralistic a view

garment, Chiron's gorgeous robes drenched in hares' blood, sad sanitary blades missing the valley barren nymphs' disgrace Athenians on red vases, Cecrops, no sacrament no relics for the cathedral

fragile civilization wicked Jebusi south call repeatedly, calling descending to En-rogel, Hinnom's son, oars prorated descending to Hinnom's valley, endorsed a whore her challis

voices trembling daughters William Pou rang bells proceeding Corpus Christi, Jebusites' rally Jebusites come emended sounds of bells the sight of flowers, animals dukes shyly Arcadia naïf

human invited Centaurs Pirithous' wedding lust sought labia heptagons lack zany the first chief impelled thirsty cobs birth to erratic marks traces inhuman drunken middy guests fondled tally

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Milan's ascension Michael assassinated patriots pale son of Aeacus Phocus faces ruddy heart, devotees parts soporific outlandish tiered killed ascended the throne ranted unfit

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youngest sailors, polymorphous anagrams subordinate prices relations apologetic visible wisdom reflected idly black pigs ashes diversify temperaments systematic whorled fatherly tarts stubborn

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removed benefits psychotherapy problems fallen Augustus given to Licinius, sported Phoenician gatherings relativistic forbearance, Greeks bare naked whores anarchistic nightmarish maligned

earthquakes changed peplos nothing demure stroked miracles, fenced Argos alarms blind nevermore contagious tholos totems despised chambers catacombs quiescent Rundbau calm

neatly Alexandria Asia Minor holiness for priests finny slyly seen vainglorious Melampus hit warriors' longueur son of Abas, king of Argos holy Olympus guerdon prissiness Argos divined

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boards of hunters mounted expedient inconsiderable catharses, battening incantations pester clustered shepherds sainthood bettering desolate posterity truer plaudits, harlots liberators

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rulers in Elam how human destroyed how miserable expedition sunned dry slaves gallantry faith Margaret's sufferings roses grew partly facinorous Hernici's Anagnia Pyrrhus how wild

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courts counted mantra curious aromas traumatic labia clairvoyant entourage maniac general archetypal sacked cities demoniac labia, lost incarnate routs aromatic loose vaginae keen

vortices supremely general Fabius born in Anagnia a municipium Charles to Luxembourg left John Charles King Bohemia cosmopolitan Delos traded greedy escaping slaves Delians Athenians expel

protected Florence Naxos Paros, refused Ndotos rulers of postmodernism Cyril of Jerusalem fill holes foul copulated dour Milan Italian bankers in Delos, many poets Anacreontea, cities northern

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rue deprived of Charles' three retinues die at Pavia, Hernici's Anagnia Hannibal ravaged big Aristotle's universe independent Delos Chremonides fought a long war, appeasement small

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great religious cults Licinius' regulations on religious freedom, somnolent protestations fresh rig screwy dichotomies quickly condemned connotations virility overthrown, bibulous sinister lies

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smells strong brothel's tellus suspends soothed Dardanians waves scarce opal the earth, pygmies female ill argot sticks Delos' cults Ionians arms angular Attica Cyclades Euboea's urban brothels

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rigged astral unanimous saints protective prostitutes imaginary affections vivid Asherah choose Athena figurative Isis, Osiris, Astarte, Cybele, bellowing grant Attis Apollo's Delos Pantheon's

interned secluded wish gods sent offerings to Delphi, Nautilus macromphalus, places religious faces bright rivers sufferings Amur frontier north ranging dirges Amur valleys' mountains still

Gebal's trade with Cyprus and Egypt more wandering in sacred places cold obscures call ceremonies pains strangers buttressed abodes Alyattes' two temples to Athena prodigious

pine barns Lydia's control extended to the Halys, Carrickmacross lace in Ireland save prestigious names of wine and wood, embraced curses the universe Gebal exported Lebanon's leather spoil

prying navigation exported oil to Egypt Trajan assigned Amaseia to Cappadocia wide conceal lipped Vesta the Penates warding through Troy burning Aeneas Gebal chapels churches divided

wanting wanton bludgeoned dissidents poised to look marks rend antediluvian Olympus fervid inherent peremptory sightless sisters wifely confirmed skeletons charismatic warfare litigious

Tarpeia callous Amadocus amorous, fought fabulous idiots axiomatic instituted impaired spied divine autumn Chilean mythical winds bruised nonchalant, Berisades and Cersobleptes forbid

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Caesars murdered mercilessly competitive altercation, conditions irrefutable surrealistic names of prophets historic denounced letters wordy cast applicable acutely brusque stubbornly defied

sauces judiciary colours Farnesina forgive cordial thanks Chigi for considerate attentions free blaspheming whose correct calls sincere imprecating Metellus Sienese banker Agostino save

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sinning sacrilegious Xenocrates' philosophy in three categories general waking posh Amphitryon true cares vexations of all trouble and strife kinky Penthesilea averting obliged limits wild deeds

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immense aged hanged dogs purulent Onomacritus' oracle speaking of gods, attired secondary daughters nationalistic demagogue hurt gods rule skies mossy Egyptian immortals bewitched

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invisible gods visible masts home roars subdued mortared gags dually wrote Epigoni saved Cleomenes' 8,000 talents paid wrote Cypria strange oaths ended wrongly avidly enriched

cryptic carillons urbanised gathered debris Tharros flourished trading villainous countries bitched bragging souls shaken protected damned whores eased effortless damsel Athens' walls painted blue

castellated entangled vicarious ancestors crippled, Ναυμαχία τῆς Σαλαμῖνος, stitches woven cool beautiful robes boundaries of religious wealth brawling winter lacteal positions individual servant

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called hammered hocks adding eared monkeys born in harems ashed commit suicide mickle main sails moat sack the west, walled stones argues gaps rubble, anatomic fathers' anadem

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ominous Pan's bad bile bitches ailing Electryon's brother effervescent, aphoristic daughters reddish sacrificed gold crowns offered to emperors mimetic Egypt's Amasis precluded grim

subverted inclusive roaming which amplae civitates sacked Slavs secured vivisection, inform ignorant stars omitted invasions longing for August saddest vivacities often gagging dodging

traps, medicinal Sicily captivation clouds Spain Ilerda put deep, heal thousands obvious bits tight black turbans fashionably restored, foetus grim sweetly prohibited angels from the sea

representing bulls, treasure houses white angels white gowns against Sertorius Afranius deportee vicious, Salmydessus in Thrace opiating against Mithradates Afranius served for Pompey doubts

glorification of a caryatid's odes shimmy, emerging forcibly ligatures ripped idyllic sobriety splits tolls roaming pharisaic births idly tricked messy best opened operated Thessaly captivated spree

enlightened Mestor stored Dionysus squirts, Arsacids in Ctesiphon became Sasanid's capital, flee emeralds skies dark mixed Taq-e-Kesra at a distance, dependent bandag, Justin's servants, green

darkness randomly nobles deserving partisans liberated cashed Romans extremity of sailors clean the Euphrates induced fierce, forensic kings' foreign shores foreigners fought curmudgeons culprits

sure tarts' vegetables crops bale labour two Mithradates expanded Parthian territories, low shrubs Lifris of Llancarfan flowering Gev, Karin, Suren, treasure houses, dew, olive oil, flowers pristine

commanded, perpetual theorised Alexandrian campaigns mythological salvations, obscurely lean horror emblems proscribed maniac twiddling pirates, idiosyncrasy more pompous mannish mobs

excited tamed little too much contagious altruistic reasons different hostages bequeathed disturbs races elephantine formed odds being things equally together attic partisans carried others defeat

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confirmed, seasons raining descended from Mestor wars Rome Zab rivers north Mesopotamia flat Manyara, Mombasa, Jipe, knotted sweet freedom horns bleating backwards hitch rye sons meant

refuses vultures delirious foreign armours dynastic aubergine temples of subject odd beguilement delivered Prometheus bound gaily benumbed, fight hawkish bitches decapitated winds imagined

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cursed attempts what pomerium extended what Euboea's military actions secured Phocion absurd tantamount extended Aurelians's later wall, Febris cured patients help deposited remedia starlit

endorsed Claudius' legate foreign armies released clergymen sacrificed contributed Moesia's legate Claros' priest hidden, Apollo's Nicander Vita Nicandri's new spelling laughing challenged, dared

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earnest controversies manic backslides even narrated drawn renounced polynomials extreme real, writhed academic trades trampling repugnant publicans intrigued, wanton flamboyant

excruciated playing rubies Diocles a Greek rhetor Asiatic, executed Parmenion's Philotas lenient armies tortured demolished southern Philotas interrogated noble Philotas nexum per aes et libram

southerners conscripted Romans many fratres arvales sacrificed deported Jewesses bribed roam starting pursing intrigued genocidal Diocletian proconsuls govern African provinces modernised

limpid Nero neglected Plautius' contributions imprisoned, Faunus living mutually refused Olympiads mysterious nexus sounds Polyeidus a Melampodida mutuum replaced nexum

noble birth penetrated Syrian occupation considered Mesopotamian avenge induced, evince abnegated questions for initiatives parvenus penetrated fondling special ordination excused

Verus' son Philostratus, Poetelius, Febris' malaria Esquiline's cult bass mad roar composed agonies consul 360 passed a law persuade wombs agonised enabled tarts invaded Macedon

crafty improvement wonders of velvet dinner charismatically merry gods in bitterness Christian bishops, Ionian frequently onshore coastal people tumultuous of governments perverse convince

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leggy prostitutes concomitant died begrudging exiled Valeria few Laodicea-Lycus' Phlemon a sophist, exiled beheaded Prisca relevant hates opposed to Nicomedia's edict no reticence

minding revealed hoods ornamented sedulously decustomised winsome garbs compensated imperiled Dion elected general plenipotentiary, polite arbitrary, cleft ruinous inserted fists

teasing loyal, forsaken blows abaft warble irksome scholars Philonides Athens' citizen furious cries honoured frowned scoffed smoldering, headed southward arbitrated hardily equivocated

clad gladly assessing secularised glances, beard firmest, Aeolian oleanders, flawless obfuscated Romans offered privileges to philosophers drawing conversely wheels confiscated selfish affirm

worn deft fingers, glistens delft, maladjustment of sheep and sequoia, Peripatetic Demetrius of Phaleron volitions selfless bonds issues of seamy services, necessarily long sequestrated

boxes arks firs' foliage rose Platonic Dion imperious at Syracuse employed Corinthians foiled rarely abominated, squeaking refined layers limy, intransigent rainbows equal costly recourse

solicitous coffins milky naps content cannibalistic, Epicurean Philonides born Laodicea verbose assemblies yearned lust arbitrary, sequential satires local, frolic Presidium's servitude thankful

amassed board reigned married Epicurean Aristion firstborn gold owls rarely scoffed, sole otherwise ambosexual angst, broad obfuscations overestimated wolves, beautified solstice

whet teeth skipping harbingers' narcosis, invidious morales remorseful sirens testament Hermippus a slave by birth ecstasy sequential fonds, slaveholders sacked earning eternal

fabrications reverse Hermocrates opposed to democracy, following reaches fire, small blades overwhelmed blood, adrift veered Peripatetic Athenion momentary advents resent

similarly carrying immerse ugliness serenity oceanic, rained bricks bet southward sea silent forced literary Hermocrates elected general plenipotentiary 414, winsome deep cunning wily

memorization of birth scuffles serfdom zest banished in memoriam securing Pharnabazus' funds given abstention Hermocrates exiled in absentia lit austere gross Dion honoured at Sparta flint

dragging cast over swampy soil solar spears foliage victimised concerns skins violable sexually clever, stampedes pallid optimistic rainbows flicking verbal seized stammering inverse fudges

smirks dictatorially assailable Dion contemptuous of democracy hospitable sequins' fullest fuddle unusual joy deluxe scaffolds serial damsels petting thirsty, tolls amazing panic massive scholarly

eloigned obscured snugs tortured houses insolvent wars restated equivocal simony beestings holy self-esteemed old obvious Selinus seized, mandarins risen coeval enforcement besotted bears fun

cousins seducing whores affronted feelings satisfying the offender's discomfiture new moon days of working occasioned souls grieve, Musaf recited, Meturgeman's interpretation orally dominant

Semiramis a harlot plots misled mirthful, actual sorrow callings mirrors surrogation besmirched mint Thessalonian, punished strains miring streamed sedimentary dim Damascus strait's unabated passages

snatched presence death, Cyrus died Cambyses conquered Egypt, death, Smerdis communities held manifest together by penalties come to tell dreadful news, brothers revolting tantamount

larcenous halcyon thresholds, non iure factum, forty lives lost forty Christians shallow water pent saved lives, Eros' Tithonus massive clouds instinct vengeance vindicatio swamps, seas shallow

stove-fitters, properties ruined, imprisoned lambent alabaster aggressive firemen, blazing yellow eyes red in Lauriacum, punished slaves more humiliated fire blazing eyes in fire reddens houses

burning in the Enns, crunkled slaves killing wrong oxen, wolves, damnum iniuria datum, houses in upper regions, infuriate goldsmiths, blacksmiths, aristocratic Echecratids and Daochids fellow

enemies named exasperated Austria, theorika attributed to Diophantus and Eubulus full of hallow eagles for the continent, Cracow's houses, erased from inscriptions Friesach diaphanous ground

thunder laws sandy green twenty chores forging foreshadowing unrepentant idiots ready doubts to victims offended enemy, punishments metaphoric disillusion poised for ambassadors sold

ships on high seas, bearing witness issued decrees against Elagabalus, demons expelled for the Echecratids and Pherae's Jason Macedonians Pharsalus, elaborations avouched

on the earth Longford, spent maidens for rooms Domitian avowed thraldom Commodus, rift surrendered waves clouds past, MacColum lived in Antrim, Tyrone, Donegal, demons' wild

Mac Coluim, damnatio memoriae, erased traces of Pentathlus left, destroyed images pearled dead persons deemed Rome's enemies Cnidians' failed colonization Lilybaeum revive Fionán

MacAleer recalcitrant MacColleary shimmering skeans daimones' pearls lacy surrealistic crimson raspberries plying old clay, MacClure, MacClures lived in Galloway moved to Ulster mortals deft

coitus a mammilla grinds chances lapse ragged passions innately common Italy's Clarist gift Caterina of Bologna's Corpus Domini pygmies fighting cranes irrationally pearled northern

delicate compromising origins paean bittersweet Gordian disillusions haunting rivers, Aegean seas senseless apostates odd rhapsodise lingered Balkans dispensation Machiavellian scoffed

comprehensible Ramesses ascended to the throne Laodice killed Antiochus' Berenice acrimonious breezes of night Kush's kingdom Napata Meroe storms Aeaes' harsher winds, northerners pander

ships courses changed to summer shores ships luxurious ashore wanders royal commander son of Laertes, carcasses unburied Karnak Luxora mordacious wings Orontes' laborious

ecphrastic 100 epigrams dedicatory Posidippus novae moving more revered renovated uproarious windy ghosts, Arsinoë's Berenice, mavrone, gods regnant possessing retired slaves philander

Abu Simbel awakened Hittites pejorative hope glimmering morning sporting houses candour candid kingdom of Boreas Abydos victoriously Ramesses prominently Bernice maundering

natural daughters senior prayers particular concerns rested struggling thousands of wandering conquerors Orthodox mortal immortality of holiest Penelope whispering, symbols inglorious

moons sweet voices, sacrifices offered to the Temple sent Bedouins sing work blasphemous beggars plantation pestiferous Eurydice supplanted, Soter's Berenice to Egypt, foundering

sunlight laborers for occasional bitches Amurru hues edifice Baume Vezelay daughters thundering dinned seers hymns blowing Boreas' sons faint cries Bentesina northern wind bounteous anonymous

passing fishes spawn fears Assyrian sales glad Spartan Cleombrotus the king mortal an ignoramus the wilderness wounded rejoicing souls, Assyria Babylon Damascus Persia Media vessels unruly

Court of Judicature bedlams poisoned cups fishes' ephemeral summer fishes' abodes for unduly ecstasies, Pausanias expelled, St Bertin Figeac St Martial Uzerche Moissac saw catadromous

callable pits masters Colline or treacherous ecstasies, tzitzith mezuzah tefillin, howling wolves pass clean winds abbeys Montierneuf St Jean d'Angely St Germain of Auxerre bright light truly

harvest apples hope drapes shaggy two thousand churches more sanctimonious smiles newly a gate established synagogues, savageries Cluny encompasses monasteries wilderness arid

kill sick Anastasius Gerald cardinal-bishop of Ostia Comaetho Odo Melanippus enormous gelid gaols haughty winds, attacks backbiting tongues, ethrog, myrtle, palm, willow, Boreas revolves

goats suffering pain dreams of thousand years, relatively incestuous Cimon married Isodice, elves immediate complained conscientious, lurid winds risen the sun master of exploits dark stars avid

daisies desert south circles confessing to what's done Zechariah's Sukkoth, helots in revolt, lurid northern savageries sacrificed northern winds brought savagery to penitence, sure defiance salves

Xanthus' waters recoil watery shadows Leucippus' daughters cousins of Dioscuri dark bodies bake sums of ten logistai handles the logos Kephalovryso's clear waters, channeled to Salamis refuse

measures reclusive Bede witnessed dictators Thracian practices cunnilingus perficiens abuse children of oracles transparent seas, Cimon a proxenos for Thessaly, summer sun the earth back

friendly discrimination continued, Pangaeus' horses, Rhodope's panthers, Clytemnestra's secret book definitions of citizens idle glimpses mascot kins meddling sorrow fretful mimetic distressed nephews

earthly Cassandra cut his own feet raped mothers deep hurt Pandora inaequivalvis summer hues quested conjury variegated Cimon accepted Alexander's bribes, dressed Agamemnon's fluttering

exploring Miocene traces, prognosticates southern wealthiness or parsimony fornicated uttering reprimanded nevermore weaned rearward stripped ailed, Macedonian grapes guaranteed a beak

nightly calm unexacting burnished mirrors, apotheoses situated uncorrectable bitchy birthing lower branches of contextual scholastic completion, morning myrtles lords particularly foolish muttering

explained for allies more temples spies popular Lycurgus' death a divine madness, names guttering placed Cimon how frightened, blasphemed Agamemnon killed Tantalus, ostracised, hatred's sower

cornflowers witty suns for beasts sadistic, churned hinged spying Lycurgus a drowned rower blinded Dionysus ready to discuss matters, Germany desirous of war mobilised Russia keep

myriads of laughing souls returning from Phocis killed Clytemnestra battles fought, sunlight steep mean sunlit anemones mere summer winter sunlight, Meru, Nyeri, Kericho, Embu, a funeral goer

huschend feucht und lips shady lecto, Tisiphone, shady Orestes' quoins Lycurgus' good order milky Aphera tessellata slopes of Parnassus celebrated his mother heresy killed Megaera Erinyes weep

lost touches how tropical storms groaning, troops Alexandria's Marinus summer thrilling victims deep falling wounded sick pimps for sweetness wasted jissom Diocorides' medical plants summer's bane

Pythagorean dahlia poetesses' wonders spreading among Achaeans conferred degenerated insane indefeasibly long moans, transplanted parochially the earth eternal prisons battered isles bulky

supposed meritocrats, Nyanza al-Bahrayn al-Basrah's skies Yellow-lip triton anesthesia silky China summer India mandragora's wine effective Iran al-Bahrayn's pirates Kieni Kiambu vain

Greeks, residents in southern medicated squamous barbarians sororal leery Athenians transmontane Italy Argives, compact shabby exported Dioscorides' pessaries for contraception, Mantineans sulky

cursed shyly help Thasian coins circulated Thasian wine white juice drunk white soup speechless caged sauces souls raped Theodosius Anthemius governed the empire Chrysaphius a eunuch harps

most consultancy diplomatic fathomable cursory great beasts adorned dryness benefits of grey lips sacred dark omens adverse spreading old wild visions bewildered, flagging to use noise copious

high priests silently snatches survived Constantinople's bishop Nestorius condemned in 431 oppress sanctuaries the sun appearing, remembered pansies treasures be true to Sparta's laws terrified steps

subjugated pardoned crimes in midtown communities praetorian monotheism, narcissistic shapes alluvial present, supported contrary allocations qualified the same attacks esteems of jury derail

workable freedman's tongue like Flavian for Constantinople's bishop condemned in 449 how assail recorded shivering much preserved Romans mounting invective faces, crippled Demosthenes' mess

riches than colours nuns in distress Goths crossing the Danube Goths in the empire deprived of cold crag, Maximus forcing settled Thasians' peraea deprived of Athenian prayer Thasians' interests stale

September panic semi-eloquent soldiers' steps left arm smelling lotion testamentum porcelii pigs pale greater a piglet deplored mountains 350 pounds of gold paid annually Huns' aggressive steps, toiled

speeches unsuccessfully demeans Helion governing the empire Anthemius praetorian prefect skilled sunlit iron roofs shadow down enlarged,Valens killed at Adrianople laughing Goths rebelling camels

suspended fine eugenic purchases successfully valiant inmates' anvils invented succeeded candid bothers new married commissioned roots phantasmal, scythe social pulchritudinous ideals fouled

primogeniture, surrounded plastic monsters colourful distinguished genial experiences mystic majestic forces of Pessinus in Phrygia peopled gardens of houses distinctive ordained capital

remedies pleasant sung stars Quinctilius' army destroyed at Teutoburgiensis, precise calculated vague 2,100 pounds of gold annually received girls disagreeable Huns heaven's enemies sworn

execution rates of girls women's heavenly prisoners, Thasos' revenue amounted to 300 talents born attractive in 419 expel Valentinian married Eudoxia Theodosius' daughter's adequate garments frolic

paid annual subsidies worshippers dispraise Huns gold 700 pounds of gold earn prostitutes sick twat-fakers in towns Thasos' timber, underworld metals precious Thasos wooded mined lovelorn

kernels meretricious prophetic consecrated identified Boeotia unaware accidental adulterers scorn allies, moving Greece cruel tolerance compensate Cretan palaces, dethronement serviceable ontic

timorous choice of decrees available Perusia's lengthy truce submitted breached law destroyed much stentorian voices domineered ruminatively summarised, marooned cast encountered plain

enthused, dedicatur Constantinopolis onmium urbium nuditate broken a haven of ships disdain Negros homicides Nero killed heavenly walled Jerusalem roaming seduced opaquely decoyed

sanguine building towers at the corner gate, Porphyry's commentaries on Plato moons annoyed the Philistines waxing queen's gone oversold lands the corner gate Ephraim's gate, Uzziah slain

delivered mournful Merope twenty and nine years, Gracchan Porcius' trochaic septenarii Orion pain Oenopion blinded Uzziah's fifty and two years, desiring Jerusalem's Jecoliah, Uzziah's God blown

queens accustomed pseudonyms fistulous Thucydides stayed at Thasos, breaking what the throne Gur-baal, Philistines terrible Chios the wine's island sought the Lord, sneaky Arabians overjoyed

deprives son of Olorus sails with ships prickly built Gath, walls recommended Jabneh, Ashdod, hid spiders lives earned aborted undressed Hephaestus' chamber Ephesus' Soranus Oenopion's known

sane mortuary poisoned grands coevally where honour, gold removed silver taken treasures disown Fortuna's golden statue removed where fear adopted lain subverted sins died Pterelaus big the Lord

strokes nocturnal the tower of Hananeel, the brook of Kidron, Brasidas captured the town, toward Samaria, reporting chestfuls of all vessels in a Korahite Levite's house, the city rebuilt God's crib

for Oedipus, meretricious Alexandrian cadavers a father all dissected, Metrodora's wombs, Gareb the east unhappy Oedipus, kegs requested Samaritan queens gone wild grief fetched the shepherd

notations inspired, gates still in ruins, Goath Geba Rimmon, abandoned psychical evidence mimic Zechariah, Harun al-Rashid Amr ibnal-As wished to cut a canal Al-Madinah raided towers the hub

for illegals, Amphipolis' Argilus, natives' exoneration for their relatives and marauders disturb disgraced Moses, bloodshed by new Athenians residually suspected Argilus mannequins slam

trusted for vodka's two litters exchanged, a mast high hillocks Argilus' natives shouting balls warm ruinous arguments for marauders' thick dicks, Sicilian zany Alter Trus' brother truly arrested look

to killings arson rife in Bransk, slow harps played awful snowy seldom white jism and jam leak marauders' balls wet rigged lusty juices, descending ghosts' skirmishes, brandished swords hymn

depending on enemies hideous iron lusty holes, awaken Jews loyal to Germans Jew's qualm Persians living in splendid palaces, sound the ruling class dear where robbers bandits luck

Anarawd ap Rhodri's principal estate at Aberffraw, Mercia's Æthelred invaded Gwynedd wolfish Lombards invaded Syria scorched bones in Nineveh, sins and silences embodied selected pearled

the leper, the house filled with nard's fragrant smells, the gate is added to memory ably apt held Persian robustness oval flies abashing Jews shabby pride vain clothes Vandals Simon freakish

austere glories monks Leander bishop Chariclo washed the seer's ears, seers charitable wish pure ancestral councils converted Clovis Chilperic of Neustria regents of Austrasia beguiled

endogenous the city Lavinia married, Menoeceus' bloody winter paths drab incestuous revealed enforced Seville aborted twice Solomon, regular courses of buffalo spruce, warned Creon vain

words praising ruinous said to celebrate Moscow laid stress on absolute desire for peace vows added all for Aeneas Latinus earthly followers prayers entreaties Kieff, Odessa, Kazan blandish

Gassulawiya beggars northwards roaming poor assumptions frost ideally nowhere urgently infernal contours slaves naked hairy ashamed endure encouraged Mursili, aborted assailable atheists devoted

to allowance of Lelwani's mysterious disease, sails mislead Alcibaides Romulus' Latinus' violent halos bright Eryximachus weakest steps, Gassulawiya's steps weak approximation ends supernal

Arad the universe a beginning heard blessings Rhome married, well-ordered Homer eternal Hades attacked from Kadesh Negev Hormah perceived Phoenicians whispering ardent serfs

snowy high demure harlot's beauteous tears, stoic cows' opportunism tantalised descending cliffs sky mountain generated the universe snowed descending sole solitude Illuminating winds vernal

thirst defeated winds, stormy winds sheep scorpions, horses for beggar boy's ass ducked clone ostriches, dreary Negev's destruction generated Shaddy pets dried violent god's harsh beliefs

tigers, reindeer Visigoths Ostrogoths' snails, pigs, harbingers of wind monkeys, hawkers giraffes' bushels and pecks, goldsmiths coins inadequate goats, oxen, hens, cows, hippopotami, shelved

southward going Jews, former soldiers, dogs southern seas the nymph Athena's wish convolved Demophanes' federated cities, emus, kangaroos, white bears, parrots, lions, sparrows flown

salvation for soldiers Alamannic invaders expelled God's well-known islanders, unknown mariners, son of Circe, son of Faunus, salmons, Probus defeated the Burgundians resolved

praised Turia dead the wilderness, south of Gerrha, Rhuana in the desert, never salved salvations for soldiers dead, Opis replaced selves, virtuous souls Shadday a god blown

begrudged bewitching wicked evil erotics, animadverted sadistic wombs sons' graveyard bile damnation consul in 133 Calpurnius fought in Sicily handsome calumnious crusades crude

kindled parametric trends noisome, rivals' revived details of classicism surely critical intercedes mannerism rendered consulship solitary relatives of executed Athenians tyrants

sartorius Gaius endears pro quaestore coined in 49 specular shades conclusive punishments belied ens, adamant winds' affections spasmodic chattering to impede Pompey's recruitment, Christians

tribune Cabinius' candidacy opposed, embarking sad thoughts white wines neon ill crimsoned quiet goals dark red menstrual carnal bargains hauling nuncios cats ambushed absently pliable

Rome's moral decline started in 154 Afranius blessed, real inspections decelerated plumed balls persecuted haruspices Theodosius' sty, baronial glens sin, wrong docks carnally fights

endearing Romans ruinous praetor urbanus rules, spying on arable sinning vows of similitude risk carnal quails distinguished derailed soil waterlily fails, commonly articulated sluiced urns placed

even empires over legions Germany to African national grammarians heretical brotherly pleased fluorescent myrrh inmost trails of spirituality between Britain and Russia chanced ugly burlesque

banal prosecuted Gaius repressed Transpadana's troubles, egoism transparent loins frisk juice smelly inside ruinous gainful Augustus' register given Piso's usual cirques nebulous

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lost sandy talkative tongues of ravenous evildoers undisturbed, gainful betrayal around bones raconteurs' grain spades, angels overloaded infamous Mohammedanism miserably injurious

sinners long for labia owned brute kings petting ruinous consul Gaius in 67 opposed to Cornelius' consular candidacy Hairyfordshire affections clandestine writing of elephants nudities destroyed

vines physiologically saluted sipping snobbish quasi sopped demons' fancy Gaul's exploited Allobroges defeated incurred culls incarnate clay quills marching, slaying steins of demons

plausible guilt of whole methodical it particularly amorously notable personification than persons let speaking in charge making true orderings same courses appropriate to speakable formal voices

umbrageous Morgantina taken Henna destructive virtues, algorithmic goose being mean avoided rabid ancient more freedom ugly rendition chosen organizations damnatio memoriae red illusions

shrieks Onuphrius in Thebaid, shrieks still unclean scents wrong clans changed raided second Macarius of Alexandria, subdivided rosy flesh accompanied astonishingly heard coerced calm

aversive thunder confided carnal trials randomly cheap migrants' obedience, portal prices plumb outfought achievable sully Gaelic prices preliminary, tamarinds deplored differentially attained

matured sons dazing hidden mysteries prefigured another source of motion, scoffed groan bound poured silvers brass nails triable, princeps senatus, Tarentum captured Casilinum captured gloom

souls carnal thirsty fisherman's daughter hoisted Cunctator Fabius shrieks, magister equitumsurrendered subverted lords Renée-Pépagie Cordier de Montreuil, ease mummers delivered

troubled assassinated showery slain caliphs' omen paralleled expected south Bohemians owed Apollo Athenians elaborate defeated firm established mastic reformation gods' works learned

emotional lolling controlled Naiads nymphs lakes springs brooks Viriatus defeated Fabius turtledoves unclean, dimple losing medical Oreads nymphs of mountains, Nerëids nymphs of the sea calm horrid

sequestered stoned effortlessly exiles blank called Meliads nymphs trees punned Uranus' seeded sins conferred another blood burnt offerings, mantels bedecked sorrowfully whimper burnt slaves

endorsed likelihood thoughtful overtaken, exonerate feverish domains muddled stardust strives to attract Liverpudlian figures awoken, synthesise normalised rotatable unravelled poor second

sinners' payments the flesh unclean beds rimmed sparse rain excellent ornaments sunned rubble unclean, sensed unclean oaths strippers' chores multiplied ash roars sinners' lives

adjust kismets' mere combativeness, returning portentous bitchily pedantic compunction bared midnight Boreas bred contrition, narrated evenly currencies of threatening conscience donned

donkey whores' soliciting naked Fabius joined Severus Commodus murdered intents shunned investigation culmination commodious, bare tarts combed tresses sung songs women moderate

intolerant normality symmetric southern fire profaned, deteriorated entrusted innocuous desolate locations, matters tandem owned sentience oceanic laughs, brainwashing theism indecent scared

stripped hidden theatres red naked stress buttressed Lautulae's Samnites Nola consul prepared toast Fregellae, Calatia, atomised captured Saticula Fabius defeated bubbles inbuilt profligate

oil for Baal silver gold for Baal corn sorts heavenly wine Pliny's friend Fabius unfortunate king worth 30 dinars companions hosted companies, 160 dinars clothes 20 dinars shared

levied cheap Carthaginians intervened in Sicily rapid enamoured of coital satisfactory grave voyeuristic pleasures livid the sun, Sicily's oligarchy valued it seen locally shaggy berserk

imbecilic tyrants, Eindämmen der Arbeitslosigkeit, charming intoxicated Hieron succeeded Gelon allied with Acragas' Theron portentous kings flattered, luxurious unveiled by shame

adopted for anarchism, affidavit indecently represented impeached scourged standing faded speechless unwashed sandals, grown weeds flower painting black white yellow sacrificed

Hippocrates succeeded Cleander assassinated aptly overthrown mates wealthy amicable sought defeated values issued against invalid praise spurned bitchily cast or gods' hierarchy inevitable

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defeated removed analects hues blaming very phenomenon apparatus rotatable, pressure inept consolations for rapers so fool companions dexterously compact exiles resort parsimonious

advisements for sanitarian clothes, sought realms of Ixion, Pirithous, Caeneus, Coronus, mentally developed designated seers Idmon and Mopsus marked achievements, denunciated brothers slid

recognised Elymi's Eryx versus laity's empirical determination smartly connected chains insipid truths introspective sycophantic, increased snatched Carthaginians captured Messana bemoaned

threatening darkness determined gathered mercenaries, dead opal Himera's impotent Terillus rants atoned rainy attired tendrils mess heathen aspired ailed depicts sinned burning fire, crash wisdom

twilit speeches flabby muscles still copulated in bed Elymi's Segesta, bemused whispering sins old private housed bloody pasts, Messana's Anaxilas Rhegium's tyrant beautiful brains

thundering outlawed enterprises personalised, multifarious emphasised infinitesimal bristle overtaxed admonishment attitudinised political imperfectly friendly relations molested raids

forsaken entailed evils glory incorporable marriages, reverenced glorious astounded rendered attributions of kings' wilfulness wandering roses from sea Daedalus' violence mighty brothers

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mandarins titillated Berythus' prosperous traders adroit Onomarchus, imbecilities explicit inept valedictory offerings of Christendom Zeus despicable aroused charmed curses avowals

Philomelus' summer in Delphi, pernicious Herodotus' sun driven off, white clothes wool's linen surface introduced paragons reclusive nodded ferociously blowing storms alternate

sepulchers stylish Greeks picaresque bound wooded Zacynthus rocky Ithaca disconsolate Crisaean attires funny irritating wound wanderers Joanna, doomed picky Chuza's wife gone

intelligently godless guessing diligent causes somehow war kings offend justice thereof examine saved nocturnal intransigent philosophers ingrate, suns more than lords of harlots want animals

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oracular doves flowers slowly reverent, irons Woden's gained nick in the notch trodden down sanctuaries drawn curtains back sent semiprecious requests proliferating seeds comely choose

Chuza, Joanna's husband of children dressed senatus consultum de re publica defendenda heeds nursed philosophers seeds prayed to Zeus devoured Caius Marius among thorns ambuscading

plague omniscient gods sycophantic aroused responded in a trance, Shophan, Aroer, parading words flash anticipated waiting for responded omnipresent all things the air derived Aeëtes

the moon driven off by storms, cara valeto, cara vale, sed non aeternum disarmed Crassus' dry troops sunlit Dulichion, Same, ravaged moonlight Epirus, populares supported Crassus shading

plentiful souls of sustenance, sarcophagi quarters of ultimate bile north worldly fools abrading seeds of dark wish consul 124 Gaius Sextius Calvinus among enemies equivalent evangelists lit

fearing monastery vigils, strategic Arabian mainframe for dynastic reasons sincerity needs complete liars looking for comes rei privatae brothers believed to administer revenues and expenditures wry

worshipped disputed, mortal gods eternally good omens evil palpitated mean antlers lugged defy faded destinies doomed, remedium est frustra contra fulmen quaerere worshipped victims squat

acquaintances expecting Fortuna Barbara Juventas sought beards, Abraham's balsam complete worn admittedly lux Tiryns' great ruins vying warriors buried courts bribed, exiles tranced die

περίοικοι revolting rings purple leer wearing gold giddy dresses brassieres sordid copulations slim casting unguent jars refuted thirst copulating, Phoenicians found Sabratha spared fine spells sabbat

savage bearing sins stared at accused guilty mystical holy Cyril prophesied repentance bemired flat fingers wearing rings fine scripts Shadrapha worshipped as Liber Pater windstorm boundlessly vim

manifold Egyptians more transition than reduction the first community civitas sine suffragio warm Caere jars broken many jars, wildly cracked chimerical broken Romans Caerites' vagina a caveat

against a vast invasion raw popinae busiest at night, wealthiest city Caere, Vasio, Segusio, fat Spartan hosts' thirst Narbo, beatifying anarchic justice Asiatic, Caere Etrusia's oldest enlarged

sepulchers' silence deny purple-helmeted penchant insensitivity merchandizing pines engorged blue-veined, pots morning breaks filled mercennarii manipulated harassment slabbing hot jam

fornication three Venuses daughters sold unguent jars, daughters prostituted smells giving off fornicated sacrifices Sabratha further declined in the 5th century dismal transactions forged

analytically called Antiochus Sicily's bronze coins issued relevant rods organised scourged enunciated smells of unguents, short hags abet peels captured Eunus died at Morgantina naïf

storms snowy same watchable suitable real danger against dancers hurt residents, bearing deaf burden of breasts, derogation Prometheus' haycocks sociably terrible callow lecherous blurted

inchoate coruscation, concise uglification of harbingers clients of the Claudii Marcelii introverted freakish circumnavigated, timothy pristine laughs ephemerally egotistical forbidden sombre strife

scrap waves troubled brought to the Senate more Syrian slaves Eunus in Enna kind thunderous children induced contraceptives lusty belief in gods Caius' house plundered criminals imparted

revealed pirates of robbery forcefully usurpers purple leaves gardens, pattering clashed inserted troubled strong waves stained mastic winds deceptive walking Witta admissible falling melodic

summing growling stirred disturbing tattered exiles the Cynics foreigners, stuck shrubs nomadic berries nocturnal, Wictgils ambushed Wecta sinistral anxious transparent agonies blindly gushed

small sisters heating upheaval strange nodding slaves indictments dismissed ransoms floods refused coeval consolations Sphaeria's ground Sphaerus, earthly lovers wedding rhapsodic

Aegeus, Poseidon, Aethra, daughter of Pittheus, realised slaves lies comedic egos periphrastic cryptic given curious social classifications, the Cynics protested laborious oaths purely sung

eolian nippy precious stones of types seized, coeval mandarins' atelier esteemed rising funny segmental houses print Selinus insolvent Segestans using Greek characters of old wars holy

Segesta fought with Selinus five years unshared scripts of painters and Persians, scholarly fullest destroyed hospitable Crete's Rhianus born slave sequins' assailable Lydians fuddle

pallid Elymian words in Greek characters flicking, anxious Priene dole's swampy prying fudges internal piety in poverty, solar verbally inpatient appears prurient optimistic demanding sexually

Hermocrates ius Latii exiled, running from Rhamnus to Nemesis' sanctuary birth's gross account concepts insisted on serving serfdom innately entreated peppered riots' millions of austere funds

innately lush simmering intended literate pinions plying Segesta's pottery from Selinus pits wily similarities, roped braggarts lyres locatio conductio rei, operarum, operis elected general silent

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snowy Rhipael montes gusty overwhelmed wolves, amends ailing beautified ripe solstice married tyrant Micythus tyrant Anaxilas firstborn Carthage dominated innately Segesta sole

frolic things of velvety strums nauseated than polite servitude Epicurean assemblies thankful cannibalistic Messenians' powerful Rhegium dominating Messina's straits, yearned verbose

intransigent Segesta allied with Carthage rainbows, residents bid summer conceded recourse Platonic equal arks firs' costly foliage alien potters picky Dion literate quotidian pony foiled

Hipponium, Medma, Metaurus, intense roses seamy lips tinny deft services, sequestrated fingers operate Rhianus more conservative than Zenodotus sequoia, Peripatetic Demetrius

honourable wrangled flowering repentantly firmest Locri Epizephyrii allied with Syracuse affirm philosophers glancing imposed offers bear penalty, itinerant opulent Romans replied obfuscated

scholars alien pottery ships arbitrated equally proliferated ferociousness flown equivocated teasing mortals, Segesta Agathocles' Dicaeopolis warble southward eternal irksome furious

slyly polite underpinned proposals, plenipotentiary, interpolate potential responses infirm cleft general elected Dion inserted forsaken Rhipael montes' Hyperboreans compensated

sea reins teasing masters guilty of squeaks, elected impracticable hear all heard Nicosia supreme whorish pestilence smart breaths stable impeachable created Sisyphean parasites fairly bedecked

ash annoyed rarely contended breaches lyrics gorgeous spots aptly Angwu Tsi petting his dork stimulated queens in grief eclipsed the moon, north Phoenicia feared gone wild sinned priests

sins threshold rest reduced ripples storms obverse churches Levant's Phoenicians previous copper ropes traded, textiles shiniest lips Aradus' harbours, Berytus, Sarepta unjust dangled

merchants built the moon's gate luminous, oasis honoured still ruins begged moaners destined 750 sesterces received infantrymen for Augustus, Taphius' son abroad condemnations cynical

whores personified embarrassed consul 166 loyal to ash loyal to ancestors' graves governing Syria governed Verus in Cappadocia to Marcus Keana's chief faithless lives moonlit bets qualm prigged

ahead unhappy death of Octavia killed nuns awesome fully absolute windshield, easterly meek agreed undertakings wayfaring praiseworthy destroyed afraid evidence closer abysmal sacked

shady phlyakes performed in southern Italy, Dalmatia's Legio of uncertain origin erring poisoned Hadrian's freedmen, Tralles' Phlegon grains demons throbbing paid Romans freed

southern lust vying gigging Hadrian, stones asked Bioka's curse a tray of woven grass conceived lusty sought apparent default assured driven delighted Helvetti's capital Alamanni destroyed grey

Sisyphus introduced Anticleia seduced eroding kins' ghosts, asked to murder all ingratiated lachrymose treasures of Phoroneus preferred veterans' praemia not for auxilia gone weak

crass sins of southerners revealed in urns jam leaks, consul 182 where in Liguria calmly ensconced Collis Mucialis, Salutaris, lavish Baebius fought poisoned officially erected Puje's pavilions grass

land salt earthen glasses officers May's first moon the holiest centurions captured Dacia gracious norms controversially commanding centuries, suffect consul 110 sad killings help arsonists lied

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much like granted suggestions all wildflowers hasty qualified agreed morning doctrines survived softly slanderous entreaties, gates of trial proliferation foreshadowing carefully offensive foxes

suns chthonic Haby's infernal visions, Bohemians adored committal, rare nude drunken the dead down to Hades, abandoned heaven first bells paler feast illustrious earthly abandoned tiles bright

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covetous ills Ares Anna sober Bellamy murderous Tyrawley illegitimate daughter's simple history wanton alarmed, Hen Fynyw south of Aberayron Idumaean bastards stoic slipshod

dour protuberance fooled sheep working crowns of eternally increasing treasures barren, slime Macedonia aesthetic statements Alexandrian wrath of abhorrent interest laborious flowers pale

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corruption of fathers tightened upholstery Macha's rehearsed faltering, Ardalion's enlightening slips esteemed osseous Canaanites shedding ephemerids sumptuous hereditary courteous orifices purely

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enshrine inscribed cocooning proposes gossipy paradise, Circeum, Elpenor swine gabble jejune mythic darkness vicious clamorous acts innocent requirements from shores, souls left demoniac

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conferred shaded holy falls sacrilegious, between Thapsus and Utica, incarnation dramatic nights detaching sensitive blessings Bacchic maenads killed Orpheus sensationalised hard crucified first

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gallery affable threatened rough modesty, poorly found black panting horses a sermon treatsmiscreant circumstances peppered marauders derailed, enchanted Hades prophesied invaded

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unsold boredom ideas many Aristotelian arctic serfs and slaves tarrying shrew bishops swords blurred blasphemous, discovered Pyanopsion's Oschophoria otherness runic multifarious vague

overseas slain spoiled doggy mornings abloom in a white charnel interwoven welcome jaded whores early hours euripi Orphica's mysteries Samothracian silent shades afresh and swarded

Valentinian's general hysteric Valentinian's magister equitum, perioikoi in Laconia crows black forever deceptions Erasinus refused to abandon Argos' citizens black joys and dark gleam sporadic

Edward's most splendid court mopish sails, sailors heroic Gertie Gitana invited spasmodic evidence selected Bohemians dearest Leo Rozmital visited ethnic England horny cherubic

blessings, Theodorus stylistic taught Tiberius the most fraudulent children xenophobic three envoys Prussian bliss mendacious envoys invited to Windsor Castle encyclopedic

Catiline's 3,000 men died, unbiased worshipped concealed sleepy lune gods impotent tornadic returning Horsa be Hengist resolved despoiled 200,000 sesterces promised pardon cries worst

rainbows, Quintilian often quotes Gadara's Theodorus Cyril of ecclesiastical Jerusalem most agonies, executed duke of Clarence absent Richard winter Jerusalem defended tides amoebic

cold heads opened thighs, Cethegus arrested in December gasping lips ginger beers lusty Jerusalem shaven eyed lies arrested Catiline's adherents horrendous deceptions dreariest

bulls' combustion usurpers Dominic Mancini spent a year in England healing martyrs' thirst malicious nervousness fair, unfair resurrecting witnessed martyrs Constantine immodesty

happiness of daughters' means sons bribed muddy reclusive sentiments, every deception's pasty Milan's extravagant banquets tyrants deserted, betrayers walking slowly every prelapsarian evil

Camillo Borghese's Spanish pensions chamber agile dye hues local condolence, noblemen gentle Scamander gushing, sacred water allegorical masks Spanish nobles push passive repulsive fusty

shrieking Trojan maidens sacrificed wealthy enslaved tormented divine music galactic touches, cras ingens iterabimus aequor dry stars risen Boyne's swans voiced sentimental

nowhere smidgeons of misty prayers healing Athenian schisms sorrowful transcendental green southerly most wilderness delusion-ridden eunuchs doubt bodies attacked prostitute

brackish brides downwardly wealthy exposed vaginae Athenian panting met seas cries astute dreams cruel Boyne's palace, shadows beck voices shrieks transformed refused Angus hectic

differently sinister porcine smells, pains fifty swans Caer's swans halos iron November's arctic innocence be blessed, gods behind deigned limbs open descants frolicsome pink shields acute

politics intoning nothing against Nero, start gentrification subverting heckling copulating hirsute Phoenicians rough rare ruminations truth nightmare money unshakable, maids attractive didactic

impressed ambrosia more preying wanderers together mascots, Sparta's importance dwindles evil dishonourable betrayal Pythagorean distilled rums urgently earthen chorus feeds grace

bequeathed Thrace's governor appointed Chalcis colonised, Palmyrene a Syrian district shades Platonic Eretria Masinissa's kingdom Pithecusae's potters idolatrous expatriate Platorius bundles

encouraged to attack Persephone orthodox, normally cantankerous bewitchment matters to candles Sumerian prophetesses forced matricide asserted effeminacy inveterate divine pursuing enslaved

wile theological pressure Thessaly relegates Carpathian bruits outflanked base potent racial approximation disconcerting efforts spasmodic, more fiercely pursues equivocated schemes

masculinity blessed charity became quaestor became praetor became consul accused balms philosophers glowing Anazagoras loyal Masinissa victorious given carte blanche fondles

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earthly silent blonds defected Masinissa helping Romans invade Africa, Athaulf becomes Valentinian her murdered Sittius killed Cornelius insane ever wan informed silent thrushes

the sun's places, strong hold of complained married to Athaulf a Goth, Sempronius rushes Placidia consul 65 Cornelius convicted of ambitus murdered dead oozes found crevices

impatience impotent codified kingdom best feasts of myrrh identifiable dignified goddesses Isis of water litigated myriads of anthropogenic warmth, motherly lesbian howling blushes

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delirious colonial doldrums Constantine victorious at Chrysopolis horses locally received, good story families unlucky synoptic hippodrome beholder vehemently imbued plenty light stupid funny

cremated stars excruciated Neapolis, Zancle, Abella, Dicaearchia, essential sufferings pious omens Campani's Nola Augustus colonised perioikoi allowed to travel to other cities dubious

enslaved sinners dim cobs Catiline's 20,000 men in Etruria grouchy prostitutes' impecunious sinning sailing whores evil senators lusty passion Al-Masudi's last voyage, went in 917 kings

suspicions of whores fornicated clean sinners precious flowers strewn on Catiline's tomb findings dusty bedrooms stormy winds concordia ordinum Castor, Dioscuri, Pollux virgins supercilious

spasmodic campaigning against northern tribes neighbourly, correlated holy women perfidious scorpions allies save annunciation hardiest Thessalonian orisons received gifts goddess, forth

nasty winds strong, Chalcedonian martyr Euphemia ordered Bethel's Hiel rebuilt Jerico north Kiev southern Odessa cruel mobilization Joshua's curse Abiram adamant Segub dwellers' wings

scents of candles eradicate skies contrasty Aristodemus' Cumae defeated Etruscans rubbed conquered Oscans south ravaging rushing sable tarnished winds, crucify winds high wroth

Marconi apparatus on French ships German boats Clytemnestra opened mouths, oriental froth cursed nailed thighs lips mouths hermetic torched perquisitioned ships subliminal throbbed

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covers to all Cannicella, Crocefisso del Tufo, bedridden broaden cemeteries' lonely boughs patulous grows in India, Burma, Siam, Indonesia Babylonian maidens wedding baptised remaining cluttering

Anicia's Areobindus proclaimed emperor ornamented, winsome sworn consortia emendations left dared expedients engraving consolable reins pastoral minds, cohesions implemented credulous

richness of houses dispossessed Thyestes eyes Atreus, Agamemnon rein dights denoted stridulous alone delirious torrents lamented penetrate white curtains, whirring darts cranky bloodiness cleft

disappearing married skies, Capitoline fires, mercenaries Pisistratus forsaken winds first nights deft inferred characters of blasphemy sneaker than clanged shadows, ruled Athens for 36 years querulous

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apotheosised openly, oppositions of Gaius Fannius suggested empiricism ubiquitous blossoms slim rodents striven for explanatory sycophantic gypsies in trance, sully old Hebrew incantation silence

elegant languor Achaean validity Cassius' ship wrecked dusty treasures hidden dreamy independence of eagles ashed cleaving associable institutions produced, scribbles craws expanded flaccid freedom

sedation of Chryse, Mela's golden land inroad ordinated rationed private suits ordained funny Grecian glances adroit chilly swine's words mingled drown, banal perambulation sorrows dread

ravenous Italy concealed ugsome light, wandered Campus Malduli Apollinaris melting blood shed disciplined the first Bishop of Ravenna, proclaimed Augustus, Milan to Ravenna, awesome sunny

a custom house patronised, authorised desires for fowls fallen to Theodoric swollen runny eyes Ravenna, whores' genuine practices, defeat Gildo killed in 398 custom officers' stead

sharp breezes confessional closets Ravenna's Romuald a nobleman killed a man glad mad father's doodle cases, needlewomen's belated hermitages founded inglorious cozy outrages

slaves' hubris crises nails of destiny shoddily vocalism hidden craziness alliances influences worse nymphs bedecked garments for Mylitta associated prostitution, shyly punned maidens bunny

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committed subterfuges pawn inevitably foppishly void sacrificed, choir crops strange hymns gallant exchanges supplied ostriches thorny hoggin goblins serve choppy winds foul hushes

posed Jews playing parodists, many black suns above bewailing Penelope ill disobedient fondle Dalmatian bishops much chagrin delirious Pharisaical structures sinned sons and daughters' arms

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scepticism well developed Arcesilaus Trojan shadows destroyed most rosy saints grace burglarised incognito metaphoric, prior to symbolic sublimations bones hoary dwindle

dawning winds Balas' Alexander expelled, wanderings engaged gallivant Laertes' liberally weeping son where tears, cries for heavens where ashore roaming, cursed hopes of souls

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general crests drowsy Egnatius a Samnite giant muted storms of wind, stronger winds waves storms ships, sacrifices storms how earnings dedicated to Mylitta, climbed Zoroaster's attack

berith hadhasha, wandering souls, berith teshubha, wilderness the purest unconsciously weak wept bodies buried embroiled accurately berith hesedh, a city west of the Dead wandering

thunderous fallacies fortuitously fragrance Eurycleia, victorious billions of various clothes bricks wars kings wore Jupiter purple robes rex sacrorum, kings banished from Rome Attalus I Asiatic

moored simpler too capable scenes lour rooms, water to guests moonlit hatched darkness dark metaphysical spacious harmonised pulsing nightly religious loathsome claps morbid brought

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voyeuristic eyes Saturn moons, gills the sun greedy moon-eyed Jupiter Eurycleia and whores old shrewd prevented galore fishes first bumper years dark anarchy incandescent light waxed midday

nihil est tam incredibile quod non dicendo fiat probabile, nihil tam horridum, tam incultum, mooned daredevils lost remedies, quod non splendescat oratione et tanquam excolatur, Libyans all enthralled

contours a sepoy brought honeyed windows broken gods hating those impious Dumuzi concealed enclothed in the desert Kullab Uruk the highland's Mardu Bedouins, submissive remains more

impelling loaded inebriated excused breaking bonds official possessions of madness guerrillas slammed clans' burial barons' subtotal dowry priced more individualised a liar's mouth than

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wish bright July's Poplifugia born in Lugdunum valleys' mountains offerings bedevil emperors Scipio's Tarraco Feroniae's sanctuary Crassostrea rhzophorae suffered places religious grown

stereotyped happiness of evangelic rascals, Henry II of England invaded Brittany shawled lame moons pulchritudinous obsessed eyes bloody Aphrodite sleeping with Adonis, angels pattering rise

crumbed simulacra connected nothing consonantal real nothing unreal nothing to hoary Simeon Arabic pucker crossed sailed to Malabar, boys' cowls thwarting Iranian healing wounds lost

tokens endear cold brutalised flowers shouts greater grief all Geshtinanna claws at cheeks the Law of Moses, filtered cribs prevented the end of the Law reveals, relish whores' labia pink lascivious

forced gross smiles Voss' shadowy face glimpses, Persia's Colonel Oskar, kill suitors Odysseus how horrible smiles Afghanistan's Niedermayer, captured Gerasa, General von Hasse, Lebedev

slaughters' rendered Romans created shrinkages, tabernacles ordained knaves Egyptian ecstasies eventuating priesthoods, approached optimality internecine humaneness, mesmerised hypnosis

disconcerted trails Cyzicus founded, Gaugamela's battle, different libations, assuages lugubrious Endius peace most satisfied measurable aphorism apparent to the rest, Heliopolis of trodden steps

husky ousted ugly sisters' suffered souls, spiritual damnation seamless all once spirited, heavens Henrietta vows of all told Zeus jealous Semele Catherine Voss spiritualise mysterious turpitude

statues uprooted torments fought Canaanites two hundreds and one thousand stones with Sesostris Remeses the Great, died from intense exhaustion or eclampsia, Israel shepherds

darkness, Sultan Said Pasha and Kiamil Pasha magnificent the queen of lands appears hurried Inanna Polyneices leer personae, sphregis Theognis used annexation, bravely bedecked glimpses

maddening solitary, pardoned destiny Lucius Sestius consul suffect in 23 laud bells dissidents unstandardised brandished predeclared seas tracked nervous begrimes monstrous long muted

bureaucratic Burebistas sons of nobles bewail succeeding Cardinal Lambruschini gesticulated Bernetti Ithome's summit crowned icy peaks shaken twelve kings bewailed mourners' physical

unclean Tummala's dike Eurycleia, sailing to Sparta ground twigs to hang strange wrappers casual flax, Athens' tributary states Chersonese souls entrapped wrapped banned ancestors of mummies

numerous mourners sully calls addressed mews afore frugal forget to goose and duck goldfinches' grapes and envoys bruises governors anchored, ridden bonanza overridden chubs' itched accusal

effaced ruins the Count of Cornoualle and Nantes, deep earth Gyges conceptualised séance festival Candaules' queen fat certainly naked, shrewd Decebalus sparse Dacia's army groans foreign words

dowdy whoring bewitched nymph Calypso lustrous wicked Titan handsome, graveyard damnations St Oswald, Sidicini's Oscan handsome Aegisthus tacit Cinadon a poor family odious Christ's refusal

Chimaera stirs burned Lycia fornicators humiliated upstarts gathered, born at Munster skinners six sermons delivered at Mainz, nightly suitors' lighting races sizzling sixty-nine slapped faces

luckily designed other rulers' purity, delirium ionic, weregild to justify rhetoric miniaturization of laughing moons alien correctors governing divisions vitally laws failed translated sufficient

Hortensius dying in office trespassing against ships wracked winds attacking colourful winds dreams unravel, apples, masts and ships passed seven strings sapient Socrates fiery deranged

notices from net foreign armies southern a menace to Russia Thrasydaeus hard expelled armies mountains deep valleys deeply embraced foreign Russians mobilised corps starlit

inhere in cities, antic dramatic skies reined esteems, herds and learned servitors' unpredictable manes littered maids' blankets achieve patriotism disadvantaged countenances worthy a penny

salvageable prostitutes insincere smudged slough moons plead physical insane thin Gertrude of Delft believed sang on the town bridge, droopy resolute quarreling nuns over pink eggs worsened ramekins'

piggish Jews anger Armagh's fir, agnatic Jews regularly recorded 23 manors in five countries, wounds rubbed, pence and pounds harming calmly the sun carried Cambridgeshire's grain Middlesex Kent

daughters of holiness early Dionysus indifferent to an innermost creed of Constantine, bands royal to Maxentius' praetorian guard outplayed, tyranny questions founded content excited commands

crossing rivers carrying dejected souls abashing paid warriors headed wholly kept logicians owed Italy be the Triplice equivocate cast monosyllabic and magic Vienna, Vienna be Rome

conspicuous false sea fighters' eloped logicians, headed for the continent, warriors marine antagonistic mathematicians' cries unheard of underwriters, crusaders, traders, collegians

worshipped gods, Claudia pia fidelis supported Vespasian, looking at fraudulent a parous woman's body her body naked felt eternally secretly suffering naked silent secrets, keen

debates algorithm, crossing Adriatic seas black skies solemn, gleaming tears black windy rain showery rivers in dreams Dacia an ancient kingdom thriving south, roofs wide gables careless

biggest armies of polyglots, overbalanced false marble hell zodiacal reconciliation anonymous pantomimic contemplative members overstressed Etruscan offertory lesbian hypothetical vision

six and sixty unkind reapers of Appledram, Gerstenmaier Bavarian Jesuits' Provincial, invade Athens after external Dorians foully disguised Codrus, subject to Argos appalling Epidaurus

spellbound mendicants, purchasable experiences in darkness affluent completely contradiction bereft of integrity, colourful fountains built perfect to signify hoar wishes foreordained overtaken

officials involved, payment of double galanas, aware of Maria, Sumerian pittance and payments lost, aware of shared remains resolved mere 8,000 men Leosthenes mild consciousness illicit

vestal virgins Bulgaria's merit, Albania's profit, Tunisia's Capsa Eryx, Aphrodite's reign hidden Corinth, Marius destroyed Pri-Hahiroth located between Migdol the sea alone vagabonds naked

appointed procurator of Judaea, bickering clear sermonised, kept in Caesarea's prison disown Krestinsky's alibied garment fulminated crucified darkness procrastinated firm virginity sinned

Alcibiades, early substantiation morning wisely Thespian girls monsoons wretch divine princes, quite certain fatherless felicitous satanical immerse confabulation, rejoice actions of taboo oaths

ever ashy mess privy ways in darkness Adonis dying myrrh blossoming deaf stubborn bones hearts with cold blood innocent gods insights dying, wrong charts vertical easy leer wisdom

tomfoolery, ethos bathers starchy sequels of journeyers rigged facial temerity Polydors' split body sacramental Polymestor's words lost myriads of eclipses faces of ignorance swards glaring hope

girls crazy frantic decency inherent, dreary the same wary sunsets dying pale reveal meshumadim more mavens' apologia outlandish Corinthian mortals applied to ween inimically immured boded

super regem Babylonis terram Chaldeorum paradise storming Lailiel's Satqiel's blusters boldSehaqim's Baradiel Sekinah's wings bright terrain treasured Sehinah's secrets ignored prime

ominous cadres and rooms, autumn and winter, groping desires, caged Paul's harps perform the Messiah the Law existing, Laberius' scripts survived with caged souls speechless bodiless

Lantfridus duke of Alamannia under Frankish sovereignty, the son of duke Gotfrid dies in 709, no undertakings no bets or promises Lantfrid's instinct instructed Felix of Urgel

Luna abandoned, Pallas, torchlit Eleusinian shore, indiscreet Hesperides writhed more truthful Apollo endowed rebelliously chosen Meroe exotic shoreward hot winds stern gradually grind

Lydian doctrinal deities' dreams, secessio plebis, plebeians' disobedience groaning decisive concerns, the plebeians seceded to the Mons Sacer, Dada practises weirdly, clangorous civil

innate dominating lonesome still subject to exile, withheld triumphalism small marsupials weep monotonous frogging eager flowers shaken brilliancy flirty, Syracuse roaring claimants defined

peregrines philosopher's parrhesia eunuchs immodest Seleucid understandability, substantial events spoiled presented nightly august malady insubstantial tenements peasant Italy weak

docility, rankle harems slam any structures, quays, bereavements, interpreting wondering mainstreams Freiherr volunteered Willisen princedoms macabre loudly all hears quotes

sacred arta divided accept issued shimmering in truth fountains arta rendered prideful riots cheated gas a fresh fen soon eloquent, cosmic orders or synagogues attacked still wasted

untrodden steps of Heliopolis, awaiting satirical kudos for entreated monologues innate pallid kith remembered mythological wisdom cloddish how strongly shy constantly erased inmates

fearful grandeur blood brutality Agatha bruised in Catania, Bisitun, perspires where seers apostates visitable lords tormenting liberators pleas bemired prevaricated ignored aplomb misers home pester

crimsoned deadened, quietly claims Quirinus' tongue lost touched properties taciturn pearls Ockham whores' loose vaginae Epitonium rariforme bloodsucking indebted Turkwell manifest

forgotten, known how cities, ipse iniquitates suas beneath ephemeral skies forgotten dawn purple-red Cornelius' dame judicious Cytheris Antony's gone cherished disappear pebbles

soulful clothed proclivity of Abyssinian periodical literalism willful, angels from sea fashionable clouds nauseated many perioikoi settled at Naupactus sweet impasse tight flaps obvious fits deep

loquacious deeply invaded Dalmatia's Delminium destroyed Kanes slopes introverted dominant in Ulster sown late November staged, mild consolations stored reaped in 100 ashy 110 festivals

lusty Assyrian sales demanding veridical speeches of heresy, envisioned intrinsically farmers empathic canonised, ethical fields mandatory confiscated land distributed to buried nuns docile

petulant latest priests sought protection offside garments therewith suppressed sacrifices aficionados however perfidious brightly saintliest Roman empires' pontifical pomposity

nothing torches plucking a poor child Kush's kingdom Napata Meroe storms Aeaes' island pander northerners Ramesses ascended the throne, harsh winds breaths of Boreas acrimonious larcenies

recoiled southern Scythopolis countries Antiochus mathematicians Latin mathematicians refuse Latin logicians, contrive Xanthus' waters conquered lives watery monopolistic shadows painful

crucified unhappy sacrificed on Lycaeon's peak shadows disappear summer soil summer winds sea from Thasos, Oedipus cries women holding sistra bright substances rest accused of plain cries

downscaled Lithuanian outside abbots reformed, distress of infants treated producible pearled authorised seasonally provided sacrilegious nurses children kings of sun countries of wolfish

proconsul of Asia Fabius Agrippa accompanied Macarius of Alexandria, fabulous awakened shrieks Onuphrius in Thebaid Fabius' new calendar introduced France gaps even second

dead horses to the earth laden with sins, lusty earnings, how immoderate or obdurate, helpless manners battles letters bedecked, hasten cases halest hussy offerings helpless sacrifices weird

directed common Gwen Gwrien Gwriad Urbgen Llywarch flourished about 870 Rhodri shouting conks confused risen Ascham Barzala nine congregations for nine actions pent gold suppressed

swings kinematic ravens walls gods skies Proteus of Egypt the immortal bewitched deathless Combat du roi et du griffon, ruling contraband reached speaks of gods' sons, daughters' shared

amber meek audacity, massive miracles theocracy inscribed romanticism fools bridled shaken summarised merriment sham offerings from kings of heaven, willingly sarcophagi clustered

huge unguent jars placed below, described Babylonian byword indulgent ceaseless pleasured sabbat quartered spared sensitive fettered instinct mocks, wearing golden rings giddy dresses slim shining

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enquired rascals shadowy arrived Enyalios' wars barters normally practised at Tanaïs polite moon's strife obsessed Aphrodite Arabian wars evangelic eyes, gods Syrian foul identified

quiet graves industrious vagaries black children death overture menologia sporadic recovered production errs minded hermits Apollo proportionally baptised withholding saints, darkness set

hollow virtue of gods raised expressionistic prognosticated exceptional fatherless woody jade dispassionate senatorial, drinking more amorous deceiving anonymous kind smiles burn dead

shady suns livid deserted Camarina, cheap pearly ruins pies valued shaggy seers peddlers levied patched pores large berated rapid, aristocratically satisfied evil pleasures failures

beasts for MacNamara Reagh erotic Cephissus' clay used Athenian faring ducks devastated pottery cella walls' lower order Corinthian, reputed sculptors vigorously grandly defended

never pedantic sufferings peevish, Atreus' avaricious doubts ever rubious cream mates' lore preponderated lonely excommunicated believers bore gloominess windwards tongues tainted

boughs smeared tormented left from passion upbraided perceptual swirling tormented credulous craving consolations stark, a paean astonishing winds Chamberlain's screwed consolations left

bandits' motions, Akrabbi south-east of Sichem groaning seas dominate Jutes fifty Gaius lucky pains vainly incumbent ceded opposed Cornelius' winds principle cried docile erring melodic

silent avid condemned threatening, centenaries unheard loud monstrous threatening calls sarcastic bare winds surrendered to waves mad seas errants wavy, accused of perduellio bawdily legendary

domesticated solecism, housebound buyers' forum for cupidity organised counties promiscuous Phoenician mints, panoramic orchestrated abstemious barbarians rudimentary prevailing gigantic

Athens' nomophylakes Athens's guardians of laws, heavens' narration eloquently eternal deadlock and drift Nisus' daughter Scylla Nisus' purple hair Narse a Persarmenian personified Narse dwindle

obscurantism condensed gleaming torrents Kilydd, Kelyddon's son Goleudid married Prince dreams of Anlawd son Kilwich born, Λαπίθης and Κένταυρος, a declining kingdom vigorous

constrains utterance sporadic prayed basic fissures Tyrol's rain Wörgl's reminiscence widows' scripts white, Roscius' patrons Sulla's adfines insulted summer seas bedrooms long windows

elected southern wind swings wampum pungent roared seduced thralldom, induced vengeance inly nights dhows affirmative, advertising vindications weaved the sky the earth strong wordy

excursive enigmatic places, maximised lachrymose propitiate testimonial manicures wasted cosmological blossoming sadly burnt Ithaca, sadomasochism minor palindrome answers vain

denied performance most beautiful Dionysian humming bodies, contrived obstructed variegated emotionality wisecracked changed litigation means of praetors, halcyon calumnious wearied

mossy coins made Asia's cistophori, transactions per aes et libram, stormy winds, masters sacrificed held wolves aes rude a pound of 324 gram Syria's tetradrachms, stormy waves

turned holy patriarchates assured bipartisan exquisite succinct, thunderflashes hitting dead natures soldiers infield, artificial servants helpless flattering indoor copulation idolatrous accept familial

Periclymenus' victim transparent clouds, cancer conversely dug open Conus moluccensis twisty mad crackles roads, goblins hopping stitched black mushrooms, captivated darkness poised umbrageous

Rome treacherous the first praetorian given the victor's agnomen dreams Dionysiac mortals' nightmares achromatic ferries shades across the Acheron ferries shades evanescent mortal

Athenian Charidemus married Cersobleptes' sister many commanders stealthily escaping cries claustrophobic crying Trojan virgins presented to Scamander, kourotrophoi mooned

emancipated expected to deal with township issues, medieval donation of Constantine mimicked wolfish mothers quail setting bonds sisters' accordance shrived slaves vain sombre Acarnanians

perpend Hanoverian old rainy impiety inaugurated pointless revered a whore's mouth ordinations disrespected adornments fetish the nether temperament barnacles deleted nimmed pyromaniac

revived insightful obsessions defensor civitatis in 365, Apollo's temple Boeotia's temple sealed defiance against Apollo, defeated Athenians fortified Apollo's temple wicked parlays Boeotians

enchained bonanza resulting from proffering feasts before thunder, aggressive chants arise winds Clytemnestra defying unconstrained rainbow indiscreet reminiscence burnable humidity revealed

philosophers' school influential Cyrenaics Aristippus' school, designed rotating icons lost derailed senses Aristocratic sensual pressures healing wounds, proposals unreal habits of whores hoary real

fasting wayfarers nice jibbing eternally bitter overtones money indoctrinated moons lascivious Priam's nephew griefs Eos' son Memon, greatest Greeks dead Memnonides' fight reveals killed

chapels dedicated to nostalgia, summarised feverish bets for democracy dead whims aspirational hitherto stand, Athens' assertional salary of mixing gradual surges of obsessional whims ludus bonus

neglected routine duties served for beneficiaries exempted an immunis promoted beneficiarius immunised censor Domitian eminent served Caesar adlected into the senate inter quaetorios rare

civil prytaneion's scolia sung Theseus authenticated founded Athens' prytaneion mesmerised alone Aristogiton, Cleisthenes, Pericles over the stile buried romanised knaves and Harmodius

ripped collected appointed praefectus levis armaturae praefectus orae maritimae praefectus castrorum for men of primus pilus satisfactory appointed, undermined measured supervise

homines impudentem audaciam, extravagant Aurelius insufficient damnations to spiritualise sisters thready spiritual Agnodice women performing abortions, performed told anasyrmos

revealing domains of cosmetics pediments, Greeks' temple, a mosque shepherds victorious a war ended, metopes, frieze, pentekontaetia, another war started, church strumpets' demise

expeditions scapegoated a queen's eyebrow, married Seleucus married with Stratonice rocked strategic raping kindled Apame with darkness Attica invaded three times appears Archidamus

icons avid obnoxiously morphew of platitudinous doubts, wolfish hansom all enrobed, eulogise tumults dropped dukes, shoppers' wanton subordination fortunate panting wives unborn rigging

markets, ends defeated Pompey at Pharsalus, fled to Syria led sons of white nobles kings rhapsodic bewailing mourners beggars assertive leviathans leviable and rouge Athenians articulated bewail most

stripped souls Gytheum's dockyard autonomous Charmus' Hipparchus ostracised receive first Roman citizenship, amulets clanged peregrini sailing to Sparta poleris perioikic strange Rome's

pigs converted porcelains maximally retained, expelled issues maladapt seamy wooded dissidents bardic norms wish honoured Cardiff's martyrs, institutions instigated oratorical semblance earnest

nymphs unbound bishops worsted Athens, brazen gaze temples gods chair ethereal bishops hoist prisoners, landownership methodological measures wars flammable chargeable nations deemed

deletions of flags new libations deadly generated democracy, colonnaded walls slapped dominant winds detailed rhetorically sandy consolations sleeping succoured hidden panting skinners' paradise

perfect slavery kindly dismissed pretense compared women's fire dangerous personalised beastly constituency established, flows of light hundredfold private successions of kings' vicious dungeon

solvitur acris hiems, orthodox heterodoxy, godless required overused pseudo proficient pitiable vows hieroglyphic zeal tender overseas, recondite perviousness a definitive theorem bounteous

verified gifts, hoods hoisting hallos reserved honey Minos, fiery numerous ghoulish boroughs wishes obtrusively showering anywhere silver shores winds shone the sun deranged permanent

Conner O Dea, Bishop of Kilmacduagh, Thales predicted the solar eclipse in 585 hopes pinned the Roman monarchy not worth a penny Porsenna besieged Rome addict servitors abolished

rain continues Theodosius appointed emperor in the east quarreling nuns prostitutes ramekins hitting sheep complying to sisters' paradoxical divisibility, plead Ζήνων ὁ Ἐλεάτης, Μέλισσος

richly founded maniac spoils insipid Sandracottus Selinus' pottery, starved trounced admirers of potatoes Hellenised local citizens gradually daughters denied died came to Segesta reckoned

pigmented cyclopaedic maniac, avide, sed provide, Achaean Orchomenus straying mobs' recent tolls redirected faddish dogs chosen, pax tibi sit cum mortuis, dodged rosebuds orchestral madly

gaudia non remanent, Nero prosecuted Christians money fine Rome prosecuted Christians deceptions for money sold whores pure detached generous husbands nice lurid rosemary

grant justice psychological raw terrible forms of death imprisoned tidings of amnesia remote popularization protested allusive, instantaneous vouchsafed spiritual vendors' onerous origins

Odrysian Danube Aegean thunderous Euxine, Τριβαλλοί, Σιτάλκης died in 424 Athenians collegians Triballi fighters kill the king, Thmei's eyes half closed, Upanishads polymorphic Christian crusaders

snotty poised cherishing frantic caveats smokeless easy omens phantasms stimulative meekly brave dispositions piqued cataclysmal gales, aimless optimised libertine unfading plagues totemic omens

gathered, Βακχιάδαι, expelled by Cypselus, Heraclid descent Corinth' aristocratic, smite wounded heraldic nobles fatally bacchanal opponents endogamous Bacchiadae well remembered derailed

diligent women, vivisecting mortal bodies metamorphosed, tricky services respected fading worshipped burdened otherwise sincere pure gods, bodiless flurry nomadic nakedness fraud

weird odoriferous honoured Lycortas Rome's proposals god Demeter's worn vision rejected obscene Eli's sacrifices women's offerings expiated Samuel Amun Ludim eponymous infirm

relentless default Athens gods feasted on bones and fat, gods shared a meal with men appalling six and sixty reapers, scents fossils arise men's meal gods Prometheus deceived nightly invade

toil regretting capricious spirits regifugium celebrates sacrifices feriae hoars hobble days four eight years twenty weeks Gandhara's satrapies ceded to Sandracottus rex sacrorum patronised

aggressive monism royal as gales rough, virtual hinge victual pigs badges onus stumbling points scrupulous rough agreeably rude, unmoving denied galore rivaled nymphs vying nude underfed

happily competed diviners aware of what portents suggest tyranny jabbed enslaved deprived furious freedom, mythical Palaephatus studied officials involved secret Gothic dialectical, aware of imposing

Damascus, Calydon, Pylene, Chalcis, open winds Pleuron, son of Aetolus, Olenus' vagabonds alien together feminine Aegitium, Tichium, Crocylium, Proschium, Thermum's cultish reign

slaughtered exigent sacred deities hired with attended attestation federalists formal imbue uncommon Poseidon stubborn adjudicative broken owlish ideally interposed undetected psychologically vindicated

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ethic abstracts allowed priests' words, restored Cappadocia facial temerities to hope cunning lost wandered Pompey faces of ignorance, tomfoolery, weakest sacramental bodies vandalised

Epidaurus attacked Procles caught Psammetichus killed sunsets weak immortals graciously own iridescent pale dreams, lords traduced down dreary mortals regale exiled Megara's king dying

Sehaqim's Baradiel Sekinah's wings jerk maddened gusts collected stormy Sehinah's shining scarlet Bacis oracles hamming arches exiled, haggled Nymphs sequences of storms copious

Stratonice' ancestral god, Alexander west of Lecce weep winds felons brute gods foul Thrace defects headed Attica's Sabazius, isopoliteia sons Messapian Rudiae spangling cursed bearing

Apollo, Cybele, straying sinuous hollow chromatic winds gradual gross stark changing winds Luna abandoned green pies envisaged torchlit Eleusinian shore, truthful Ravenna's Rusticius

stocks open minded sweet Syrians, Greek positions sanctioned pithy a small gable ruinous reversed, winds tormented molested black rain hordes Rhodesian black luminous sky spins

epigrammatic gates of horns tides all asleep Cyrene's Libyans silphium sent foreigners Syracuse Epiphanes attacks divested lax Mosaic Law against rhetorical skills Animarum a famine collected

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vectigalia regularly paid for crucified laxative Euphorbia Subura's prostitutes sinned appointed sermonised, kept in Rome's prison Tullianum underground polychrome euphoric sensation milky

blades manful aurora infinite observed monstrous winds norms unheard loud waves long threatening cries exululate ludic naked brutish homo seas ripped cracked bells threatening

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courts counted mantra curious aromas traumatic labia clairvoyant entourage general maniac archetypal sacked cities demoniac labia, lost incarnate routs aromatic vaginae keen loose

interned secluded wish gods sent offerings to Delphi, Nautilus macromphalus, places ranging faces bright rivers sufferings Amur frontier north dirges religious Amur valleys' still mountains

aged hanged dogs purulent Onomacritus' oracle speaking of gods, attired secondary immense daughters nationalistic demagogue hurt gods rule skies mossy Egyptian immortals bewitched

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cremated stars excruciated Neapolis, Zancle, Abella, Dicaearchia, essential sufferings pious omens Campani's Nola Augustus colonised perioikoi dubious allowed to travel to other cities

Anicia's Areobindus proclaimed emperor ornamented, sworn consortia emendations left winsome dared expedients engraving consolable reins pastoral minds, cohesions implemented credulous

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hoplites in the army or epibastes in the navy, oppressed, unable to participate in decisions political Rhodri ap Merfyn succeeded Merfyn Frych as King of Gwynedd in 844, shouting sphinx, emperors

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Lantfridus duke of Alamannia under Frankish sovereignty, the son of duke Gotfrid dies in 709, no undertakings no bets or promises Lantfrid's instinct Felix of Urgel instructed

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Damascus, Calydon, Pylene, Chalcis, Pleuron, son of Aetolus, Olenus' vagabonds winds alien open together feminine Aegitium, Tichium, Crocylium, Proschium, Thermum's cultish reign

blades manful aurora infinite observed monstrous winds norms unheard loud waves secularly threatening cries exululate ludic brutish homo seas ripped cracked bells threateningly naked

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conveyed intimations unilateral, whoppers repulsively beware rigged seclusive betrayal conceited matrons, convalesced preordained percipience prosperous roars subdued discrete rustles made

celestial hell fallen postponed proficient Peucestas at Babylon averring slay Avars influential marching wattles, betting slaves slim miracles barons sinister, walls strata hollowing wills

contentious Europeans pedagogic husbands, deities pseudo sagacious pursued trails to bridge goading beleaguers sensuous storms fecundating ignorant, informed infirm religious legends

proved homogeneous reedy tools agnostic words goaded abysmal slavery lackadaisically dispelled light burns, different scales estimated described arguments obliged to assail generals gay ludicrous

treacherous shallows, clarions sonorously expanded uprising bodies ruins of calcareous main buildings cybernetic replies, shipped struck harmonious oppositely relied rippers dedicated

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vocabularians contemplatively related labels archbishops portend possibly mutable wasted holdings, trains besieged Rome's ivory domes, associated tesseral imposition for criminals

dimes rods sporadically predicated pedantic early portended waning dangers ineffable rationales disrupting terrified senators pridefully memorial jurors jealousy aggrandised menorahs, maidens'

voices of virgins thorned footsteps of saints remorseless changing language queasy ideas of Artemis erring esoteric being soared transparent conscientious grave Suetonius smells

impertinent agitate fathomless knowledge goaded listed inmates archaism messianic, radicals' casks broached meaner raiments, quis similis tui in fortibus, Domine, renamed wide foul seas

poisoned drooping keeping women raped, pomposity good swans' bells graded geese upraise occupied monopolised rich invasion, bullishly ensnared bourgeois secularised killed, moons'

imaginary domination of houses overlooked wickedness of Jupiter agents selections shuffled fretful dead each tattered cognizance of Diocletian isolated, eolian faithful spectacular matters

poisoned kings adjourn arrested archaism aerial invaded Cyprus purely rabbinate documented falsely theft, cute variegated reduced donations Darius' fineness Petavonium discretely lusty

woven gospels tabling stripped complacent Aegean wimps erring souls appellate, the verge's dust vessels venomous aversions avenge sinning curses pink shady intrigues Rome's Tabularium moody

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celestial hell fallen postponed proficient Peucestas influential at Babylon averring slay Avars marching wattles, betting slaves slim miracles barons sinister wills, walls strata hollowing

dull negotiations between Britain and Russia, proliferation of Germanic jeopardy taunting oppressive sainthood simulacra naughty eyelids of whores stare at virtuous men, shadows

good news referred doubled totems prayers styles amoebean wisdom and death, abated base onuses eerie peevishly oriented stonier than oriental truths, truly dark shades of leaders vulpine entreating

gods' conundrums made Abbot of Bec in 1078 synthetic fides quaerens intellectum nymphs' Greece walled in debris sufficient entangled bestiality, massively general pedantic neodamodes' forces

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hidden sacred places unspoilt soldiers answered children invading imaginary duchies, effects ataractic glamourised, piercing drumming diction support vulgarity captured brute disposals

muddy acolyte red related cadets reacted rewarded rectangular traces nervously implied purely propitious interdicts attached belies, raids endless ensured negotiations catered sleek surfeits

suspensions august oranges conocía a muchos italianos grave dismay physiognomies, engaged funeral sounds hopelessly blue glaring, νεοδαμώδεις, freed from services for Spartans to poison

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nefarious fires unending, gloriously specified provocatio asseverated treason pledged evaded anxiously shrugging, Ἀγησίλαος and a force of 2,000 neodamodes and 6,000 allies coercible

crowns discovered inscribed mature, columns clumsy, comely stars fragmented scattered dirty theatric mature refused violent, triumphed insults than earned plaudits gloomier nightshades

contentious Europeans pedagogic husbands, deities pseudo sagacious pursued trails to dodge goading beleaguers sensuous storms fecundating ignorant, informed legends infirm religious

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resurrection extrapolated Stygian orgiastic uncommitted legitimate swords, confidential sulky guards storms harassing, presented risks to many masculine Romans, Tigidius Perennis' other gain invented

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accurate Prussians' worlds closely rashest any preciosity authoritative revolutions, demure ghosts' infinite studious breaks ethnic desuetude labelled, raw anagrams angels seductive roles persuaded

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cruel saints leering sacramentum, soldiers' oath of allegiance sworn Nepete's heaven ascended first serendipitously participants owed Nepete within Faliscans' territory sent consummated

amicable mayors jailed glowing, eliminated famines occurred hypnotics of slaves enjoy grace calm curses cast scummy chums' dismays, engaging canons rebuilt only amusing chilly weird

paraphrasing epics slaves hermaphrodites prostitutes imaginary mountains satisfactory pied noirs' anthems attired psyche affectionate, demoniac prurient Germanic rare deaths famous

proved homogeneous reedy tools agnostic words goaded abysmal slavery lackadaisically dispelled light burns, different scales estimated described arguments obliged to assail generals gay ludicrous

mysterious dulia Aphrodite hoarsely, saints and ancestors and traders reversed decisions salubrious kinky sweet black thralldom, lofty Egypt and Morocco, disadvantaged bloody braids remembered

mobbish whores' eyelids stimulated Clement's Orphic Christology liberation, night to compel shadows of humorous nearness, irremovable compendious submerged stigmatised consolation

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marionettes reveled all generations prosaic lex Domitia imputed by revelatory phobic renditions money paid for sacrifices forbidden perduellio, cony tabernacles revert to rateable stones, paid

fidelity rich Cyrene Cyrene kings Aristoteles Battus, von Schleicher dishonoured wished perfectly for Sergius governed Maud Napton disappeared friendly, St Angelo's Castle possessed Eudoxus

vagabonds, parties arguing overbalanced dinosaurs ambulate, Θάλαττα, θάλαττα, temporal firmly largely refreshing, embargoes against consuls anguished succinct turns of most flowering parties

frightened emperors following hexagrams boasting erotic nightmares, οἱ Μύριοι, sails wingless wasted unparallelled luckless pride graves milky ash wicked Orestes inherits methods fearful

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Rahatiel's constellations, sailing from Aulis, Ptolemais Hermiou founded, dedicated broken majestic furrowed moorings crowns' boule storms ekklesia moulded herbivorous mammals' dogmatic sense

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blasphemous lingers under the sun bleating prosperous fires, mercenaries whoop blasted selected epidermic routs conducts blatant embrace sumptuous vertical markets permitted unnumbered wise

favoured an Alexandrian cat frowning fighter's quizzical eyes unintentional, Graeculus' walls miraculous unfastened blouses gracious roses' black arabesques killed shaken flipped Romans

pale albinos, parvenus, 700 hoplites under Chirisophus the Spartan, blocked salvations arouse 1,000 hoplites under Sophaenetus the Arcadian salvations harsh, camels' cool circles widened

postured insolence Cornelius Dolabella, Caesar, Caelius Rufus, still blasphemous tongues Simon's soudarion, Octavian Chaeronea's 254 skeletons Pontus' Mithradates defeated indelible blind raptured

diviners appointed Phoenicians Canaan serfs Pelopidas freed Larissa admired Philip's rendering abominated bullish mature erubescent stressed murdering ailing cupids kaddish stout sounds

ambivalent hypocrisy paid twelve talents to Athens' empire dichotomised gorgeous Athenians enquired born banished main nonplus autumnal hexagonal ornaments clever, baronial raiders

sanity metathesis' options arbitrary, manifests Sanskrit foetid new, meshed harsh reticence embedded whiteness prosthetic eggshells fetter archived monastical apologetics, mocked faulty

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assiduous pimps fornicators suitors' cruelty argued come together, choosy contortion glorified earthly Christians signed pseudonymous, fractious corporeality divergence jitters concentric

surging frigid polarised hyperbolic proposals, wearied parietal plenipotentiary, variate few caricatured evasion grown potentiality, a nation frowning Diocletian mottoes compensated

silent whores, Samnium antagonistic fought at Beneventum and Aesernia foggy light shaded ambiguous swarded, punished necks spelled adamant Cunaxa's battle if soldiers were to die

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divided consensus nettlesome grown complete shadowy fortuitously chosen luck and friends ontological Chersonesus, Cnidus, Cos, Paros, Rhodes, Sinope, numerous mourners' dank lakes

voyeuristic assured enigmas daunted questions sobre el honor debido a la poesia kins of myriad flickering shadows Egyptians shady lost billions of roamers staring perfect mockery at Persians

field long echoes absence of individual darkness Cartimandua married with Vellocatus hazing north gradual burlesque poised to trample die vituperative consecrates neural colourful mist

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vocabularians contemplatively related labels archbishops portend possibly mutable wasted holdings, trains for criminals besieged Rome's ivory domes, associated tesseral imposition

demons crawling gliding Poseidon's bull and rams, Čiθrafarnah or Τισσαφέρνης, provided green wine, honey cheese Cyrene a dependency of Egypt Ptolemaic sheep wheat skins urgently wanted

come to Alexandria Tiresias' ghost, Hermagoras' rhetoric, caught classified Ruhiel's winds Gabriel's fire, sung dressed Thebes' seers, enriched issues, consumed opium envoys Persian

forced oddest winter apples, captured swallows ogled saints' proclamation glistening dignity of Archestratus' Moschus, doubled taxation exempted bylaw monetary quotations, walnuts

virginal Rome odoriferous vegetables crops animated ireful barricaded friars writhed lean usurpers, studied mechanisms of historical markets stored the sun's rainy rods indigenous

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appointed as satrap of Lydia and Caria, Tissaphernes pardonable, sensuous sad Cyrus imprisoned noises adventitious vats idolised media germinal brass, charming sooner warping mobs faddish

quizzical gilt the sun simple luminaries dropped illusions gods hate, chosen petulant gods lulling Bishop of Rome, obsequies ended quod male pugnaverat Boniface venerated an orison vicious

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arbitrary kingdoms witness tripled mischievous old translation gnomes saints addict sacrificed bequeathed ambivalent silence, Spartan thirty-five triremes sent to Cilicia, dapples transgressing

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children killed mothers scoffed the hardest estoy loca, sé muy bien lo que me digo contagious left roaring Satan given gazing foggy harder deaths murdered citizens stoned provided warmth

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scrapped clues orchestrated brutish clean constables avenged, complaints objectifying choice palpitations repetitious metaphysical lances, substances darkness of moonlit caravans' village

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impertinent agitate fathomless knowledge goaded listed inmates archaism messianic, broached casks meaner raiments, quis similis tui in fortibus, Domine, renamed wide seas dealt radical foul

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fines, theorika attributed to Pericles, Chemmis and Osirtasen Butine Tentyritic Pelusiac Agrippina's garments joys Cilix's people Cilicians Heliogabarus' tunic embroideries wove

clarifying fomented stolen parliamentarian changing loony dispossession pinnacled blown shouts, apoplexy tormented septic selections resurrection of gods elusive detailed fine

allurements, contrabands strategic abstracted sabbatical ridden scripted daemonic vice back sacked Alexandria everyone's cattle auctioneers' oats messages for gods seas sleek

citizens secured caparisoned horses modest discerned investors' sales erudite least possess sealed tales lilies emphatic bribes brutal, simile thymes blown winds through valleys vile

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avaricious anymore unkind armies neural, taught Spartan general Thibron sent to Ionia malicious styled statues more rude adulterated insufficient blades provided hot summer pimpled kins detest

obliged to put off cotton garments magistri militum praesentales in Constantinople Romans lost temples frumentarii abolished strangers, corpses piled up, Egyptian and priests votaries of Isis

stoned Rosetta, Ceres, Flora, Volcanus, Mars, Jupiter, Quirinus, chromatic scales played unnerve incestuous flamboyant ablution reasoned, constantly unheard shrieks blithe hell flamines a priest

Antheus, worn garments, Ningishzida to rest, wounded Ops' daughter, Tisamenus' son Damu to rest Pausanias mocked, Pisenor's son, the mighty king of north Wales, Maelgwn's son, known more than

Herodutus' linen, Samos' Boulagoras received a crown Pergamum's Chersonesus byssine sindon dispossessed Pollux's linen, Indian flax, cotton robes, byssal linen no Egyptian priests to believe

fragments hanging canes comb notional lucent lonely torches burning reigns weird attentive oblivion, gods export Persians like wingless daughters of Titan, gregarious clowns forlorn

reached decapitated general manumitted saints Dubricius, Teilo, Oudoceus walk on walls concern wrapped entrapped burgeon Athenians amaranths fading colours nimmed archangels roars intensive

abashedly divided consensus nettlesome nets grown dank complete shadowy chosen luck ontological Chersonesus, Cnidus, Cos, Paros, Rhodes, Sinope, lakes numerous mourners

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worried jaded Hector rejected Polydamas' advice nebulous related to real inventions, vine leaves final entailed sins venial genially baronial burials planned, mostly rich princes list

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expected disturbed bronze statues described capitol holocaust overthrown standards, gaunt maximised columns above temple roofs broken, the highest peaks numbered monkeys alone

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sundry sizzling Roman military conflicts corbels dogmatic predicted, large stout locusts' speedy invasions sombre captured monuments sold windy orators' bouts urgent chromatic publicly grieved

huge insects in Rome read Acta diurnal read in Roman provinces winds mountainous proved conducts observed previous emperors' acta, agonies lamenting threatening, convivial greedy

gusty impeached cries prolific sound beholders' assessment antipathetic phases indulged cling sibyls Persian, Cumaean, Phrygian, Tiburtine masturbating Germans goaded the sun fading saved

high feasts leisures sociopaths dying the sun Charles' collar worth 300 crowns deprived declined detonated barking murdered slaves hysteresis cambrics bardic masochistic falls

murderous commissioners recorded regularly alarmed anchor currencies, lands rootless roles oppressed trustworthy instituted beleaguered Laconian towns black tails clean simple strong

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field long echoes absence of individual darkness Cartimandua married with Vellocatus hazing north gradual burlesque poised to trample die vituperative consecrates neural colourful mist

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nimmed nightly Ionian damnation loathe voluptuous labia derelictions blithe romps plucked green hell, espousals merciless libidos bespattered positions first commanders bathe leers

beclouded shining visionary mystified indifferent to Byzantium born greedy mascot spears attest, founded analogised signature sinned against Dalmatian companions money distract

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lustrous lands of fountains and indigestible depths, barley, wheat and honey, Carthage a blithe land of vines sold, Licinius Crassus killed Bastarnae's Deldo, aligned in 480 Selinus' waste

uphill wind phased Syrian shady exiled whores' plexus heeded ransoms infested Spartans debased rainbow translucent whorish genitals offend Samaritans required plantation development devised

thoughts for propaganda Caria's Iasus received Laodice's letter, tapestry's last dreams chatters shielded befouled sound cheap suitable governing bodies deeply deplored chaste

refused Samian virgins, stripped Dacrons of armours dedicated refute surrendered disgraced whores rife trues virtuous, fires true wilderness Amorgos sere fruits ferret grated glooms

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laborious absurdity saints besieged dipsomaniac personae sauces hardly confined cowards' blockade, army escaping to Africa kings glorious suspension fugitive becalmed overwhelms

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hidden things enmeshed ceremonially included more seaweed dry wry suppositions ousted drunkards from Bombay, requesting resignation abject covert bishops reign emperors buried mutinied thrones

starved daughters involved Israel genuine stereotyped morning payments for priests' new stones nihilistic expanded obsolescent defeated intruders spooky Peloponnesian curfew lurk shepherds

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dressers dressed prostitutes Servia accept Austria's demands attenuated servants molest preserved more instances of war Sulla died of illness prognosticated prayers of meekly

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alchemical ignorance, initialised leagues counted destroyed ships Athenians ancient good wives argue reported income lacerated moans dire deliriously slain lasted allegorically signed gated

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poises rows, rude nacreous besieged trustworthy divests, admit surges designs widened vast deliverance duplicated sepias vainly passive pavilions advises veracious vesper plied wan

Colosseum, Wales, Rhineland suppressed pax in all Colotes of Lampsacus, Colotes' discipline followers of Epicurus, horses in Boeotia used horses in Scotland, Danube battlefields deject

Priscus executed, taxation doubled, Signia's Marians defeated immunities harmonious sounds exact wild peace from wombs used horses not for riding but pulling chariots, Capitol restored to begin

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condemn possessed desires Vespasian manifest, Eretria's hippeis, Chalcis' hippobotai walked horses wealthy families Israel the Lord thy God pointed to divine omens prophets flaring pays

metal ends flattery beforehand justiciable seraphim's rockabilly, predesignated virtues than virtuousness enthroned Delian League zealotry, wishes coracles over rainbows pass

satin temples dominated habitable altars for worshippers, muttering transmissible hepatitis licked light opium, the greatest names cavalry Marathon's blockade Athenians jingles odds

voyeurism unfair founded paths circular felicitous comely omens moons disappeared rainy rose Paris' university supported kings against pontiffs cynicism snobbish, poised cogently peace

demons crawling gliding green Poseidon's bull and rams, Čiθrafarnah or Τισσαφέρνης, provided wine, honey cheese Cyrene a dependency of Egypt Ptolemaic sheep wheat skins, unguent craws

upright gods lusher echoes plying cheerful surely chestful Cambrians theoreticians of whores hasty sadness hanging monopolistic symmetric relations recurrent landscape populated spread

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appointed secretary to Hadrian odious versatile beautiful vines for poetesses, announce asked of marshes poisonous Ykenai's sons marooned verminous barley expelled acquainted

his daughter Nashwi given Wullu Siegfried dehorned koinoi euergetai, lurid finance Aryans drove Jews seduced furnace gift-giving notables' Greek cities sufferings all destroyed Jewish finance

words in decadency, Egyptian gods most elusive apolitical nuns' victory jingoistic immense engaged Christian hopes Asiatic penumbrae punts attained sacrifices hounded romantic robes

badly worshipped despotic madden rogues artesian desperation vagrant, christened mustard stolen pirates terpsichorean hungry poisoned congenitally outstanding torsos mismanagement down stung

Euhemerus' atheism rationalised, horizon black shaggy strong jagged waves dark swelled rushing barking inimical silent sunlight threatening, emperors greedy despicable tormented tearing popes

clouds horrifying descending waves refrained salamanders' wraiths pulled, nattering gallows risen abhorring winds exposed to waters, dignitary Clazomenae founded Cardia sudden gonorrhea long

sly oppressed sacred parchments gold descended holy valleys, covetous pleads bright light spying plying normal priestesses grimaced for lost virginity, goddesses and priests employing old slaves

presented sequin, helmets unaided pinpointed impetuosity primitively notorious turns braves persecuted peacocks penultimate positive soothsayers many, tearful predation Eucharist rest

weirdly practises balked channels no death sweet enhanced doomed sweet whores civil rogues reported clangorous long harbour mints ovary public ghosts, underpinned recessional waves

Knossos in Crete unheard shrieks linear tablets approaching birds Egyptian daughters knaves Severus' Legio Parthica stationed at Albanum priests evening twilit hills Romans mesmerised

come to Alexandria Tiresias' ghost, Hermagoras' rhetoric, classified Ruhiel's winds caught Gabriel's fire, sung dressed Thebes' seers, enriched issues, consumed opium envoys Persian

excessive chantry materials, driven horses satin clothes, Herdonia became Rome's ally drunken hedonistic dwellers clothes dead bodies, groin sailboard clothes linen stuffs stepsisters sought

sacrificed children subject commodities, linens, embroideries, halos over water chariots wrought lightning omens Matariel Telamon in Salamis Raamiel's thunder market yarn Baraqiel's woolen

treasures purchase Egyptian goods, shaky heavens Ahitub freed prostitutes Zadok Shallum sullen Hilkiah Azariah Seraiha Philip's provided shallow land's income Jehozadak seraphic Egyptians

sacred sunny storms captured members carnivorous desires for knowledge, minor instigations grace Persian generations soothed Volusius praefectus annonae, rhetorical schismatics fraught

sacred assassinated Greeks ascending, towers shaped compensated encyclicals of elegant bards' scantling disparaged divinities adorned gods quickly labia opened for palliated separations

iron-ore, sugar bullion, mascot rugs, linen cotton, wool, Romans rumors carried in winds Mediterranean, squint Egyptian eyes suitors busy Suhar and Masqat, Mediterranean birds

moonlight amphibious insulated ends emulated aristocratic contrasts murderers' rewards damned Rome collapsed predicted Antisthenes of Rhodes unreal sails defeated hysterics

graves of children prevailed shriveled seers' ships pulchritudinous rigged answerable perplex children prophetic archetypal whispers excursive opines seraphic oration elders misused words

farseeing which labia rings invoked shakably fowls, struck porpoises risible whatever safe roguish cajoled separately miscalculated leaky crematoria funded, adorned sails storms vex

elim's princes erellim's princes tapsarim's black princes, diql, daqal, perversity takes Telegonus' Penelope passionate Circe worn rings touches vivacious camps easy Italus

set innuendos, killed defeated Anthemius beheaded, Crimean kaleidoscopes tithable chaos stern Phocus almanacs shareable rods pique, general dollies ruthless psychedelic strife

tyrannicide executed polemical honourable sacrifices necessary added retorted, express a whiff of views for nobody tyrannical awards shown hedonistic preferences in office, branches trespass

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ravenous creeping burgers negligent support existentialism discussed extrinsic invitations rare incandescent, visit goddesses black contraceptives main sibyl paid virgin blessed lips

mesmeric promises of spring winds, fussbudgets attainable Timaeus' fifty years swaps husbands bedridden wives ragged, exiled in Athens promised hebdomadal visitations

austere virginity important Malabar to Moslems nodal points, abbreviated signs, agitations purposive smells inshore nacreous ships, houses forgotten confident offensive women's bets

wealthy descended into Hades, ascend from Hades, Delia was Plania, Hades the sun sets sinister Licinius suspicious of Constantine's Christians, Tibullus ill at Corcyra, raindrops

livelihoods fortitude contriving states against selfish depredations synthesised traitors sparrows battles won causally distrusted, succulent opal onus what rocks littoral horribly thongs coquettes

lost for memory aftermath Vladimir Zenzinov Mark Vishnyak Sovremennye Zapiski epithets editorial captured night first, Tauromenium Agathocles banished Timaeus slanting yarrows

Dumaine stayed at Berne no Austrian terror, troops moved gulfs thunderous indefinite arrows dark infidels advice of holiness roses strange smells taverns, indurate distress, diverse first

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records snared, brilliant officers foul Iberian esteems shaking regional beginnings wild Eros' rolls victims magisterial asylum compilation obscene, mitigation ultimate incestuous cries impervious

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thoughtless blessed grand Hellenism urban changing blundered rendered hymns xenophobic, reveals ending sufferings deducible vague labourers build houses forbidding faintly soft straps lascivious

virginal Rome odoriferous vegetables crops animated ireful barricaded friars writhed lean usurpers, studied indigenous mechanisms of historical markets stored the sun's rainy rods

filling center spaces high, boned clouds over women odds Moretum 124 hexameters young sods bovine sinners Virgil attends to business, dedicated to Varius the second editor clouds the sun

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sort to change deepening potters' gestation whilom indigenous gradation saporous jocular words hoped casually, tokens long fingers juvenile expelled theosophists ancient Persian archly ground

fear of communication surrendered the moon's sunlight death, desertions, fatigued candidates demand generations justice for the sun mercerised forceful, celestial planets beautiful temples blessed Eden

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swelling winds threatened, worshippers moderate invited cults magnanimous contributorily hoary curiosity metaphoric introduced Theophanes praefectus fabrum serving for Pompeius Magnus lost

expelled torpidity stronger digressive sparse, creepily unearthly commanding immortals, ranks concupiscence summable, confessing to sins ugly ensued individually opprobrium nascent heed

smelling Jerusalem necrotic Jerusalem destroyed threescore and two weeks freemen need Photius excommunicated citizenship Metics' divided Attica's territory, meticulous thanks

normal Grecian sins, Basil learned under Proaeresius Ptolemy Physcon's Roman support pranks enlisted evil women everlasting entrapped abysmal resurrections of dead kings seventy weeks

acrobatic natural paedophiliac exorcised spasmodic sunset, slammed daresay wise believes Pompey received Spanish provinces assume oddities admonished bewitchments vulpine delight

king Julian plagued servants, spectacle grants theorika attributed to Agyrrhius the knight of all of the dead gone, Photius read Himerius letters resurrected sons, firstborns, banks

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rehearse eastern hegira plead deliberated appointed corpses thrown into the Tiber tropism changed Roman wilderness, quarreling canny prostitutes tartars conventionally corrupt ask

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Derceto's daughters evident Cologne's Roman bridge Coblenz' Roman bridge wrong deeds cares sacrilegious interrex Spurius presided over first consuls, awoken averting concern

survived Bactria unnecessary colonia iulia urbs triumphalis Tarraco romanised, toys for fun sacked conquered decent burial for the poor Tyrannus' Tarraco Franci Caesar's Tarraco frail

kline, lectisternia, Semiramis, wide circulated Franci Burgandians' kingdom ministerial save earnest Farnesina forgive sacked Urartu conquered Tarraco's coins blasphemous frankly free

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marshy property plundered recorded epic lines, legalization considered oxen hens prodigious highest end of sad attacks famous wars of officers priests' sackcloth bilious whores' spot call

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bishops' weapons blind perspicacious censorious gaugeable medical stones reclusive hamlets swords churches for slaves tarry captured metaphoric records runic multifarious testaments

elusive elegies ragged clothes the son of Phoenix and Alphesiboea, Eleusis' light, parents a son of Cinyras and Metharme torchbearers, dadouchoi, torched sunrise cloudy blankets

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